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Hello SPIers, today we look into something new for SPI. Have you ever heard of listnerds? Chances are you have not but they are an email marketing website that has been around for roughly 10 years, a few months back they fully integrated HIVE into their platform through a partnership with CTP (ClickTrackProfit). I have been using the free membership level for around 1 week to test it out, see how it works and if it would be worth our time to explore this as a group.


Why would SPI be interested in email marketing?
Exposure and making money


  • We can have our posts / weekly reports / whatever sent out to thousands of mail addresses.
  • High click-through rate as people receive rewards to open mails
  • Lots more people reading and interacting on the HIVE blockchain and on our content


  • We get mail verified by meeting certain conditions and earn listnerd tokens
  • We build a team under SPI and receive $ commission for when team members upgrade levels
  • Earning potential is massive (depending on membership level). Verified mails can pay out equivalent to 150-200 HIVE

How i found out about listnerds?

Before we get all into it, let me go back. I have a HIVE friend I speak with alot on discord and she's been telling me for months how great this listnerds thing is so I opened an account about a month back, looked about for 20 minutes and then never went back to it. Then around 2 weeks ago she was showing me her earnings from listnerds and my jaw dropped because the first thing I thought of was SPI, build a team and increase our HIVE earnings massively.

For the past week, I have been active every day learning how it works by doing. There's are lots of videos and reddits about listnerds but most or pre-HIVE so outdated. I have a free membership so am limited to what I can earn from opening mails and how often I can send a mail-out but it has given me enough confidence in the platform to upgrade the SPI account to top-level membership at the cost of $97 per month.

To date, i have earned 6 LISTNERD tokens worth 1.87 HIVE each which is not bad considering no investment other than time has been made. Now we have the top membership level, this will change and we'll see earnings increase hand over fist.

Membership levels



1 - This means we can send out 2 mails per day which is enough to cover all SPI, EDS and LBI content and reports.
2 - This means we receive 30-40 MAIL points for each mail I open. I CURRENTLY OPEN 10-15 per day in 10-20 minutes, sometimes more if the content is engaging. So we will earn 300-600 points per day.
3 - This is a membership level bonus and the top-level gets 5000. This is in its simplest terms, 5000 bonus MAIL points so every mail we send out goes to at least 5000 people.
4 - We can set up a mailing schedule to plan ahead and get the most bang for our buck.
5 - We get 1 Solo mail per month. A solo mail is a mail that gets sent to every user on the platform, 6 figure number I guess and they are pretty much always certain to get verified so worth 150-200 HIVE in rewards. We get 1 per month or can buy them for 15,000 MAIL points.

Join up to listnerds by clicking here


In a nutshell, what's our goal?

We open mails to receive MAIL points. Each MAIL point is equal to sending a mail to 1 person. EG, you have 900 MAIL points, you can send a mail to 900 people. The higher your membership level, the more MAIL points to receive for clicking on and opening mails.We want lots of MAIL points to beable to send mail to lots of people.

You send out mails to bring people to your content to get upvotes. If you get enough upvotes, you receive LISTNERD tokens. The higher your membership level, the more mail to can send out and the higher your chance of getting a mail verified. We want lots of LISTNERD tokens

Sounds interesting?

We're doing this to increase our earnings, that makes no bones about this but at the same time, there are alot of positives we get from it as well. Mostly exposure and increased interaction on our content. Sending out our content to mailing lists 5000 deep to people who are incentivized to open our mail could add 50-300 new eyes to our content posts. From opening 200ish mail over the past week, I see that 98% of it is HIVE users and it's working really well for these users as they are getting lots of new exposure. I've opened a ton of HIVE posts over the past week I would never normally open and some of them have been amazing to read so it sorta shocked me as well.

Building an SPI team


I have looked into rewards for building a team and for SPI, we could do very well from this. I have scanned over rewards and from what I see, SPI would receive MAIL points when its team members open mails and we'd receive a $ reward would team members take on a paid-for membership. I have had to link my uphold wallet to the account to receive affiliate team rewards. When we start to grow out and earn some, we can maybe explore some sort of cashback bonus for SPIers that use our link and end up signing up for a paid membership.

I think that a few on HIVE will have heard of this and even less will be using it. Listnerds is currently very underrated and using it as a way to promote your current HIVE/LeoFinance content is a no brainer. Even on a free membership, you could earn 10-15 HIVE worth of rewards per week for 10 minutes per day. Introducing new users through SPI and building out our team could be a great ove for us long term.

Join up to listnerds by clicking here

If you are interested but dont have the time right now to look into this fully, please click through our link and sign up for you're free account today. It takes under 1 minute using your HIVE account and HIVE signer so super simple and fast.


This is our first solo mail

I have been using the free membership for the past week and signed up for the top-level membership this morning so we have a solo mail which will be sent out to every user on the platform. I am really looking forward to seeing how many people will click on the mail and what sort of CTR we will get for this and of course if this post will get us our first verified mail status and earn us some juicy LISTNERD rewards.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post, feel free to drop some feedback or comments below. Have a great day.


Congratulations on your upgrade :) Glad your friend was able to convince you to joining hehe. Cheers and good luck on your first Solo mail.

And question please regarding the Solo Mail, when you upgrade, did you immediately have 15k MAIL or you bought it? Thank you :)

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Thank you, glad she pushed me into it :)

For the solo mail, when I upgraded and I clicked on "solo mail", the page opened and looked the same as when you clicked on"send mail". Now that i have used my solo mail, when I click on it now, it says I can either buy 15k mail points or updgade to enterprise membership. I never received 15,000 mail points but was able to produce a solo mail.

Nice when we have friends who share good things hehe.

I see, so it's cool then, upgraded members can immediately send one Solo Mail. Amazing! Thank you for that :)

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Your welcome :)

Have a fantastic day and enjoy the journey.

I found your post through ListNerds by the way :)

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Great that 2 of my favourite projects on Hive are together!! Welcome to ListNerds and good luck with your Enterprise plan. It took me 2 months to upgrade to Enterprise and wish I had done it sooner.

I came thru LNs!

Loving it at the minute. Hopefully, we can build a team! Thanks for the welcome.

I've bought some CTP tokens to stake so I can upvote more mails.

Thats a good move, they come in handy! !CTP

Yeah I saw that. I went down on the richlist cause of @spinvest!

I am almost fully off the list!

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Congratulations on the move to Enterprise! You won't be disappointed 😁

With regards to your Solo mail, it will get verified, even if it's downvoted into a negative. The amount you'll be earning on it should display itself soon.


Thanks for the kind words.

I went to sleep there for a few hours and woke up to see my solo mail has blown up and i've got loads of comments on this post as well. So far, im loving it and once again the CTP are the innovators for HIVE

I think after two weeks, with your capability, you will be listed among the top 50 or even higher. Congrats on your upgrade!

That's pretty fast growth.

The listnerds price is sliding and I am not seeing a big reason to purchase it since it is so readily earn-able...

I wonder what the team is going to do to keep it "high"

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Never even entered my mind to become listed as a top account.

DAMN!!...Now i have a target

You have no ideas what you've started, haha

Sounds like I started something good.

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Yes, someone did it in two weeks' time. He was just reading ListNerds' posts the first time I stumbled with him. The next time I know, he's already in the top 40. Perhaps, you can do better. That's the power of Enterprise upgrade! I've seen it several times. Though it sounds like an excuse, I just could not capitalize on it due to my personal situation. Good for you!

Well, that's the task not only for the team but for the entire ListNerds community. We are still too early in this game to be worried about the price. Imagine that out of 20M maximum supply, the total supply so far is just around 550k and only 4.7k is in liquid form. Price will go down if there are a lot of sellers than buyers but in the case of LISTNERDS, owners preferred to hold it long.

If I wasn't already using it I would totally join your team. Hit me a little late I guess :) It is cool that you are starting this up. I think one thing you need to remember is verified mail is worth as much as it is based on the current prices. The Listnerds you earn is automatically staked and it takes 10 weeks to power it down. As we see more people start hitting that 10 week mark, you might see the price of LN in terms of Hive go down. It could go up too, but with people selling to cover their subscription and other expenses, it will likely go down. The team has a plan right now to try and keep the price where it is, but eventually they are going to let the market take over and then it is anyone's guess what will happen.

My guess is it will go




It needs something to help it keep up. Is any of the money from the subscriptions going to feeding the ecosystem?

I am wondering what their plan is to keep the price up.

I kind of see it as a free fall in price waiting to happen and "getting in early" as being the reason you make a good return.

I am a daily email reader and play on reading emails even if the price of listnerds goes down, just wondering out loud over the tokenomics.

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I guess we are going to have to wait and see. If I can at least pay for my subscription each month I will be happy.

If the subscriptions feed the price of Listnerds than it is very sustainable to keep it at 2:1

I suspect the same. It’s just not sustainable without some other form of revenue injection. Unless the admin team is happy to maintain that floor for hundreds of thousands of Hive… Maybe though!

Well somebody is making money off the subscriptions, because only so much of it needs to go to running the system.

Indeed! As they should—people need to get paid :)

But if every verified mail currently pays out a monthly enterprise tier subscription in equivalent Hive... then it just doesn't work out long term. Floor price must drop, unless the team is willing to operate at a loss to promote the service.

Although, the whole CTP/LN network (including HivePay) may have lucrative income streams that I know nothing about. But even with a giant stash of reserves I still can't imagine the current floor is sustainable.

Maybe the plan is to hope that most people hold onto their stake and see what happens? I'll be shocked (but happy) if there's a still a 1.5 Hive floor in 10 weeks 😉

I've seen it dip a bit already.

Let's keep watching.

I am really expecting them to do something so it will be fun to watch to see what that something is.

I've had Hetty telling me about it so I know enough plus I can always hit her up if I have a problem because she is super clued into all this stuff.

As for the price of listnerds, we'll see what happens. Things like this normally do have 1 way of going but if earnings longterm can outperform the decline in the token price, it's all good? For SPI even at a small loss, it's still worth it for the extra exposure, a normal SPI post does not got 30 comments and i'll be using this the promoting SPI, LBI and EDS mostly.

Seen you were already on it, found one of your posts this afternoon and even left a comment.

Yeah, for the engagement alone, it is totally worth it. Even if your earnings only cover your monthly subscription. You definitely need to pay for one of the tiers. People do the free thing but it's so much extra work. I look forward to seeing your stuff promoted in my inbox!

Congrats on your membership level. This will surely bring you untold riches !

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I hope so and lots of new exposure as well

There certainly is a lot of buzz around Listnerds. I also joined in the last week and have been trying it out. Am looking forward to how it pans out over the next few weeks !

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It is good that new people keep joining, we need readers!

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So we've been active around the same amount of time. Exciting stuff and i love playing with new things. Listnerds should be easy to work into my daily routine, i hope your the same and you reap the fruits of the labour

Welcome to list nerds, sorry I cannot join under SPI as I have been a member of list nerds for years. I think this will work out well for SPI.


We can still help by making sure to read their emails and upvote them!

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I was already planning on doing that grin


Thanks Eric, i'd figured most of SPI's heavy hitters were involved with it already, SPI is late to the party.

Great to see spinvest on listnerds! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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I am already signed up but I will re-blog as I feel this is a great opportunity for spinvest.

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I hope so as well, now i gotta find 2 posts per day to promote. lol

Congrats on joining the ListNerds, I have been using it for 2 weeks and absolutely loving it.

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Nice promotion on listnerds. Coming from listnerds and great to know another listnerds.

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Listnerds looks like a great win-win partnership for SPI, and a wonderful way to increase engagement with the SPI projects including LBI and EDS. It will be great to get a wider audience beyond the LEO finance community (dedicated as they are) and this looks an excellent way to do it.

I have signed up using (I hope) a spinvest referral link. It's early days for me, but I'm looking forward to learning how this all works.

Welcome to ListNerds and congratulations on your upgrade. Now the hard part starts. Needing to create 2 quality emails a day is not easy. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, thats true. 2 posts per day is deffo the fun part. SPinvest runs different token projects with SPI being its flagship token. We have a small team of authors pumping out content from 3 different accounts so should be fine for quality content.

Im loving how many comments there are on this post compared to most from this account.

Thanks for checking out the post and leaving some nice words.