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My typical approach to starting a blog post. In reality, it's only a sentence.
Aside from a few different words, this line, is much like the one above.

Now I proofread and fix the mistakes I've made.

NoNamesLeftToUse - The Silent Treatment.jpeg

Today's thumbnail.

It can be seen above.

I decided to go with something random today. It's an old image I produced roughly one month shy of two years ago. I called it The Silent Treatment.

I doubt I explained the true meaning back then. I think it had something to do with someone struggling with addiction, in silence.

Anyway. Most people don't write blog posts about their thumbnail selection, so it's probably time to move on to something else.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Siting on a Cloud of Steps.jpeg

Sitting on a Cloud of Steps

I think a lot of people liked that one.

Another one I produced and released years ago.

Produced. I never say, "painted." Painting is something people do with paint. Everything I've released here has been digital. Digital productions. That wording is important to me and there's nothing wrong with being honest, unless you're one of those art fraudsters we all see around these parts.

I'm glad there are people here who spend time dealing with the riffraff accordingly.

As an artist here, approaching another "artist" to tell them they're a fraud is probably one of the hardest things I've had to do.

Trolls, plagiarists, art frauds, the rest of this long list of rejects; they all act the same way when approached with a healthy dose of honesty.

If they're not downvoting you as "payback" for months if not years after you busted them, they're busy working on their smear campaign for months if not years. Twenty posts per day telling people how "evil" you are. Or they'll follow you around and harass you in the comment section, making life miserable, for everyone.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Snebulous.png

Another recent production of mine.

I named it Snebulous.

Again, when I released that image, I never explained its true meaning.

Today I'll simply say I'm glad those ridiculous paid votes aren't much of an issue anymore.

Thousands of dollars were pulled from the reward pool just so one "artist" could pretend to be popular every day. The "art" to me appeared to be cropped portions of much larger images and the words published were the same copy/paste nonsense, every single fucking time.


See what I did there?

That took one minute of my time.

Don't waste your time upvoting junk. Real artists always find a way to add their personality to each post. I've said for years, "People don't follow art, they follow artists."

I thought about starting up some kind of an outsider artist community here on this platform, for about a minute.

The majority of my adult life was spent managing people. It's such a pain in the ass and makes my head explode.

NoNamesLeftToUse - John Thinks A Lot.jpeg


I tip my hat to those willing to take on the challenge.

You'll be dealing with frauds, constantly. Give them the boot and you might have to deal with months of bullying and harassment.

Good luck!

If you need help with something, you know where to find me.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png
All content within this blog is 100% organic ACTUAL CONTENT and contains no paid vote additives!

"And here's where I usually write a status message. It changes every day."

© 2020 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


Con-artists are artists too!

Same with bullshit artists!

There is room for everyone in the art world.

Except the outsiders, apparently. One must die first in order to be accepted.

There's a couple of art communities around the place if you feel that way inclined. I'm in SteemArtists (more casual) and OnChain Art (for the hardcore serious professional artists, has entry requirements in the community description). Former has a tag and a Discord, latter has a community, think there is a tag that gets used but I don't look at it because I lazily just look in the community and a Discord.

Managing people sounds like a nightmare.

Oh vaguely related, oldest came in while I was scrolling through the post, and then I had to scroll up to show him the last pic, and then the rest of it. He was confused but thought it was pretty cool.

I'm not sure if it would be a good idea for me to settle in to one of these communities. If it's an art community, focused on art, and I'm supposed to be serious, then I can't combine humor or creative writing. I just picture a whole bunch of folks saying here's what I made and this is how I did it. That's not really my style. I don't use Discord either so that's out.

It's good to know my work can appeal to the youth of this world. That's an important audience.

I'm pretty sure you'll fit in steemartists just fine. We're so casual and laid back you just about have to check us for a pulse. We obviously don't like art theft etc but pretty much anything else goes at this stage.

I don't think I want to fit in though. LOL!

You don't need to fit yourself in, you will probably just fit because...well I somewhat fit there without having to change anything to fit in so you probably can too? XD

Anyway whatever works comfortably :)

Sometimes there is not enough time to check if the art is original or copied or altered. Or maybe we're just too lazy.
I would recognize yours from miles away, tho.

I know it's not easy. There have been times I've supported people, only to discover they're shady later. I'd like to say I have a trained eye for this but still, it's hard. When it's just a picture and no personalty, I leave the post alone. Sometimes I'll follow and watch for a bit before I vote.

I've worked hard developing my own style. It's cool you folks can recognize it now.

With a stupid 5 min window, it's even harder.

When I curate I don't even care anymore. I'll vote hours later. I don't care if I'm last. The five minute window is kind of depressing though.

Well, I understand you.
For me; If I walk down the street and spot the coin on the ground. I always pick it.

Same here. Even pennies, since those are so rare in Canada now.

I studied art mainly drawing for 4 years in highschool. Studied sculpture in uni and served as sculptor for 7 years. I serve as graphic designer since 2013. Still can't understand WTF is art. It was my profession at first than turned to a hobby and than turned to a therapy now I can't understand what I am doing. Bullshit =) Being poor is bad, being an Artsy poor is worst. IDK WTF people expects me.

I don't know wtf art is either, man. I threw out all the rules long ago.


It is something had a history.

Art? WTF.. I thought this was a Rorschach test !tip

Pareidolia, dude. A lot of my work, the way you see it, is a figment of your imagination... by design. In other words, I produce images that fuck with peoples heads, and I've been doing it for years.

Ahem... I have been known to, on occasion where life's is not inspiring me with events to create a cool thumbnail and riff on that :OD

I used always make my newest production the thumbnail, so if I did end up actually talking about the art, I guess I'm guilty of it as well. These days I like to hide the new stuff near the end of the post. People tend to click more, and read, which is important to me. Of course now with other frontends showing all images without the need to click, some of the element of surprise is gone, which to me, is kind of sad, because treating people with the unexpected has always been a lot of fun.

Yep, I've had a few people send threats via Discord and some are still trying to go for me on Twitter for over a year but I literally don't have time, care or resources to entertain what I'm sure would be a wholey fulfilling experience engaging with them.

I'm just doing something all the time and can't sit around online with these dweebs. There's a real life out there, would much rather live that than speak to people with their fingers up their arse.

removes finger from arse

LOL! It's like that one time where it's perfectly fine to be a snob and shut someone out. And I think most get it. If they're insulting you, there's no need to defend yourself. Most people watching won't assume you somehow lost an internet battle because you refused to respond to the words of a troll or bully.

If anything, you're trolling them by not replying, which is actually easy to do and I like easy wins. It's the old "Block, Bye" combination.

Would have been hilarious if I didn't respond to this... but that's just my sick sense of humor.

Mustn't...reply...😩 🤐

I support the art police even if they seem like dicks...because of they seem like dicks, the people they are dealing with are much worse (I wanted to say bigger, but dicks tend to like that description).

I like art critics, too. We need nore of that here. After coming back are you featuring your lonely art more...did you miss us? It seems you are still loved and appreciated. Don't forget.

My favorite part is

Painting is something people do with paint.

We know you don't think this includes dogital art. So define paint. Some would say drawing with color and brush. I don't know, I've only painted walls mostly.

It's not easy dealing with those folks. It's best to be firm and consistent. No emotion, just cold hard facts, and who cares how it makes the scammer feel. That scammer didn't care about anyone and deserves it in return.

Hey man, I don't forget. For sure I missed hanging out here. I was 100% confident I could come back and would be treated like an old friend though, and that was the case. I didn't burn those bridges and they were still standing when I arrived. Very cool.

Some use the term 'painting' loosely here. At that point it's then up to their presentation. Are they trying to pass off digital as physical paint? If so, there's a problem. Most of the folks who use the term loosely aren't doing anything wrong. For me, I'm still using brush strokes, or virtual spray paint. My hand is still doing all the work, manually. Some folks use high tech 3D modelling algorithms and special effects. Not me. Black digital canvas and even just a mouse is all I need.

When someone says I painted this, but it's clearly a photo passed through a cheap filter or special effect, then there's a huge problem. That's the most common art fraud here.

I agree not to be soft on abusers. If a mustake is make apologize and ubless they are unreasonable, they should be able to get past it.

I think the only people who have a hard time coming back are those who rage quit, screw up, or only blog about dodgy investments and promotions. Steem has its fair share, but a lot of the famous examples have been pushed out.

I agree fake art is a huge problem. Whenever ai take a photo and its not mine I explain it. If it is artwork I'm photographing that is especially mimportant. It's like doing a book report without mentioning the author, except more misleading unless the lainting is very famous.

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I liked these images very much!

I'm happy to hear that. Thank you.

You have been busy here! Yes personality and writing is an art too. Relax a moment and have a cold one. Enjoyed.

I might just do that! Might need a nap first though!

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