Last 24 Hours! Nervous!

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Happy Mid Autumn everyone! It’s a rainy and cold night, so there’s no bright moon for me to enjoy. Plus, I’m not in the mood of enjoying as I’m spending the last 24 hours or so to prepare for my impending exam coming up this Saturday! Getting nervous which is quite normal to feel so. I’m studying later 3am and build the last short term memory for the Saturday full day exam! Gotta be stoked 😆

Would say I’m lucky enough to have this exam at this point of time where I have the flexibility and the luxury of time to focus. I do think I spent lesser time that I supposed to in the preparation, yet it is too late to think like that. So my way is to just do whatever I can and survive. The way I go around with the preparation is with these following steps:

  1. Familiarize with the paper format by practice with the answers.
  2. Spot some questions that have high chances of coming out like letter of award, interim certificate, architectural consultancy set up, and fee calculation. All of these would make up to around 40 marks each. So try to perfect all these forecast and memorize the format and keywords.
  3. Go through the overall contents of each of the statutory acts and guidelines (as much as I could). This is to familiarize what is available for me to utilize in the test as I will need to quote the sections, clauses or bylaws.
  4. Prepare key sections that I want to tag with colour tag papers. This would help and it is apparently allowable in the test! How good is that.
  5. Prepare enough pens, which I prepared 8 ball pens for the test.

Well, that’s about it. This is going to be fun as I’m facing a challenge that may get me through the final stage of getting the license for my architectural career. Hopefully things go smoothly, especially my tummy too. Gotta get my sleep and wake at 3am! Ciao.


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Hey there! Good luck for your test tomorrow! 🍀

Oh what test is it? oh I didn't expect there was Mid Autumn there, I thought only China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam had Mid Autumn hahhaha i was wrong