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Stranger than fiction is what 2020 feels like, who would have ever thought that things would turn out the way it has, even in my wildest dreams, never ever!
So glad about your book and what an awesome illustration, much food for thought there! How often are we in conversation with someone and see the person's mind nowhere near the conversation.
So important to really listen and connect especially with loved ones.
This has certainly been a year filled with many hard lessons but some really good surprises as well; for me personally who have focused more on blogging and not thinking much about the crypto, the value of my crypto earnings became very real during hard lockdown when our bnb could not operate!
Enjoy your autumn walks with your old man before winter really sets in;)


It sure does. After watch Social Dilemma I can completely understand how things have come to this.

Thanks, Lizelle. In my experience, people today seem distracted more often than not. It's rare that I feel like I'm really being listened to in a conversation. That's one of the reasons I wrote this book.

Your blog and skills have grown tremendously this past year. I've noticed! Crypto has been a blessing for so many. It's really proven its worth this year. I hope that it decouples from the stock market before the market crashes.

According to the forecast this is our last semi-warm day and then the bottom drops out. We may have another warm up in early-to-mid October or maybe not. In '91 there was a blizzard here on Halloween. In contrast, I can remember December temps in the late 90's hitting 60 degrees (F). Autumn is super extreme here.

Enjoy your weekend my friend!