There is only so much Netflix you can watch

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If any of you follow herpetologyguy you know that we recently added a little monster to our family.  He is wonderful and actually very un-monster like but as my husband likes to say "he's not very good at anything yet."  I have been very lucky and have been able to stay home with him for 2 months so far with another month to go before I am back to work and I just have to say...  there is only so much Netflix you can watch.  **There will be baby pictures so if you hate babies don't scroll down**

20161113_194643aae8a.jpgHerpetologyguy and Baby watching some Netflix

Don't get me wrong for those first few days/weeks home with baby Netflix was probably the only thing that kept me sane while I was awake for almost 24 hours a day.  I watched so much Netflix.  I got hooked on cooking shows for a bit.  We watched all 4 seasons of Cutthroat Kitchen. I watched most of Guy's Grocery Games, Cupcake Wars, and even Skin Wars - which is not actually a cooking show but a body painting competition.  (*Full Disclosure: We still haven't and probably won't finish Cupcake Wars or Skin Wars.)  And that's just the stuff I remember watching.  I also vaguely remember watching 4 seasons of Highway through Hell over two or three of the very early days/nights. We have since started the Charmed series and one of the Star Trek ones (ask herpetologyguy for which one because I have no clue) and have worked through those much slower (maybe because there is more of a plot that I have to kind of pay attention to). But probably because there is only so much Netflix you can watch.  Once you reach you breaking point with Netflix you have to find other things to do... so here's a few things that I try when I'm in a Netflix slump:

We go on "adventures!"

20161129_12541010bfd.jpg Baby's "not so sure about this adventure thing" face

One day I went out to check the mail and we had received a coupon for CAKE.  So we went inside, packed ourselves up, and went to get some cake.  Now I wasn't exactly sure where the cake place was, and managed to leave my phone at home but I knew it was near our local Carter's store (baby clothes for those who don't know) so I started there. After buying a couple of baby shirts we started walking around the shopping center trying to find the cake place.  Now this took quite a while and there was a Starbucks pit stop involved but eventually we found it, bought our cake, and started home just in time for rush hour, lucky timing.  But really, the activity or adventure wasn't the important part it was mostly being able to get out and feel like an actual person who can actually do stuff instead of just two eyes for Netflix to pour its contents into. *Note: Adventures can be as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood. You do not need to buy cake. 

We interact with other people!  This mostly includes talking, singing, and/or playing with/at baby for me (unless we get visitors or are going on an adventure)  but you could always try this with another "adult." 

20161124_185701b5e09.jpgGrandma reading to Baby

We make up games! After much prompting from herpetologyguy I've been creating a rating system for the foods I have eaten (or tried to eat) while breastfeeding (and/or babywearing). It started because I still need to eat and this always seems to coincide with when baby needs to eat.  Over time I found that certain foods were much easier to eat while breastfeeding and some foods did not go as so smoothly (baby may have ended up with chocolate ice cream or spaghetti sauce on him).  It's not an official list/rating system yet but I think it will be one of my future posts (if it sounds funny/interesting to people).  

So that's the skinny on some of what I do when I have watched too much Netflix... 

P.S. Baby has dimples



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Thanks I will! I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out!

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Grandma (JWaser) can't wait to teach Oliver about power tools

Do you try to implement a 20 minutes sitting down...and after that...go on a break? :)