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RE: Examples of achievements in Cuba before I came to power.

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Comrade Fidel, I also learned recently about your governments choice to send HIV/AIDs victims to their own separate colony with its own rules and medical facilities, like a leper colony, and that many people infected themselves with the disease in order to get away from your reach. Viva La Infección?


Yeah, of course! The place was called "Los Cocos" and it was in Santiago de las Vegas, Municipality Boyeros in the City of Havana (they were two actually). Had to keep them apart of the "normal" and decent people. That place still exist btw, my brother has been in charge to maintain it although he has softened things a little, now they can live in their homes if they want. But, always with government control of course.

And many lovers of rock music were pricked with infected needles, that's true too. I initially gave people better food in that place so that it seemed good to be there and they did it for that. It was at the time of the Special Period in Cuba, there was not much food on the streets because of the fall of the socialist camp. They even armed a group of Punk Rock among the infected, was called VIH.