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RE: This Time I Know It's For Real

in #life8 days ago

Wow, Hive ATH, did not see that one coming. This time I won't state it'll go towards 12 USD. No sir, I most certainly will not do so!

Looks nice though, far bettee than a dead fish in a tank.

That Donna Summer song, is that the one where she was moaning a lot? Wondered if she was doing alright when ever it played on the radio.

Also tried to imagine how the moaning part was recorded.

Ah well, Hive into deep space! Hey ho let's go!


I dont remember the moaning but now I am quite frankly intrigued! Donna Summer moaning. How can I not know of this from my future spouse?

I didn't quite see it coming myself. I don't know if I have seen Hive approach a shiny 1GBP before. I always like to compare to GBP even though everything is in dollars. We could be looking at a Christmas run up!

Might have to check with the three piglets, some truffles and a bucket, to see what Christmas will bring this year. My crystal ball, there was this unfortunate accident where I lost my left ball, feels like there might be a tree and some decorations involved. Also a bearded man shouting "HO HO HO", which makes him sound like a dirty oal man being rude. But there definitely will be a party!

Kept it to the short version this time, there is also a 17 minute one, but she does also moan in the radio cut.

For your enjoyment: 😁👍

I am afraid I will have to forego addressing anything you said in your comment because there is a video that is now demanding my immediate attention.

I may return... sometime! ;O)

First things first, take your time. 😄