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RE: A Simple Headline Designed To Get Your Attention

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There's a couple of art communities around the place if you feel that way inclined. I'm in SteemArtists (more casual) and OnChain Art (for the hardcore serious professional artists, has entry requirements in the community description). Former has a tag and a Discord, latter has a community, think there is a tag that gets used but I don't look at it because I lazily just look in the community and a Discord.

Managing people sounds like a nightmare.

Oh vaguely related, oldest came in while I was scrolling through the post, and then I had to scroll up to show him the last pic, and then the rest of it. He was confused but thought it was pretty cool.


I'm not sure if it would be a good idea for me to settle in to one of these communities. If it's an art community, focused on art, and I'm supposed to be serious, then I can't combine humor or creative writing. I just picture a whole bunch of folks saying here's what I made and this is how I did it. That's not really my style. I don't use Discord either so that's out.

It's good to know my work can appeal to the youth of this world. That's an important audience.

I'm pretty sure you'll fit in steemartists just fine. We're so casual and laid back you just about have to check us for a pulse. We obviously don't like art theft etc but pretty much anything else goes at this stage.

I don't think I want to fit in though. LOL!

You don't need to fit yourself in, you will probably just fit because...well I somewhat fit there without having to change anything to fit in so you probably can too? XD

Anyway whatever works comfortably :)