Sorting Out the Social Rules of Engagement in a Pre-scribed Bio-War, and Forming Alliances with Mushrooms

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What about those masks?

"People don't need to be going around wearing masks!" Dr. Fauci laughed, and he explained to the 60 Minutes host exactly why that was so. Indeed, the individuals within the exposed populace were specifically asked NOT to use the masks, as these and other medical tools were in short supply, and that medical professionals-- those who actually knew how to use the masks properly-- needed them more than others.

At once, everyone became an expert on masks. "Dear Hoarders- your fancy N95 mask only filters down to 0.03 microns, so a 0.125 Covid particle shoots right through it from your inconsiderate mouth."

Meanwhile, if you still thought you should have a mask, even the official Health Officials tried to tell everyone that not only would a homemade mask not help to protect its wearer, but that the warm steamy cloth acted as a perfect incubator for any passing virus, and the constant hand-to-face adjustments were just spreading the stuff everywhere.

A few days later...

Sometime last week, or maybe the week before, that all changed. Now, as of this writing, if you don't wear at least a bandanna over your treacherous bat-eating hole and those ever-breathing nostrils of yours, you will be thrown into the airlock with the rest of the awful people who don't care about anyone but themselves.

What about the moist cloth, the reservoir of teeming particles that even the conscientious were harboring, the deadly virions that even the asymptomatic carriers are now spewing around through and in and out of their homemade face masks?

Not true this week. You're a cov-idiot for even remembering such unpopular data. That was so April 20. This is May. Try to keep up, without killing anyone.


What about those tests?

Those who are worried that they may have the virus may consider getting tested for it. Before we ask if those tests even work though, we might privately wonder what the point of a test is anyway, as the virus has obviously been pretty much everywhere in the world by now. With every person under quarantine, and with some of those people actually testing positive, what now? Quarantine harder? Move them to an upstairs closet and wish them luck?

  • The Problem is, nobody knows.
  • The Reaction has been, to wait for a qualified scientist to tell us all what to do this week.
  • The Solution that we knew they were going to present to us, of course, is a Covid 19™ vaccination, coming soon to a needle near you.
    Screen Shot 20200513 at 9.53.01 PM.png

Now, what about those vaccines?

A safe and effective vaccine is the unicorn of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries: nobody's ever seen one, but how dare you say they don't exist! Seriously though, we're told that nobody has ever come up with an effective vaccine for the coronavirus. Even as the adage 'there's no cure for the common cold' had become common in our pre-covid dialogue, we now learn that teams of researchers have spent recent years desperately trying to invent a vaccine for SARS and other such virus, but again with zero success. Drive through please.

Where does that leave us?

The masks work/don't work, the tests work/don't work, and the fabled vaccines work/don't work, so what will work?

Remember Our Warrior Selves

If we were true warriors, we would be thinking about armor right about now. We would carefully assess the threat.

We might see that we're in a crossfire, and the attack is coming from at least two adversaries; one being an unseen particle hiding in our very air, and the other being a gaggle of overexcited "specialists" waving hypodermic needles around in our faces.

The Chemical Fight

As warriors, we would see the unseen virus as a bioweapon, and we would learn that we could armor ourselves against such a known coronavirus with heroic doses of certain vitamins, and we could form alliances with certain mushrooms, strengthening ourselves appropriately for an internal war on a biological and chemical battlefield.

The Psychological Fight

As the protectors of our tribes, we will find that our imminent fight against the parasite class-- those psychopaths and their syringes-- will be a battle beginning in the minds of everyone around us. This skirmish will get right up in our houses, all in the kitchen and down in the cushions of the living room couch, into the playroom, and even the bedroom. This bloodbath will take place in the devilish glow of a weaponized Facebook post or a volatile tweet, and we'll bare our teeth to snap at one another as we are herded towards the quivering needles through fear and intense social pressure. As warriors, we will train ourselves for such a war, and we will remember to remain centered through it all.

If this really is war, we know that Truth is always the first casualty. Through perpetual propaganda, the group mind has been made up, and will now religiously wait for their favorite media personalities to present a nearby government official who will direct that group mind further.

Facts are now weapons too, regulated and sold like hunting rifles, and we are no longer allowed to use them, certainly not without a permit issued by the state. Without an electron microscope of our own, we can't see our enemy's hidden weapons, but we have seen factual information labeled disinformation, and we've seen once-mighty public figures desperately trying to remain relevant, while others brazenly attempt to grab more power right before our eyes.

Fog of War

Nobody knows if masks are healthy, and nobody knows if or why we need to be tested. Nobody wants to remember that there's never been a vaccine for any coronavirus, and nobody dares admit that there'll also probably never be an effective vaccine for this novel coronavirus either. A novel is a story, and it seems like we are being told a few now.

Everybody has had their world yanked away from them, and everybody is scared. We can help each other through this by sharing what we've learned so far, and know that just a spoonful of strong individuals can gently decentralize the group mind. Put on that armor, o warriors.

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All a tad insane is it not, superb article, thanks.

There is method to the madness, I suspect!

I come from the standpoint that there was so much worldwide unrest last year towards the "establishment" they had not much choice, with what is going on, billions of people will now be reliant on them. No jobs, welfare checks.

And small businesses will go under, leaving giants like Bezos and Amazon to thrive.

So yes, I tend to agree, method to the madness of the Fake fiat brigades system.

I look forward to an information war - vaccine or anything else. Information coming from both sides is what people need to make decisions for themselves, but it seems to be one-sided nowadays. We've now got real doctors, real police officers, real officials speaking out about the information we're getting. But, they're now being removed from the narrative as the ministry of truth wraps its tentacles around the information it doesn't approve of and smothers it. Thankfully, this blatant act of censorship of valid points is being noticed at a faster rate, causing more people to search for alternative information themselves, giving them the power to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions. It's a snowball effect that is backfiring and I can't help but smile every time I see it work against the ones trying to control it.

Yep, as for wars, it will be welcomed by me for those very reason. It looks like most of the information war concerning vaccines is managed by paid internet trolls who know how to misinform, misdirect, and professionally obfuscate things in favor of a 'they're safe and effective' dialogue. It would be a good thing if the average person decided to join that vaccine debate, they would be forced to look at the uncomfortable facts, and then decide for themselves before even getting to the battlefield.

what a strange time in this world who would have thought that at the beginning of this new decade everyone was so hopeful but now its all gone

It is strange, we just need to think of it as a disaster, then help one another through it. We humans can't be kept apart forever.

that is for sure as humans we can't be apart for that long ! lets hope for better along the way