How are you feeling about the New Year so far?

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Resolution sounds like the solution, you're focused on achieving. You're determined, you're inspired, you're ready to change. Good for you! Hopefully this is still true after January 12 or is it the 17th this time? This is the date/day that most give up on their resolution.

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Goals for the New Year

New Year New you, but it's not so new, is it? It is more like New Year, have you become a more flexible version of yourself? The becomes a series of trial and error to see what sticks. Adjusting to the ever-changing circumstances that surround us. Until that change halts and you find consistency. Change has been constant for the last two years and, now all of a sudden, I find it isn't as much. This is supposed to be normal, but it feels odd. I have come to enjoy change, so much so that, I anticipate it and encourages it. Recently I've been challenged to do the opposite for a change. Ha, see what I did there!

Don't change for a while for a change. Ha, unique! Not because it's unwelcome. It's weird because who wouldn't want to be content with a few constants? I think most strive for it and consider it a solution, maybe even their resolution. What if resolutions were less about implementing change and more allowing for it as part of their solution to their resolution?. Maybe instead of planning to change then failing to plan while still hoping for it. What if we hoped and planned to stay the same.

What would your year look like then?

Practicing consistency instead of change...

Of course, you wouldn't stay exactly the same. Naturally, changes would occur without effort or even with it. Everyone is going to naturally age. Everyone or most will meet or be exposed to different people, different opportunities, etc... With that in mind, I've decided to create a slightly different vision board for 2020. There will still be goals, but they will be more consistent. Do you follow me?

Let me explain, every year I keep track of monthly events. Usually, handwritten on a calendar. Then I look back and reflect on the progress made over time and reminisces.

Keeping up with my calendar isn't usually a challenge. Making sure it is full can be a bit of a challenge. In order to allow change to naturally happen. This year each month will have a list of goals and next to it what actually happened.

That way, I don't focus so much on the goal. I focus more on the various opportunities surrounding the goal. For example, attend more live shows. I've noticed this year, I've made an extra effort to look up and attend live shows. Thankfully my favorite artist are FINALLY traveling to my neck of the woods. On days and times that work with my schedule.

This is progress, mind you, I live in Florida. This should be the top pick for most artists. Why they don't have more events down here baffles me.

Flexibility is the mindset...

Allowing change to naturally occur in my health goals as well. It's the first year that I don't have specific health goals other than to be pain-free. Other than that, traveling is always on my mind and this year I want to travel overseas. I've dreamed of going to Isreal for about a year now. Typically, I don't take mini-trips the year I travel overseas, but this year might be an exception too.

Maybe it's too obvious and you've been attacking each new year this way for some time now. Maybe you're big on implementing changes in the New Year. Maybe your somewhere in between. Either way, let me know how you are setting goals for 2020. We are already halfway through the first month. Still, motivated? Just getting started? Recovering from going to fast out the gate?

Small steps away from 2019. Giant leaps towards the adventure of 2020

Thanks for reading, upvoting, and commenting!


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I gave up on resolutions ages ago because the only things I know how to time with any degree of accuracy are Drupal projects XD I just keep swimming.

Hope you're able to do all the travelling and see all the live shows you want to :D

I hope you have fun out of the box drupal projects this coming year then! :D

Haha thanks, I hope I don't because I quit doing that a couple of years ago XD

It's definitely a new year for myself as well.

Hey Kubbs c:

I think that it's pretty awesome that you find constant change and growth as "your constant". All of 2019 I felt as though I was merely going through the motions, too exhausted to all in... too disappointed at my shortcomings.

2020 is gonna be our year!~ 💖 One of the several goals I made was to be less attached to a strict schedule and use this time hone some new skills and try to improve my constant.

I like flexibility. I've learned to let go of trying to make everything perfect. Rarely do things ever have to be spot on, and I'll save myself tons of mental anguish!

Stay blessed,

2019 was a very tough year for you and reading about it was tough. I can only imagine living it out. I am praying y our 2020 will be more than you could have imagined. You will be filled with Joy, Fun, and mental strength!

Thanks Kubbs,

yeah I think 2019 was not the best, and I know that the year only started... but I am doing much better already. I think that 2020 will be great. Imma need that mental strength for my homework though 😉

💞 💞 💞

I'm feeling very good about it and very optimistic. Happy Friday to you Kub.

That's great to hear, what goals do you have for the new year?

Overwhelmed and tired. So just like any other year. I’d be bored if it was any other way though. Sometimes it’s nice to not have change but it seems even when you are trying not to the universe finds a way.

Have a great weekend. Glad to see you posting a little more.

Oh no tired and overwhelmed, maybe this year we can change that a bit? Tis the season for relaxing

Na, I got some large things I want to get done. I’m not type that handles relaxing very well lol. My brain will just go off into a million different directions of what I could be doing.

What if we were already perfect in 2019?

lol, yes you were perfect in 2019. Will you be able to achieve that same level of perfection in 2020, lol?

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