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RE: The Black Death

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I opined with a stroke of the chin like a man eating a watery fish taco.
not the lady kind, for goodness sake keep your mind out of the gutter!

This matched my train of thought exactly... at first my mind was heading into the gutter ... then, when I was instructed not to, it immediately jumped to how much I hate it when eating a fish taco that is full of liquid (let's hope it's mayo OK?)

We can't grow black bamboo here. It doesn't like the -40 winters.

But ... harvest those seeds. All of them. Plan the Pallisade!!! You could plant circles to represent towers. Perhaps a moat of lavender. While you are add it, plant a wall in the front. Surround the house!!!


Mayo is splendid but yes, I hate those watery ones too. What a flipping mess they make of everything and then toward the end the taco starts disintegrating!

I have much lavender! I am thinking of different types of Bamboo now, the first was a let down but I also cant help thinking if I grow some from seed then the next flowering must surely be a long long way away!


Don't rule out sunflowers. Mine are a bit of a mess right now ... but in this shot, there are 4 types. The Mammoth's are in the back (up to 10-12'). and in the front there are multi-heads.

Lot of birds, lots of bees, pretty decent privacy. At the end of the season, you simply need to remember to harvest one head of each (put them in a paper bag with some rice) and you'll always have more.

The downside is ... when they get a little more mature ... the neighbours come over and start taking selfies.

NOTE: The reason they are a mess this year is that most of them were planted by the squirrels. I usually plant them in a nice straight line. This year, I thought I'd see what nature provided ....

They look magic though. I have some but only a handful and not in a big batch. There do look good when there is a big clump of them together. I think I will go for that next year!