Balancing Act

in #lifelast year (edited)

Hi friends,

Like my daughter on this brick wall, the final weeks of the year feel like a balancing act.


Between regular work and life obligations, you have a myriad of things to do for the holidays. To me, they are often exhausting and so I always look forward to the new year starting. Almost there now!

The capital markets usually get a Santa Claus rally for the last week of the year - hopefully that trend continues this week as well!

Thanks for coming by,


I think that it will go on till March, then a reasonable correction, then will continue rising again. (Not a financial advice)

Learning to follow your steps. I hope it will continue to run without falling. There has been a boom in crypto for a few days. Thanks for sharing

awww, She is so cute, adorable and charming, May God Bless her and gives here every happiness of life.

Your little angel looks so beautiful. Hopefully next year is good for us and everyone can achieve his life goals. Your doughter is so intelligent.