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Strong character plus a strong sense of responsibility equals the basis for objectivity....producing a constant desire to learn....never being lazy-minded.

........original photography and editing by @bleujay.


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Thank you for this wise principle of the life @bleujay, when I read it this is everything that I wish to my son, now when he is slowly approaching the end of his teenage age and may be soon will leave for Uni, that will be the time when I could say that he is fine.

Beautiful huge stone and a little flower on top of it. That is like reflection to the principle, little flower with strong character :)

I wish you and your family a nice and sunny weekend :)

Greetings @stef1,

A lovely thought @stef1 expressed for your son....would he not be way ahead of the game if he could but think in this fashion.....objectivity first.

With your son soon to go his way.....does it not bring to mind the scene in Shakespeare's play....Hamlet....when a father in the cast of characters is seeing his son off on a journey.....where we get the phrase ...'never a borrower be'....and many others. It seems one cannot say enough at that point yet, whatever wants to be said.....must have already been inculcated...oh dear...we humans are too humourous. hehe ^__^

Happy to hear you too found the photographs illustrative of the principle.

Thank you for your kind wishes......very kind of you.

Wishing you and yours the same a lovely sun filled weekend. ^__^

Cheers and thank you for stopping by...enjoyed the cuppa!

Those are some powerful words you got there, always nice to see positivity around here and needless to say that this pictures are just stunning 🤗

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Lovely to hear from you....thank you for stopping by.

Appreciate hearing your thoughts with regards to the principle....happy you enjoyed the post.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. ^__^


You captured a nice light in the landscape. I really like it.

Greetings @kittykate,

Thank you for your kind words.....happy to hear you enjoyed the photographs.

Welcome to Steemit. ^__^


Lazy-minded people annoy me :)
Nice work @bleujay !!


Greetings @majes,

Appreciate you stopping by.

Enjoyed hearing your thoughts expressed.

Thank you for your kind words and wishes.

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Does that rock have a flower on top

Greetings @teenagecrypto,

Interesting query? The stone was very tall......the best bleujay could make of it.....was that it was quite similiar to the bushes you can see just to the right of the stone in the photograph....with the dead flowering heads.

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Great principle! It’s true! In the meantime, I have lazy mind sometimes…..

Will try my best to be strong as this stone, I promised. It’s very huge and amazing!

The landscape is very beautiful. The mountains at the background are really magnificent. I also love that there are plenty of wonderful clouds in the sky. Great capture!

It seems that you had great time there.

All the best to you and your family! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

Smiles.....I think we all get that way at times. ^__^

…we just snap out of it....and say to ourselves....get going....right?

It was just an amazing was not until I had the B&W in front of me that I noticed the splendid cloud formation......full marks for catching it. ^__^

Wishing you and yours a lovely week!


Yeah! Will get going and smile widely! ;)

Thanks so much for your kind wish. Have a wonderful week! ;))

wonderful view @bleujay,a very beautiful art

Greetings @love-peace,

Very kind of you to stop by with such kind words.

All the best.