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Good decisions from a position of strength increase your options.

Bad decisions from a position of weakness decrease your options.

........original photography and editing by @bleujay.

'Portrait of Spring'

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A position of strength may be having facts, reasoning and objectivity to assist in making a decision.....a position of weakness may be having few to no facts, irrational thinking and subjectivity, therefore no assistance in making a good decision.

Principles are timeless truths presented here for our ponderance. 


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Wow the blend of yellow on white looks amazing.

Thank you for your kind reply.


Beautiful photos of yellow flowers.
It's wise to make good decisions.
It's always better to be in a position of strength.

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Appreciate your kind reply and compliment.


Sometimes, these principles do not work. David and Goliath are an example. David had no power except the power of the spirit. Goliath had power. The intentions, both of them, for their environment, were good, to win. Something like this. Photos of flowers, as usual, wonderful!

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bleujay would offer that .....In the case of Goliath....he made a wrong decision to pick a fight with the nation of Israel as he did not know the power of the living God....the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

Principles are timeless is not about whether they work or is about...'What principle could apply to this situ.'

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perhaps it was David who had the power all along...

Nice work @bleujay And an excellent principle as always :)

Blessings my friend...

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Great principle! I totally agree, having facts, reasoning and objectivity can assist in making good decision....

The flowers are very beautiful with lovely bright yellow and gorgeous white color! These look refreshing. I do really love them. Great shot.

Your artwork is also excellent. Well done, as always.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend. ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

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Happy to hear you have capacity for the principle and that you enjoyed the flowers.

You are too kind.

The artwork is just a bit of fun....happy to hear your thoughts expressed.

Thank you for your kind's wishing you and your family a lovely weekend. ^__^


It's my great pleasure!

I always admire your principles and your artworks.

Many thanks for your kind wishes. All the best to you and yours. ;)

Thank you for this wise reminder @bleujay, it is always worth to stop and think about the simple principle of life that we all aware of but not always have time to think about.

Spring is approaching and the spirit of spring is everywhere and your painting fits so much in that frame. The unfinished coloring makes your painting very interesting and unusual.

Once again wishing you your family a nice weekend. Cheers, @stef1

Greetings @stef1,

What a lovely appreciate you dropping by for a cuppa.

Oh yes....they seem obvious after stating them...hehe....however a prompt as you say to do a bit of thinking on.

Spring is always welcome and this year it seems more so....I hope the bit of artwork would communicate Spring ....its freshness, bright colour and sunshine. ^__^

Thank you for your kind wishes.......and wishing you and yours a lovely holiday. Cheers!

Simple and powerful principle. As usually.
Nice photos. The last one is my favorite.
In Slovenia the name of this flower is narcisa.
Have a great day, my friend.

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Thank you for dropping by.....please give my regards to your good lady.

Appreciate hearing your thoughts expressed with regard to the principle and the photographs. ^__^

Oh thank you.... 'narcisa' !

Thank you for your kind's wishing you and yours a lovely Sunday!


nice photography my friend,
a very beautiful flower @bleujay


Perhaps a chat with @mack-bot would resolve this situ....

Thank you for your kind words.