Not Saturday Beer

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It's not Saturday and it's beer!!

Hurrah for the beer. Being on holiday my days have blended into one big long day with sleeps and beers interspersed between.

Which is no bad thing in my book apart from the long long drive I have tomorrow as I venture up into the grim north for our staycation "beach" holiday.

Obviously, I will be attempting to keep the sleeping and beering to a minimum as I drive. To this end I have been getting as beered up as possible before I go so that my brain doesn't try anything funny on me whilst at the wheel.

Tactical thinking, yes you are right

So here I am, raiding the fridge and what do I find?

This little beauty.


The Pure Baltic Cold IPA (5.3% ABV)

Brewed by Cold Town Brewing

Fermented at a chilly 15C, rather than the standard 18C apparently

It's a fine filly, leaping into the glass like a pale golden salmon. At first the paleness worries me until I realise it is merely pale with the cold of the northern wastes of Scotland. It has a fair bit of froth in the head like the side of a Scottish club goers mouth at two in the morning.

But apart from that, how does it taste you ask?

Well, I am glad you did! It tastes splendid, very smooth on the hops which is unlike your average IPA which usually attempts to sandpaper your nob with the damn things. Only a slight bitterness which is very welcome.

There is a lingering almost lemoniness to it which is very refreshing. Not a bad lemon like those ones that people try to stick up your arse in a brothel but a fine, sweetish citrus one.


I am fortunate to have several more of these gems chilling as we speak and must pull myself away from the fire to forage more from the ice box.




Cold beer and an open fire...perfect for a Scotlandiah summer!

I had to load it up with a lot more wood after that pic. Chase the cold away!

The Scottish summer chill is something to be feared. Thank the gods for fire and wood.

It gets so bad sometimes we build wooden houses and set them in for when we are inside so we to keep warm 😀😀

Feckin' genius!

We've got it sorted in the brains department!

No doubt.


Greetings @meesterboom ,

Lovely to see a Beer review from you. ^__^

Sounds like it was the perfect one for that moment in time.

Here's wishing you and your family a most splendid holiday.

Cheers, Bleujay

Thank you milady!! We are quite excited despite the weather reports being what the weather reports always are in Scotland!

It was a pleasant evening beer before the jaunt 😀

It's a fine filly, leaping into the glass like a pale golden salmon.


I would never have imagined this for a beer but I loved it. Hope you are having wild days at the beach.

What is this gadget with a flame? It looks vintage.

It is very vintage! It is my old cast iron fire pit with a chimney. It's great for sorting round in the cold evenings!

We had one wild day at the beach, hoping for more!

Enjoy! 😅

I'l have to admit it . I do love an aul hipster craft beer.

I am particularly fond of em!!! Chin chin!!

Hi Boomy!

Enjoy your well-deserved holidays!
What's better than a good beer, peace and relaxation in the garden? The only thing that comes to mind is lots of beers, peace and relaxation in the garden!

Then with the fire lit it's the best, I imagine the temperatures in Scotland are nice and crisp!
Here in Calabria the heat is unbearable, I'm really thinking about filling the hot tub with beer and ice and diving in! ;-)

Hehehe, crisp is the way to describe it. Also a bit damp but I'm beside a big loch asked covered in bug repellent so all good!! 😀😀

Have an awesome holiday, have a great time beering and sleeping and hopefully you get some sunshine!

I have all my appendages crossed for it!! Cheers mate!

You are welcome!

I had a nice beer myself the other day although not as pleasant as by a fire pit like that, it was still a fine sip!


I love the summer lemon tasting beers, I think they sometimes call them shandy’s? At any rate though, I’m glad you’re enjoying a few cold ones and it’s nice that it’s actually sunny there in Scotland! I thought you’d be doomed for some overcast weather to work on your pale complexion :D

We need this glimpse of sun for our complexions or we turn grey 🤣

That looks quite nice! I like the lighter summer ones too. A pleasant change!

That looks so refreshing for the current times! Would pay to have one in front of me right now, lol!

Summer times demand summer beers!! :0)

Fair enough!!!

Your beer looks pretty in the glass.

That lemoniess afterglow sounds nice too.

I like your chiminea shaped fire pit. The days here are up in the 90s right now, so being by a fire isn't the great thought, but I do so love a fire when it's cooler.

It's was a fine refreshing thing. Possibly too refreshing as it was 5% odd and easy to drink!

I love my fire, a bit of a necessity even in summer here at night. Blummin 90 degrees, I am jealous! 😀🤣

90something is fine, if you are indoors with the air conditioner going. LOL !

You should send that first photo to the beer company to put in their ads. It's a great photo, even with the laundry hanging in the background. It makes it REAL.

Hehe, I was all chuffed when we got a dryer for clothes and at the first hint of sun the good lady still insists on us flinging the clothes in the garden! 😀

Outside doesn't leave jeans and towels as soft, but for sheets, it makes them smell so wonderful to dry in the breeze.

"Flinging your clothes in the garden" sounds like something going on more fun than laundry. LOL !

Hehe, I like dryer soft and it's so warm when it comes out!!

You have to carbo load for the big drive, I get it. LOL

That sounds like a real refreshing brew for sure. I don't have a lot of non-corporate choices around here, so usually just get the usual name brand corporate beer crap.

Hehe, beer loading.. love it!!

I often have the corporate nonsense in the fridge. Sometimes when I'm out and I see a decent one I like I grab it for the future!

'Brewed in Scotland' - did you get it from BeerMan..., does he still live?
Little chance to get that here, unless Tesco take in on.

Where's the video? 😀

I haven't had a chance to visit there like her mam in ages. We moved office and I am miles from home now. Which is shit but has saved me a fortune I must admit!

Beer and a wood fire, what a perfect combination. I can't wait to have a back yard again so I can enjoy this combo too. Cheers!

I must admit, it was the yard that drew me to my house! Cheers mate!

Thank you for sharing your tactics .😄 It was a good idea for me too and driving should always be safe and the driver should be away from alcohol intake.😊

Tactics are there to be shared to vanquish our foes! Even if those doors are driving safely! 🤣🤣

It's like telling yourself that you are prepared.😅😅

We have to go through these rituals! 🤣

And these rituals are very necessary. 😄😊

They keep us sane!

I agree based from your perspective. 😊 Enjoy your beer holiday.😄😊

Nice find. I'm not big on IPAs but this one sounds pretty good. Citrusy lemon is usually enjoyable in a beer.

That's a cool fireplace you got. I like it!

Enjoy your beach vacation.

It was very crisp, I was glad as you know sometimes the lemony ones can go the wrong way!

Ya that's true for sure. If the lemon comes from the hops used or is subtly they tend to be quite enjoyable to me

Yeah, it was the good with this one. Can't remember the one on the can might have been mosaic?

Sounds like it could be right. There is definitely a mosaic hops

I will have to check but might be too busy with northern beers offer them next week!

Cheers! 🍻

A cold one, on a cold day, with a fire to keep things warm; that sounds like an awesome time outside. I remember when I visited my sister in San Francisco in November. It was really cold but the sun's ray was warm, and we were drinking cold beers. It was a very nice experience. I hope you have a good time on the beach tomorrow.

That sounds like an awesome time. I would love to visit San Francisco! I am heading out for the drive and it's raining. It might change but hey ho it will be fun regardless!

Wow that is a pale ale perhaps matches region, revving up for time away, did you order sunshine? Nothing beats open fire with beer in hand!

Enjoy your summer break.


I am going the sunshine I offered makes it. I will enjoy regardless!! 😀😀

Being away makes any ones day better....

It's a fine feeling!!!

🤣burn, burn, burn plenty wood fires to keep warm, or ambience with beer in hand....

I am curious about those 🍋 brothels that you have visited. Perhaps my experience is too narrow to have such an encounter yet, the most tricks I have seen have involved ping pong balls, drink drug laced alcohol, being robbed and getting a punch in the nose from russian bouncers!

I do like lemony tasting beers and enjoy natural lemon flavored radlers (shandy). Here is a recent one i very much enjoyed. Safe travels!

I have never tried one of those. They look way more lemony!

Them pesky russian bouncers, it's usually them with the lemons 🤣🤣

Not a bad lemon like those ones that people try to stick up your arse in a brothel

Where can one receive this service?

Asking for a friend

Them friends and their pesky questions. If you know you know... 🤣🤣

Woo, I thought my eyes were deceiving me....a mid week beer review! And she looks lovely, just as you described. Hmmm.....9 a.m. here, a little too early to imbibe, but I may have one this afternoon in your honor. Enjoy your vacation and stay alert on the drive!

Lol, 9AM beers would be a sign that things weren't right in life!! 😀😀

Cheers milady!

No need weekend for beer mate! It is so hot and we could need some cold beer anytime in a day 🍻😄

It's the perfect antidote to a bit of heat!! 😀😀

I'm a little wary of beers that are a similar colour to my pee, but some are okay. I do tend to drink a lot more when I'm on holiday. It was beer or wine every night on our recent long weekend in Wales. I just wonder what happened to summer this year.

I am equally wary of those could be pee coloured beers. It doesn't usually bode well but on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised!

Summer is awful, I am partly dreading going up further away from the equator 😐

I see you are not so adventurous with the beer reviews these days lol. Happy holiday and find the sun.

Haha, I am out of practice!! Not with the beer obvs 🤣🤣

Cheers, the sun will be mine!!

Found the sun yet?


It's coming out looked a slow motion strobe light!! 😀😀

Beer and fire! One of life’s wonderful combinations. Have a few and then piss on the fire when done.

It's always handy to have the means of extinguishing ready to hand 😀😀

Oh by the way . Look up Glak Glak Girl on Dexscreener. We have a new girl. ! I'm getting rich off blowjob sounds. The best way to get rich (unless you're a rent boy) untitled.gif

Lol, glad glak girl. That goes beyond nuts. I can barely look up anything. Am oop norf in them hills!!

Fart on it girl is after launching there. It's currently out performing twocockgirl and glak glak which I have to say I was disappointed with even though I watched the clip a good 100 times.

Haha, the world of SOL is a crazy ones indeed!

I think I found my calling. Chairman Meow is now the trending coin. How could you not invest in a cat dressed as the Chinese Numero Uno

Lol. If I saw that I would have been in. We called one of my girl's toy cats that!!

My favourite kind of beer. 🍺

It was a pretty good one, cheers!

I need to get some more.

You can never have enough!

This is my first time seeing you make a beer post. I never knew you drink beer too
It looks so good
Looks like the perfect one for the moment

I do indeed drink beer! I used to do a weekly post but it fell by the waterside when I stopped posting daily 😀

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I'm gunning for the big 50K! 😀

That Baltic Cold IPA sounds like a proper treat. It has smooth hops, a hint of lemon, and a nice refreshing taste. Exactly what you need to take the edge off before the big drive. And stocking up is a smart move, can't have you running dry on the road

Yes, I would hate to find myself out of the proverbial gas on the way there 😀😀

Those are some nice pictures! The reflection on the table is amazing!

I do like my reflecty garden table! 😀

Yesterday had a couple of Coronas.

I hope you had the limes in em!!

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