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RE: A Simple Headline Designed To Get Your Attention

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Yep, I've had a few people send threats via Discord and some are still trying to go for me on Twitter for over a year but I literally don't have time, care or resources to entertain what I'm sure would be a wholey fulfilling experience engaging with them.

I'm just doing something all the time and can't sit around online with these dweebs. There's a real life out there, would much rather live that than speak to people with their fingers up their arse.

removes finger from arse


LOL! It's like that one time where it's perfectly fine to be a snob and shut someone out. And I think most get it. If they're insulting you, there's no need to defend yourself. Most people watching won't assume you somehow lost an internet battle because you refused to respond to the words of a troll or bully.

If anything, you're trolling them by not replying, which is actually easy to do and I like easy wins. It's the old "Block, Bye" combination.

Would have been hilarious if I didn't respond to this... but that's just my sick sense of humor.

Mustn't...reply...😩 🤐