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RE: This Time I Know It's For Real

in #life8 days ago (edited)

Hey Boom I remember way back when she wanted snails. Perhaps its time to be done with the fish and just chuck a few snails in the tank. They love living in sludge and then all is not hell but well lol..

This time it is different. The Hive Moon is now. First 2 bucks, then 5. No way to stop this train. Double digits here we come! Now I got to find where the hell I put my pipe and gun for some made in the shade porch sittin days!


I laugh now thinking that we decided not to get African Snails based on the death factor and having to deal with killing all the little spawns. And now I have to deal with fish dying repeatedly on an endless cycle. We often think we should have just gone snails!

Double digits! It can be done. I think it is seriously the time for some hive action and some porch sitting! :OD

Hey Boomy that 2 bucks didnt take long LOL. Do I hear 3 now? Two fifty bid already 😁

Hey its Thanksgiving here and I know yall dont do it there but just saying thanks for your support through the years!

Hey, you are more than welcome! Happy thanksgiving!

I wouldn't be surprised if we blast right through 3! We are on a proper roll now!