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Hello I am RYO!

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I finished the last chapter 69 of the -Jingi- in June, so it's been three months since then…
I've been wanting to draw a story about Ninjas for a long time, so they are the focus of new story

But I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep this manga going, as manga serials are essentially long term.

I ran the before series for about two years until Chapter 69, and this time I'll either run it again for a few years or I might just quit it after a month.

But make no mistake, what I can say is that exercising my creativity is my life's work.

And thanks to the Hive and Hive community that allows me to perform my life's work

So I start my manga -Jingi- here

A Guide to Reading Manga

  • Japanese style manga is read from the right
  • The red text is Japanese.The meanings of the words are listed in (※)
  • At the bottom of each page is the text within each page. You can translate it into your own language and read it
  • There are some expressions that are unique to the Japanese language but don't affect your understanding of the story

Episode of Ninpou

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Chapter 1


We are not forgiving...

Now say it…where is our "that legacy"?

I don't know anything!! I swear to Buddha that it is true! please help!!!

…Alright, What do you think we should do? Maya…



So~I think he's no longer of any use

…I agree, Ok Maya, then I'll finish work…


All those who used to serve the Oda member are supposed to be killed


I don't believe that someone would break into here…!

No doubt…

That is the work of Shinobi(Ninja)

Then, if we don't notify the Lord as soon, he will be in danger...

Calm down

Look…only those who came from the Oda member were killed...
Probably only those are the targets of Shinobi

Come to think of it, Recently the former Oda member was killed in a neighboring town...

Yeah…Perhaps this is their revenge...


Perhaps…the Oda member is still being sacrificed somewhere again...

Hey…Did you hear?

What about?

It seems that anyone who used to serve the Oda family has been hunted recently...



Apparently it's the work of a Shinobi...
the death toll is increasing one after another...

Shinobi…why are they doing that?

There is nothing strange about that…
Oda family and Shinobi have been feuding for a long time...
Now that our power has weakened, they think it's a good opportunity to act...

So…that is revenge…?

Not only me of the former Oda member, but the men of the bouncer will ruthlessly kill...
Don't let guard down

Ha! ※Yes sir

Mmu…Here is closed today...?

Sorry Mr, That is holiday today

Would you like to hang out here?
Today, Here has just got a very beautiful young girl

Oh really?

Comeon…he's easily caught


Please come in Mr!
I'll give you a lower price!
Mr…you are lucky!
She came from the neighboring town and was the best beauty in that town!
So she is called "Kōyō" as a beautiful autumn leaf-like girl

Kōyō…it's good…

Well, Mr…she is here…

You guys wait outside


Kōyō! I'm in…

Ah…Hai… ※Yes


So…Sorry, I'm still taking care of my hair...

Wow…she is amazing…!!!

Yeah…she's only 17, but she doesn't know the man…

Are you serious!?

Yes…I'm ashamed but it that's right…
So please be kind to me…

of course…

Well take your time...

Hey…signal this place to them

I got it


Aah…I'm sorry…

Don't worry Kōyō…
Your probably nervous, right? come…I'll rub your shoulders for you…

Th…Thank you…Mr…

Alright…let's calm down and talk a little bit...
Why did you come to work here despite being so beautiful?

That is…

Don't worry, comeon

Actually my parents are in debt...
I'm in here to return it...
I would have had other options if I had a good education, but unfortunately I had no money for a long time...
And we finally had to repay our debts and jumped into this here yesterday...
so I haven't mastered any entertainment yet…

Oh…that must have been hard...

Yeah…so now I can't provide the entertainment to entertain the Mr...


The only thing I can offer to you right now is this one body...

Could you kindly give me a lesson…?

I'll teach you everything!!!

Oh sorry…
I forgot to say that there was another body in my body


Kawauso!!? ※otter

His name is "Momohachi"

What happened!?

Ugokuna ※Don't move



You're also a easily guy!
Your good work Momohachi

Are you a Ninja who is hunting the Oda member lately...!?

Wow did you know us?
It's a very stupid thing to get caught despite that


No one is coming out despite the confusion...
I see, admin here is you…

That's right
No one is coming for help…

I don't think so…It was good I signaled the location of this room…


Alright…There was also a two bouncer outside…



This Kid!!!


What a Fu…

Kokoyo♥️ ※I'm here



No…No way…
I can't believe all four of them could be beaten at once…

Is our work done?
It was surprisingly easy Haha


You are lacking in vigilance, Maya

Ah…I…I was going to finish it now!

That's a boring lie

Sabito, You also still immature because you don't even notice the outside bouncer

Yes, I'm sorry…


the former Oda member…let me ask you about our legacy...



Sure…a book of secrets created by our ancestors…
Where are the our four scrolls?

He took it from us when our ancestors fought the Oda family...
And the Oda family used our power to once conquer this country

I've heard of it, but I've never seen the real thing!
However…what are you going to do with that now!?

of course

Regain the authority of Shinobi…and rebuild our Shinobi country

CamScanner 08-31-2020 15.59.57_20.jpg

Chapter1 END

The previous series was "Episode of Kappa", but this time it will be "Episode of Ninpou"

"Nonpou" means the technique of shinobi😃

The next chapter post is still undecided, but next I will post about my manga work process!

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Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!


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You've come along way from your first initial works shared here. Looking good so far
But I think some of the English translations are a bit off. I can understand the context but the choice of words need some changing. The word bouncer could be changed to guards as an example.

The point about my misaligned English has been made before and I'm in the process of working on it.
Next time about the bouncer I will change it to a guard.
Is there any other incorrect English?
Thank you so much🙏

I shall be following these from now on. great work

Thank you so much!! I thanks to your comment!🙏


Great work! @ochitoalreves tienes que ver esto.
Hope you continued your manga Ryo san and publishing here in Hive.

Thank you!👍
I am working on my next Chapter! I will post it here again!😊
Thank you so much!👏🙌

"I swear to Buddha " this is very well done, you have a lot of creativity and patience.🔥

Oh sorry…
I forgot to say that there was another body in my body

This part is hilarious! XD

Thank you so much!👏
I'm glad I get to do some creative work here!😃

Hahaha, I'm glad you got the joke!😆
Thank you for comment!👍👍👍

It's too cool, I've always wanted to write manga, but you have to be very resourceful. congratulations bro

Ohhh Thank you so much!🙌
Why don't you posted your manga to #HiveCon? They are looking for manga and they support all artist! Comment on them if you're interested😉

Thank you very much for the information brother, the bad thing is that I do not know how to do manga, that is a technique or style that does not come out, I have never practiced it.

Of course I'm not forcing it on you!👍
But the #Hivecon does welcome beginners! Perhaps they accept practicing artists😀

And I'm also practicing…my English😅
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Sometimes someone shows displeasure with my mistake English, but I'm an imperfect artist so I apologize for that😓

Anyway, you don't worry! I don't force you to do anything!
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Yeah I know! English is second language for us, so it's difficult to speak perfectly.

But it doesn't have to be perfect when we work on something! Let us enjoy it together!😉

Hello friend, sorry to arrive so late to this publication causes me to perform a seppuku, so xD because I was busy with my studies or well, I still have some exams between today and tomorrow.

You left me speechless and encouraged my day with this Shinobi manga so good, I like the fight scenes and especially the impressive Maya design. I'm encouraged to make a light novel but it will be later hahaha it will sound a bit cliché but I want to make an isekai xD.

Thank you really for cheering up my day and I hope this manga is a total success that deserves it both here and there in Japan and in the future here (you must sell me an autographed volume uwu)

Oh dear friend,
I don't want to interfere with your life work😓
If you are busy you don't have to comment on my publications😇
But I sincerely thank you for visiting my posts while you have a busy time, my friends!🙏🙇🙌

I wanted to drawing Maya beautifully, so I'm glad you liked her!😀
And in my opinion, light novels are better than manga because they're easier to make than manga!
I think you can create a third "Isekai" series following Suzumiya Haruhi and the Monogatari series!👍

I'm happy to fine you through my manga!
But also your comments make me feel better! Friends, we're making a amazing cycle here!😊👍
Ahaha, If I can get my manga published and you want it, I'll send you a signed of the my manga right away!😄👍

Thank you so much brother!🙌🙌🙌