The farm

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My friend Eriks farm between steep mountains.

At visit on the farm in nice spring weather.
Chopping wood and training horses are farm activities at this time of year.

The farm houses.




Walking on the fields.





Chopping firewood.




Training horses.

There are several horses on the farm that are used for racing.




A traditional northern Norwegian house, the oldest house on the farm that is no longer in use.


An avalanche.

In the hot spring weather, the snow melts quickly and that day there were several smaller avalanches.


Some pictures from a spring day in the north.


It looks like a wonderful place. Is that in Troms?
How long is it from the nearest neighbor/grocery store?

Thanks @digitree for commenting. The farm is located in the fjord skjomen about 15 km south of the town Narvik , the sane distance to the nearest the grocery store

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You're welcome @karja ❤️❤️
cheers, lizanomadsoul

Given the images, there is no doubt that you live in an authentic natural paradise. Very beautiful place and very beautiful photographs. Best regards

Thank's so much @juancar347 for pleasant comment.

Stunning photography. Which camera do you use?

Thank's @munawar for commenting. My camera Sony alpha 5100, standard lens.

That's real life if you ask me. I see myself living that way in the future. I'm kind of tired of this modern civilized life full of chemicals and radiations around us.

Thanks so much @acesontop for pleasant comment. Agree with your your thoughts about life and living. Good luck in the future.

Nice nature photos! Those horses are so beautiful!

Thank's @lyubo for nice comment.