What Happens to Your Dream After Your Death?

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Hello, dear friends!

It is customary to talk about dreams when you embark on motivational ideas and wisdom of productivity.

But we rarely consider the nature and essence of these dreams and how they form in our minds.

We could argue that people need hope to continue. We could say that dreams without goals are just dreams that never see the light of day.

We could claim that without productivity and time management, one can never unlock their full potential.

But what are these dreams that we keep talking about?

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I have a very powerful and serious message for you today.

You can have as many goals as you want in life, and think about them every day and night, right after you wake up and right before you turn in to sleep.

But do not mistake goals with dreams. Some people think that goals are the same as dreams.

Some fail to understand the magnitude of a dream. Maybe this sentiment can clear up the image a little bit:

A dream that dies after you do is not a powerful dream.

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There is great potential in human existence.

If you were to count every little element and incident that came together so you could be here today, reading this post at this very moment, you would be both amazed and horrified by the weight of existence.

Consider what rests on your shoulders to accomplish.

Think about all that you are capable of doing, were you to simply decide to stop drifting away and wandering about to work on what you have always wanted to do with your life.

Dream, but dream big. A dream that does not survive the death of its dreamer is not a worthy dream.

You could do so much for this world and accomplish so many things.

All of these things would stand the test of time and immortalize you forevermore.

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I see a man climbing a mountain.

A man walking a desert under the punishing sunlight.

A man walking bare feet on the chilling ice of some far away lake.

A man holding the Earth in one hand and the moon in the other.

Dream about dreams that would stand the test of time and survive your death.

It is the only worthwhile fight.

And who is man, but the master of his own fate?



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Extremely nonsensical.
It's stuff like this that make me embarrassed to show my friends and family about this site.

I feel your slice of the reward pie is too large.jpg

Everything is finish when a man die, his dreams, his goals and also world. His new exam are started.

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Some people dream about unattainable dreams and end up not fulfilling them as they die off.

First and foremost, we should always try to dream realistic dream so we could have the guts, strength and believe of fulfilling them.

Attainable dreams matched with goals, action and believe is the sure way.

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I not really thought in this perspective before as we often tend to tone down our dreams and settle for less. Motivation can ben gained by taking this line and executing it!

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You are absolutely right. A lot of people give up on the way and settle for something less thereby leaving their big dreams to die.

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Wow. Dreams are so powerful. I had never considered it after death, what would happen to my dream

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in our lives, as long as we are alive, we must fight to not be slaves of this system, we must cultivate our dreams with our nails and with our teeth, we are alive until we decide to grow it mentally, widening our visions makes you extremely large

Hi @chbartist
We should try to fulfill our dreams before death.
Thanks for giving us good content.

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Hi friends, i'm new in the community i have yet to post my first contribution, however i couldn't help myself to post a reply to this interesting article.

There was a spanish philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, he used to say something like : don't sell me tricks, i want real inmortality, bulge inmortality not shades of inmortality (i'm thinking about the idea that we can live in our legacy after we die)
In other words, when we die it's all over, there's nothing left for the dead in this world, who knows what happens.
Dreams should be motivators to help us become better, to improve ourselfs, love should work that way too, but i think you should never lose the chance to enjoy your precious present for the sake of leaving a worthy legacy, it's just useless.
Thank you, great post.

Thank you

Perhaps many see this publication in a not so positive way, as they think of those dreams that will not come true after death, however I think that the author wanted to focus more on the quality of each dream, the bigger and more powerful they are, when they are finally achievable for us, those dreams will not die instantly, because we can enjoy those dreams for the rest of our lives.

I'm surprised by all the shade and cynicism in the response section to this post. I wholeheartedly agree, except that what you call "dreams", I call "legacy". Why should a legacy you spent your life building die after your are gone from this planet and why shouldn't the legacy you built continue to help thousands long after you are gone. I just posted a video about this on my brand new youtube channel yesterday oddly enough. would love to know what you think about my opinions as I address this exact same topic. I was going to leave a link to the vid, but if I did, it would embed my video in my comment, and I didn't want to be self-promoting on your post. so... I will just leave the title of the video, which is called "leave a legacy" on my youtube channel: maalamalama. It shouldn't be hard to find because my yt channel is brand new and there are only about 6 or 7 videos I've uploaded so far. bless up.

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