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RE: This Time I Know It's For Real

in #life6 months ago

Forget the cryptoPunks and/or the cryptoKitties. You can pioneer the Hive based cryptoGuppies. Animated gif NFT's that sell for millions and you can place them all in a cryptoTank that never needs to be cleaned!!! Even the cryptoPlants and cryptoRocks of the tank would have value ... to someone. Or, you can open up MSPaint, zoom in really close and pixelate your own ... but what happens if you randomly make one that's identical to one that pre-exists.

Then a big brown crypto-Shark comes and cryptoJoe is stuck in the water.


Thats a great idea!! Consider it done! I shall become the NFT king of the Fish.

Then when even my digital fish die I can make zombie dead fish NFTs out of them and just extrapolate further and further. The digital domain knows no bounds.

Until Crypto shark comes that is :OD