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RE: Just A Little Life Update

in #life5 months ago

Hey @theb0red1 , i hear ya!! Good on you for plodding along so dutifully. And, for doing an actual post to help you sort out your situation. I hear your frustration with your boss and poorly functioning work truck. And, was slightly triggered by the collisions you mentioned. I hope too that you're feeling some relief by getting all this off your chest. Been wondering how your life and house were treating you! Now i have a little better idea!! Cheers :)


Thanks for stopping by ☺️ I feel better today about the situation, but it's still a little frustrating. Maybe it can be extra motivation to get deeper into hive/crypto and eventually be able to just walk away from my job... 😴 💭

YW, I sooooo hope you can achieve that in the near future! That would be awesome 🎉