Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

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Hi, my fellow Steemians!

I got a ride on JFK's phrase for the title of this post and soon you will understand why.

I believe that many of you should be hung over after celebrating yesterday but I also believe that some of you are doing the opposite of most of the world, are taking advantage of this first day of the year to plan what will be the year that started with a reflection about what you have done over the past year and what you will do without wasting time from tomorrow to have 2019 the year to plant and reap.

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What to Expect in 2019? - What are your expectations for the year 2019? Did You Take Some Time Some Time About What You Did In 2018 Or Just Celebrated What A New Year Started Today?

I waited for to make this post today precisely because it is the first day of the year for those who celebrate according to this calendar, but even if you do not celebrate in this calendar for being part of a country where the culture is different I also wish a Happy New Year with lots of positive energy for all.

I confess that these dates have no importance to me because yesterday the planet earth just completed one more trip around the sun.

Did you ever think that on the second day of 2019 the planet will also do the same thing in relation to the second day of 2018?

This may sound funny but many have never thought about it. For me, the first day of the year serves only as a stopwatch or a compass for me so I can not get lost in time and be able to plan myself better. For me calendars are just for this, for me to plan myself and for me not to lose the notion of which part I am in my planning.

Over the past year we have been able to build a small family here at Steemit and have been able to gather lots of people on this blog that has dedicated a lot to the growth based on reprogramming the Mindset of each of us.

I believe that I have sent a clear message to all of you that growth, whether in any area of ​​your life, spiritual, financial, professional, etc ... is only possible with the reprogramming of your Mindset to a Positive Mindset together with the action.

That's exactly what I want to say to you today: ACTION, MOVEMENT AND DISCIPLINE!

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For those who are reading this blog for the first time I recommend that you read at least 20/30 previous posts to understand that each post was written to interconnect with each other until I get in this one.

The title of this post already says a lot about what I want to see for you today! But today in this post I'm not going to talk about motivation, because I want to believe I've done this daily with everyone here.

In this post I want to talk about putting into practice, in action your plan right now!

If you planted in 2018 you will have your harvest in 2019, but if you did not plant, sorry for the sincerity, but it did not help you yesterday to ask that this year be better because people do not think about it very much, but the celebration of a new year must be celebrated by the achievements from the previous year and not for requests and desires if you have not planted anything the previous year!

I can assure you that nothing spectacular will happen in your life this year if you have not planted anything in the previous year.

But don't worry, if you are one of those people it's never too late to start and learn that to celebrate a good year you should start planting now so you can celebrate in 2020 what you sowed in 2019 and only in this way, you can celebrate that the year was wonderful and that 2020 will be the harvest. When you understand this in your Mindset you just have to repeat it and you only have to ask one thing in celebration of a new year: That you have health to continue planting and harvesting!

Now it's time for action and you can not waste time.

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As I have said in previous posts I am not the owner of the truth, I am just sharing with you my journey of life and giving my best to teach some shortcuts so that you do not miss opportunities and make mistakes in something that I have already done wrong in my journey and if this is captured by you you will not need to make the same mistakes.


We are living in a moment that does not look very good. I know steem is very low in value and many have believed, believed and depend on it as a source of income for their survival.

Believe me, we're at the best time to plant and you can see how hard I've worked on Steem for a wonderful year and I know now is the best time for you to take advantage of that.

Have you heard that famous phrase that is in the crisis that makes money?

If you've heard me too but have you ever made money in the crisis?

If you have not won it's for a few reasons:

1 - You do not understand how.
2 - You are afraid to take the risk and move on!
3 - You keep trying to find excuses.

I apologize for being so clear with my words about it. Finding excuses is a thing of failed people who live procrastinating what they should do every day or they are afraid to make a decision because they do not want to be judged for making a mistake tomorrow.

Life is made up of failures and successes.

Building wealth is no task for weak people, I mean in the mental sense. If your Mindset is not strong enough to do what has to be done you will fail.

I'm going to give sequence in this post in a series of chapters with this title dividing by parts because I have to do this step by step as a plan for all of us and if we follow together we will all be in the same place.

Whether we will be well or not we will all be together. Do you understand? This is a family. I will always be honest with my words, I will never say what you want to hear, I will always tell you what you should listen according to my life experience and not as the owner of the truth. You have free will to go wherever you want, but I am sharing what I am going to do, and if you come with me it will be a pleasure, and if you decide to follow by your own head and ideas I wish the best for you as well.

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People who do what I write below will make a VIP discord or give a coach what to do to multiply their steems step by step according to their reality through Steem Chat.

I'm going to do some of these sessions for you that follow what I'm saying to do and I will not charge anything for that.

First step:

If you believe in Steemit and Steem, this is the best time to accumulate/buy steems because they will go up in price. Today we stand with steem with the price around 0.25 cents.

Listen to me: Buy steems now!

I see many people complaining that they are limited to commenting or giving upvotes. Of course, you do not have enough Steems!

You should try now to buy some steems, I'm not here telling you to do crazy things, but please listen to me! devote effort and buy at least 200 steems, I said the least, not the maximum!

Ideally, you should make an effort to buy 500 steems! I'm talking about just over 100 US Dollars.

Right now! Even if you are in a difficult situation, focus and focus on it and your Mindset will respond to you how to achieve this! Believe me!

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I make a commitment to accompany people who this month buy at least 200 steems and make power up until January 15. I want you to keep this post in your browsers favorite bookmarks of your browsers and I would like every time you buy steems comment on the post marking me. For example: @chbartist I bought 20 more steems. Every steem bought I want you to do this in this post, so it's important you put it in your bookmark because I'll be following this post daily. I want to make it clear that I will only coaching people who buy at least 200 steems and make power UP. This will not be valid for those who already have more than 200 Steems. If you already have 200 Steems for you to have this coach you will have to buy another 300 Steems and complete 500 SP. For those who already have more than 1,000 SP you can leave a comment on the post: @chbartist I already have more than 1000 SP and for this group the guidelines will be other but I recommend that you buy more steems as much as you can!

IMPORTANT: If you are new to Steem and are starting now and will start tracking this blog from now on this is also valid for you. Please read at least 20/30 previous posts to this and then save this in your browser bookmark as I said above.

I ask you please do not try to be "smart" and use tricks and not follow the rules, because I know all of you who have accompanied me here. Also in this blog does not leave space for dishonest or negative people and you who dedicate your efforts and time in this community already know this.

I really don't like to dedicate my time to those who don't have a burning desire for change and who don't want to follow instructions because in my journey I have learned that I do not change people or the world and I can only try to guide them with mine experience if she wants to hear me of course! I can not dedicate my effort to people who do not care about their own time. And do you know why?

I as I said in previous posts I am a meritocrate and I do not mind to spend my time for you to have the same success that I had in my life. I say this with my heart I want to see you all happy and successful.

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But pay attention:

I have a very busy life and I can only do what I am promising to do only between January 16 to January 31, because I start to have many tasks and I do not promise anything that I can not to accomplish. As of February I will not have time for more people, I will have time only for you who in this month will do exactly what I am telling you to do and between January 16 and January 31. I will dedicate myself to give all my directions for you and all the steps I'm going to take.

I think you have already understood that I am talking about a very select VIP group that has been with me here for some time and we have built this family where we have learned to vote each other that leave meaningful comments and this was already incredible for me and I hope that for you too!

Let's start 2019 the way it should be! With Action, Attitude and right now!

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Remember: Failures Peoples always find excuses for not doing what needs to be done. Successful people find solutions in difficult times to do what needs to be done - @chbartist

Today it is common for me to listen to people: But for you it is easy to talk like that because you are a successful person! To be honest it makes me a bit angry but I do not mind listening to this bullshit.

I respond: No friend, I do not say so because I am successful, I am successful because I have always said the same way. @chbartist

Another Thing: For me, the new year is the date we were born because it's on this day that we complete another turn around the sun - Think About!



Text by @chbartist

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Hello Steemians of this community who accompanied me in 2018 and contributed to this community with meaningful comments and got a Positive Mindset and we could see the respect, and the generosity to be implemented in that community. I wish you all a happy new year and a 2019 with many accomplishments, achievements and for that we have to work harder. Please, I ask the attention of you who are part of the list of this community. Read this post and dedicate your attention because I waited the first day of 2019 to write to all of you. I still ask you to ressteem this post so that we can bring in new positive people who want to be part of this incredible community built on this blog. My sincerely thanks to all of you for making the last few months incredible! - @chbartist List - @juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @oppongk @kryp70kn1gh7 @theticket @royer94 @mentalhealthguru @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @rem-steem @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @rvag5 @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @oppongk @kryp70kn1gh7 @theticket @royer94 @mentalhealthguru @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @rem-steem @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @rvag5 @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @isabelpereira @nulifeiq @royer94 @yaleal @ushmil @nisiryan0522 @reveurgam @certain @kkins @nurseanne84 @robertyan @xtophercruzeu @theureview @anil566 @freedomanytime @clayrawlings @zetacoin @goldheart @artoftherhyme @jiujitsu @don-thomas @arsl14 @vishalmajumdar @thehippierays @kemc @aple @orgoniteog @abrish @zydane @cathynsons

It was great meeting you in 2018! You made my progress faster than the speed of light. Thanks!!

I proudly own more than 1,000 SP and will continue to take advantage of the price to add and build my Steem Power! I actually buy every first week of the month and am happy to see the price still here this week to buy more!

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good idea

Yes friend! Good! Happy new Year!

I am amazed of your great mind...I am challenged to buy more steem and power up! Thanks @chbartist

i also agree with you. anyway happy new year.

Dear @chbartist sir!
Yes, I agree with your point that if we do not plant a plant for our time then we will get the crop from where. If we have done something good in 2018 then its benefits will definitely be available in 2019, if nothing has been done, then start an effort to do better now so that by 2020 we start getting the result. You have written absolutely right, unsuccessful people making excuses while successful people trying to find solutions to problems. The method of buying or raising steem by qualitative method is very good. Of course, if we have to grow on steemit then we must have enough resource power. And it will only be possible if we have enough steem power. I fully agree with your concept. There is no justification for celebrating the new year until we have done something good for the coming time. Only by doing celebration, everything is not good, it requires hard work and dedication.

Thank you @certain for your comment. You really understand this journey! Happy New Year!

I am trying to buy steem with the money saved by cutting down spending money on unnecessary things.
In this way im not wasting but investing on steem. Who knows what happens

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That's a great idea. You can buy 4 steem for the price of a very cheap coffee. Or like 20 steem for the price of going to Starbucks. ha.

That's exactly what you should do now. Do not spend money on unnecessary things. Keep this post in your bookmark and keep me informed until the 15th. Read the instructions correctly. Happy New Year!

You have written a very good friend. If we want better tomorrow, then the effort should start from today itself.
With this I congratulate all the members of the community for the new year.

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Thank you for your kind words! Yes Lets go together! Read the post again it have a lot of information! Happy New Year!

Yes Friends We have completed the study. We have a chance till January 15.

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Saludos @chbartist! En base al plan de trabajo para un nuevo ciclo, es importante el esfuerzo realizado, el trabajo ejecutado, siendo esto los cimientos del trabajo a realizar este nuevo ciclo. En este sentido a mejor cimiento mejor sera la estructura a levantar.

En un proyecto es importante el equipo de trabajo, y en este sentido el equipo de trabajo debe reunir las cualidades requeridas en función a los objetivos planteados.

Mas que verlo como un planteamiento de negocio, es verlo como un estilo de vida, como una forma de vivir, de hacer las cosas.

"Seria bueno montarse en esa ola"

Happy New Year!

Great message dear @chbartist! Steem is the platform which has given us an opportunity to use a platform where we are able to work as a social media platform and also earn something for our contribution. It was a great idea but unfortunately it didn't work so far as it should have worked. Whales are able to self upvote their posts or make a circle where they upvote each other and get maximum benefit. This can be stopped if the users buy Steem and powerup. It will give them more authority to get the fruit of success here. I myself have powered up previous month. Unfortunately, I bought Steem when price was high. Now, it is not possible for me to invest further as it has become very difficult to buy cryptos in my country.
I hope more genuine people will buy Steem and power up. That would be really a great thing.

Hi @akdx, please pay attention and read post again. Your Mindset You'll find the answer if you're focused. Happy New Year

Good morning and happy new year 2019,

I agree with you on several things, of which you mention in your publication, certainly, if we have not made a plan and you have set real and achievable goals, it is unlikely that you will achieve something different from what you currently have.

Faith in God moves mountains, but we must help God give us the things we need.

Talk about the crisis and, perhaps, do not imagine the multiple activities, strategies and opportunities that in my country Venezuela we have carried out to try to earn money and survive in this crisis that affects us.

I ask God that it really is as you say and that the price of steem will increase its value, I hope you can have the ability to progressively acquire steem and have them as a way to save, for when your price increases.


Definitely, God is with Venezuelas even in the midst of the crises.. Remember, "Everything Works, together For the Good of those Who Loved God and Are Called According To His Purpose"

Wishing @raefelj25 the very bests of 2019!!

Hi @rafaelj25 It's no use focusing on the problem and complaining about your country, there will always be a problem anywhere in the world. What makes the difference is people's Mindset. Read the post again and I'm sure you have a lot of information that might not have been picked up by you. Please pay attention and read post again. Your Mindset You'll find the answer if you're focused. Happy New Year

I love your Words of Wisdom!👍🤓
Happy New Year 2019 steemians!!!🙌☄😘😁😀

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Today I just wants to thank you for the amazing inspirational content you have been coming up with in 2018, it was amazing year and learnt a lot in it also happy new year to you and your family. keep growing!

Thank you friend! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Blogging is presumably the most tedious method for profiting on the Steemit stage. It expects you to be constant with the nature of the posts you make, and additionally to effectively develop the quantity of devotees you have. It's something that is impossible quickly, however whenever done appropriately, can satisfy bigly.
STEEM Power truly is the way to the Steemit stage. You can consider STEEM control as the measure of impact you have. The more STEEM control you have, the more impact you have on the Steemit stage. @chbartist

You have increase your SP as soon possible friend! Happy New Year

A very happy new year sir! You have been great past year, all your blogs were really motivational and I love to read them.

u too

Thank you! Happy New Year!!!!

@chbartist Hugs.

Thanks for offering those of us who have heard your message and tag along such a wonderful opportunity. I will not be accepting your challenge this time, and send a wish for a repeat of opportunity in the future.

I Believe in Steemit and Steem and in my own way am investing in both it and myself.

Since I have begun participating again I have powered up everything I have earned. My Steemit anniversary is just days away, I will be greeting it with 400 hard earned SP. The next goal is 500...then 1000!

I have created my own 2019 challenge this year upon our homestead... Upon its success I will be in a position to consider investing $ and not just my craft and self in Steem.

Best wishes to All who accept this challenge, may you grow in whatever way you need most by the opportunities provided here. HUGS

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Thank you for your kind words and know that you are always welcome! Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Oh, thanks a lot sir for your big heart to help. It's a difficult time for me financially but I'm going to make the leap.

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Hi, @aceandnotes. Use your positive Mindset and focus. Reread the post and you will get it! Happy New Year!

For this new year I plan on tightening up my budget and making some added investments throughout the year. I also started my Master's Degree in 2018 and will graduate in May this year. This will financially be a great help to me and so I look forward to harvesting in 2019 what was planted in 2018. Thank you for providing great posts and please add me to your list.

I'm Including. You are very welcome! Happy New Year!

Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your comment and your kind words!

I would like to achieve Dolphin level this year. I know I can do it and how much Steem I need to generate to get there. It's certainly doable.

I would like who ever controls the price, to see the true value of Steem and it's potential with all of the dApps being created and lift the price to where it's somewhat reasonable.

But I also expect to be creating a lot more content and powering up and just generally being known for being a good guy on the platform.

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Great friend! Increase your SP soon possible! Happy New Year!

we must make content of better quality and try to incorporate more people to the platform, but also the market has to recover many people left for that reason

Hello my friend, remember Darwin, he is present with us until today with the theory of natural selection! Growing up is for strong people and they want to work hard! Happy New Year!

@chbartist, Yes, we should not expect because our expectation can make us lose. We have to put efforts and we have to achieve our goals by putting right amount of efforts on right time. And our growth is depended upon our actions so, let's every action made to count. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Exactly friend! Happy New Year!

Thank you so much and have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

No sir, Life is not made of " failures" and "successes" !! Failures are the ingredients of Successes. No failures , No successes .

Thanks @chbartist for the prompt on "Procrastination" ; Consequently, "NO PROCRASTINATION" is a key resolution for 2019.

Exactly friend! Happy New Year!

@Chbartist, I wish you and all members of this community a prosperous new year and more of your post this year. Thanks bravo to all members.

Thank you my friend, let's go together!

Yeah, we going now !!

I would like to achieve Dolphin level this year. I know I can do it and how much Steem I need to generate to get there. It's certainly doable.

I would like who ever controls the price, to see the true value of Steem and it's potential with all of the dApps being created and lift the price to where it's somewhat reasonable.

But I also expect to be creating a lot more content and powering up and just generally being known for being a good guy on the platform.

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In fact, my goal is very simple, is to be able to stay in Steemit. No one knows what will happen in the next second. The important thing is that we are together now. Wait until later, and you may find that you have not been alone. Come on, my friend!

Thank you @annora for your kind words! Read the post again because it have a lot of informations to process in our Mindset! Happy New Year!

Dear @chbartist
I'm totally agree with you. Really I'm a great fan of you, not for that you are a whale. I'm following you since I joined steemit platform. I had gone through all of your blogs and I'm aware about the message you are spreading.

I'm agree as u said if we don't planted in 2018 then there is nothing to celebrate in 2019 new year. I don't celebrate this new year because there is nothing great in my life. I didn't do something great in previous year. But this year I want to do something , I want to plant so I can harvest in 2020.

Life is all about taking risks. Bigger the risk biggest the reward. If we want to achieve something then we have to take some risk.

I'm aware about your hard work. I know how hard you are working on those blogs. I'm always with you on your blogs. I always leave a meaningful comment not only for getting votes but I want to be a part of community. But you always reward everybody for their devoted time. I love this attitude of yours.

Today I just want to thank you because after your inspiration and reading your article about positivity and motivation im working on this platform regularly so till now I had accumulated more then 70 steem on this platform. I don't regret It took me 2 months but I'm very happy to see my progress. I felt that the phrase is correct SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

So I'm going with you investing some amount in steem and going to do some hardwork so I could achieve my goal to become a Dolphin.

Sorry for this long comment

No worries! Just give the best of you! Read the post again it is also long and has a lot of information. Faliz New Year!

On my way to 2000 SP.
Looking forward to 2019 Steem boom.

Thank you so very much!
Happy New Year to all!

2019 image.jpg

Happy New Year! @ronel

Happy 2019 @cbhartist with 2019 fullfilments! All the best. Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music compositions and arrangements :-)

Thank you @luciannagy. Happy New Year!

25 cents is a pretty good deal!

Steem is a great platform which has great potential.

It helps you connect with the world.

That's my view on it.

Happy new year 2019


I don't know but this is fair platform I like it to much I use this social sites that's steem for post and reply i seeing many good artical this sites.

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I wish you a healthy and happy year.

Hello @chbartist! Thank you for this well written write up! I was amazed about your programmed mindset, it's contagious.

I totally agree that if we have not sown anything previously then we will not reap good fruits. We have to be like a farmer who prepares his field for the planting season and waits for the rain. Then he can have his bountiful harvest.

This has reminded me well about choosing positive side of life.

I'm a fresh starter of this platform and I believe I'll be able to learn new things from you!

God bless!

good choice of the title! it caught my attention and thought that I should read it. sound advice you gave so I am thinking about getting a few coins. may it be a happy new year for all of us then!

when you said few, does it mean lower than 50 or what? please enlighten me. happy new year, too!

About 173.2$ has been spent to promote this content.

Does it not made a good ROI?? I do think , it did!

i did STEEM giveaways on also blog and some other spots ie my discord :)

This post has received a 81.83 % upvote from @boomerang.

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*If you disagree with the reward or content of this post you can purchase a reversal of this vote by using our curation interface

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@dailyupvotes is the only bot with guaranteed ROI of at least 1%

Happy new year 2019 friends excellent post success

Great motivation

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Hi @chbartist Thanks the post. You said rightly that unless we plant first then how can we expect crop. I will try my best to buy some steem but again have to plan for it. I am already stuck in many responsibilities but still I will try best possible to follow your advice. I like all your advices and this one too I will follow. Expect your support as always and let you know when I make it. Thanks again and have a great day dear @chbartist

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I hope the steemit is very developed in 2019, and in this comment I wish you a happy new year

A very motivational article, with insight and wisdom. 2019, just another year, nothing special to celebrate it. However, it’s a new year to start refresh and take actions. Thank you for sharing the valuable info. I havn’t opened my steemit account, I suppose I will try to but some steem power. Thank you again.

Happy new year @chbartist and success for you, me and everyone in 2019 😊

My prediction is that by the end of it, everyone will act like it was one of the worst years ever. That's been the trend with every passing year.

As far as Steem, it seems like it has literally almost nowhere to go but up at this point. I wish I could buy more of Steem straight up, but I've been buying it all the way down and am pretty cash poor at the moment.

Your suggestion is great, though. It's sooooo cheap right now. Buy it. And for heavens sake, don't stop posting just because the value of Steem is lower right now. The value of this platform isn't just financial. That's one downside to trying to sell something as a way to get paid. Yeah, you technically get paid, but it takes a long time to grow to the point where you get paid a lot. I've had a lot of people ask me how to be successful really fast, and then they get disappointed when I say that the only way to do that is to have some money to begin with.

If not, you'll have to start posting, and keeping posting. Especially comments. If you leave real comments (not just one positive adjective and an exclamation point) you will get some upvotes that way and the possibly the attention of people who are already further along on their Steem journey and can help you.

So in 2019, people should post more, and especially comments. That's my challenge to people and myself.

Congratulations @chbartist!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 3 with 86 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 492,94

Nice article and all your articles look pretty nice so I don't mind them being on trending, but there is no need to take it all the way up to 492.95 for visibility.

If they were organic votes I wouldn't mind a bit.

Happy New Year and keep Steeming!

hello dear community and dear chbartist: you wrote a very nice article and I agree in many ways. It takes a daily effort to become successful and it is a nessecity in order to be able to handle the success.

I have been working for free with a doctor in Guatemala who has been helping the poor for over 25 years. He has the highest honor for his so altruistic and neverending help and work he does. Working with congress and institutions, researching and proofing his cures, the odds work hard against us. We are out of money, we can't pay even our website no more. We don't always have food and wander from place to place, out of compassion for the ones in need. We have machines for 200 USD called RSG II that cure dengue, cancer, HIV, diabetes, all kinds of bacterial infections, you name it. (Don't believe me? Look up Nasa Engineer Bob Beck!). We fight hard.

But we keep going! And if anyone feels like he wants to help us, let me know, so we can chat about it. It is time we get up and change the way we live.

Thanks and greetings,

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