MinnowBooster Update: New Custom Lease Prices Available!

Hi everyone! Minnowbooster and its staff are absolutely stunned at the growth we've just seen in SBD and Steem prices!

Currently, Minnowbooster is experiencing a massive number of lease requests for Steem Power in our Delegated Leasing Market. We would like to formally invite minnows and other Steem users to come and join our DLM by creating a custom request to lease Steem Power at our website, www.minnowbooster.net.

We've added the ability to set your own price for Steem Power leases giving you a better chance to get your lease filled by a willing donor!

Act now and lock in a good price for Steem Power while this feature is still being reviewed by the masses!

Why would I want to lease Steem Power?

Leasing power from investors can help you grow your account, get more followers, support authors and artists you follow with more significant upvote values, as well as give higher visibility to content you deem worthy.

Okay, I am sold! How do I lease SP from Minnowbooster investors?

To lease from our website:

Go to https://www.minnowbooster.com/lease

It will take you to the page below:

1.) Enter your username
2.) Enter the amount of Steem Power wanted
3.) Enter how many weeks you'd like the lease for (min. 1 week)
4.) Enter the price in Steem per week you are willing to pay.
5.) The calculator will show you the total amount of Steem required to receive the lease.

For example, reggaemuffin would like to lease 100 Steem Power for 4 weeks. They are willing to pay a premium to receive the lease today so they have set a price per Steem per week at 150.

The calculator has automatically filled in the Total Steem Required field to 2.667 Steem.

Once you click the "Lease" button you will be taken to a secure Steemconnect authorisation page, which will require your Active WIF key to authorise the transaction.

First, the @minnowbooster account tries to fill the lease, but if it cannot, the order will go to the market, to be filled by investors. If the order cannot be filled within 3 days, your STEEM will be returned.

To lease from your own wallet:

You can send a memo to @minnowbooster with your Steem payment and the number of weeks in memo in numerical form. The sending account will receive the lease.

If @techblogger wants to lease 150 SP for 4 weeks he would first use the calculator on www.minnowbooster.com/lease to calculate his lease. Then he would send the Steem to @minnowbooster with the memo in the following format:

Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem

Minnowbooster strives to provide a truly investor-class model for Steem investors who are either not good at curating content or do not have the time or inclination to do so and would prefer to earn a "Masternode like" competitive APR return on investment with daily payouts, and simultaneously empowering the community and stimulating the attention economy of the Steem blockchain.

Thank you again for your continued support as we work on providing the most socially beneficial toolset on Steem.

Our team will continue to move forward to equip you with the services you need to succeed on Steem!

Don't forget @minnowbooster has got your back!

What can MINNOWBOOSTER do for you?!

Buy upvoteSBDEarn an instant return
Lease SP from marketSTEEMIncrease your vote strength and curation rewards
Delegate SP to marketSTEEM POWEREarn daily STEEM dividends
Invest STEEM in MinnowBoosterSTEEMEarn daily SBD dividends
Delegate SP to MinnowBoosterSTEEM POWEREarn daily SBD dividends
Sell your vote to MinnowBoosterVOTING POWEREarn SBD share of sells


Minimum Upvote0.01 SBDMinimum SBD you can send
Upvote comments?Can Be Enabled
Profit135% Fixed Return
Minimum SP Lease1 STEEM
Maximum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/50 SPPrice per week/Lease size
Minimum SP Lease / Steem1 STEEM/400 SPPrice per week/Lease size

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please write us a comment :)

Please remember, that while we are a business and work for a profit, that we share 90% of our income with the various investors in our services. There is no other booster available which shares it's rewards with such a diverse set of people on the Steem BlockChain.

Thank you for your continued support.

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

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And last but not least, here's our cute little footer made by the most epic @ryivhnn! Yes, there are cute little minnows floating around!

Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

Visit our flashy new website minnowbooster.net!

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nice job guys! One piece of feedback. This line sounds confusing. Can it be simplified?

"At what price per STEEM per week:"

Changed to How many SP per STEEM per week: thank you a lot!

ur welcome. "How much Steem are you willing to pay per 100 SP per week?"

this would be way better, i didnt understand what that line meant on their website until i read your comment

this would be way better, i didnt understand what that line meant on their website until i read your comment

Leasing power from investors can help you grow your account,

I still don’t understand this if you put an amount and a length of time I don’t fully understand this section

That is one of the best changes ever! A competitive lease market! Awesome

hi @minnowbooster

can you add a notification feature before the expiry of SP lease for a reminder about lease renewal like this:


I have taken delegated SP from open market place.

My question is Can I renew it before due date ???

Please reply and thanks in advance.

I renewed mine it said successful then was suddenly cancelled so don’t count on it

Why are delegations being cancelled this much... 💔

Ok great.. ever since this new change there has been delays in fulfilling requests.. I guess buyers are asking for bigger amount and delegators are not interested in giving big amount delegation for small amount of Steem.. I think the previous one was better

Happy New Year, I have attempted to obtain a lease for around 10 days; unfortunately without any success. Is there currently a backlog?
Thank you

Hello @minnowbooster,Will you please cancel my pending request? Then i can again apply by your new offer. @reggaemuffin

Done :)

Can I cancel any pending lease for updating? Sometimes the offer is not good work for getting the lease. Please help

yes you can, just send a steem transfer with cancel id and we cancel it

Sir, i want to cancel my pending lease. Please cancel it

How long did it take to get your so back got the notification mines cancelled but no sp yet 😱

You can no longer have any delegation! the first system was much better!

I agree, I have applied twice and I did not get any SP. But then with the price changes everyone wants to buy a lot of Delegated SP as Steem is cheaper now.

This is an excellent change. Many thanks.
Can you please consider adding the STEEM-per-week rate to the message to the delegator when a lease is renewed by the delegatee?

nice step.
but what would happen to existing requests that are pending,
the refund is possible for pending requests so we can make new and valuable offers rather then waiting for 3 days expiry period.

You sure can, tell me what requests you want to cancel and I.ll cancel ther real quick :)

here are the two active request. kindly cancel both of them.
thanks for prompt response sir.

could i please get mine canclled too @reggaemuffin so i can start over

User Delegation (SP) Delegation (VESTS) Weeks NETT APR** Expires In
ultravioletmag ~ 4096.612467928095238095238095238 SP 8602886.182649 VESTS 4 28.4% 1d 19h 57m 42s

sure done

Thank you will try Again

I don’t see any refund yet ? How long does it take to come through ?

Working on it, sorry for the delay

Hey no problem just as long as I know it’s coming I’m chill hahaha

@reggaemuffin is there a delay on seeing the steem come back, quite a lot for me to loose so having a mild panic why it’s not showing up

i want more robots ♥ like @minnowbooster

With the big fluctuation in SBD and Steem prices it is a good idea to let users decide what APR they want to target. Thanks.

Hi there,

Maybe this will be a stupid question. The vote value is based on current price right? So with the increase of the SBD(let's say it's $11 atm) price, the 135% fixed return will be calculated from for example $11x1.35 or the pegged $1 SBD price? Paying 2SBDs worth $22 for a ~$2.7 vote would be quite expensive. :D Hopefully I am wrong but the number strangely stays around that $2*1.35 number for the last 20 mins.

Thanks in advance!

Minnowbooster considers 1 SBD worth 1 SBD in post worth. That the internal market is boosting the SBD price to hell and beyond is a sad thing but nothing we can plan in.

Since there is no reliable source of what the current SBD price is, we can't peg to it.

My current suggestion is: Sell the SBD to STEEM and lease from the market ;)

Thanks for the response and the clarification. Totally understandable! :)

You got a 0.49% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @cryptosenpai!

Did you freeze withdraws from the available balance?

Great update to the platform.

Ah cool!! You guys keep getting cool features. Can you refund my current open leases? :)

Done, you got it back :)

Nicee! Thank you! Question though!
The "At what price per STEEM per week:".

Scenario: I want to lease 3000 SP for 4 weeks. It says 150 Steem per week and 80 STEEM required. Do I pay 80 steem or 150 steem? :)

150 SP per STEEM per week is the price. So you pay 80 STEEM

Alright. But I do get the 3000 SP at once for the 80 Steem? :) Just want it to be fully clear haha!

3000 / 150 = 20 STEEM per week
4 * 20 = 80 STEEM

You're amazing. Thanks for the clarification. You're a hero!

Vai ami kisu bujchi nai, abr bujhan

These are some great new purchases to consider. Making me feel like I should increase my position of delegation to the @minnowbooster bot today.steemitbloggers.png

excuse me for my question, because I can not quite understand what the question of the third box means: How many SP per STEEM per week ....
for example if I rent 1000 sp for a week, and I pay the price of 6.667, and in addition I pay 150 sp for this week ... what am I going to earn afterwards? it's totally nothing ... is not it? .... Please explain me this problem so that I can start the lease by next week .... thank you all.

@minnowbooster @reggaemuffin
I Have 46 STEEM Righ Now And I Want To lease SP From your Service
Just to Increase worth of my Upvote becasue Only SP Gives worth to Upvote So How I Will Do it ??
Means What Values I have To Write Lets Check Here
I want SP For 4 Weeks for 46 STEEM
But The Option That's
"How many SP per STEEM per week:"
I Don't understand it that at what value I have to write Here So That I will Get 1650 Lease SP For Each Week ...
Reply I am Waiting

I'm satisfied with your market, but current APR is quite high.

Doesn't understand these markets a shit...but seems like worth giving a try

Leasing power from investors can help you grow your account?

I upvote your post. If you have time, you can upvote this one in return.

nice information sharing

Thanx you so much dear @minnowbooster for your gd information.

wonderful post

i want to send you 0.050 SBD for your upvote

sure think, we support that :)

Parting with my Steem forever feels so wrong even if I get SP for a month.

Haha yeah, I know parting from my money feels wrong whenever I pay for something ;)

I will keep it in mind in the future when I have to rent power, excellent guide.

3 days ago i send you 1.030 sbd but you can not vote my post

Seems you transfered to our savings, I will send you the amount back (savings take 3 days)

well job👍👍dear @minnowbooster i just send you 111sbd please halp me

can't find such a transfer :)

The upvote is done by theb0red1 @naeemahmedd


What about the regular 185 SP per Steem lease before?

You can still fill them and still choose that price :)

That would be wonderful. Even the 215 SP per Steem lease?

You can even say 400,but that will probably not be filled 😉

That would be a miracle. I can hope and pray.;D

I have a question, i dont have steem but i have SBD, so can i rent out your SP to grow my steemit account .
Thing is everything is pretty clear in here in this post but i am a first timer to rent out SP for my account.
I've been searching about minnowbooster and watching lots of videos about it the only thing i couldn't understand is my question i asked.
Kindly clear this up for me ASAP.

Change your sbd to steem right now, you get a lot of steem for them try the internal market

Shoot, i did the other way... now it will take about 3 and half to complete the process.


Use the internal market! Don't convert

I already did it like 40minutes ago...
can i cancel that by any chance, i mean i have no idea how to cancel the conversion process of SBD to steem.

I don't think you can. You have to read the warning messages before you do it 😅

Hi guys and girls and goats of curations past. I like the concept, and I found your delegation strategy accidentally a few weeks ago, and I L O V E the opportunity I had with some steempower behind my votes. I find the act of sprinkling a little love on writers to be very satisfying. So I came back for more. I paid via your form - and successful sent over 60 steem to get my sprinkling finger back in the game, and I see on the block data that others have since come in and get their SP super fast. Why am I being skipped? Thank you for action, ahead of dismissal. I appreciate your attention and blah blah blah blah blah money is tight during this season. I don't regret my choice yet. Any thoughts? Thanks much = )

We have a market and investors decide themselves what orders they fill and when.

So if you look at the market and sort by price, you are on page 3: https://www.minnowbooster.net/market?direction=asc&page=3&sort=effective_price so there are roughly 50 other users who want to pay more than you to get steem power. It the current moment there is a huge demand for steem power and the prices reflect that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. It is truly appreciated. Now I just have to learn the ropes Re: how to best utilize my leased magic wand. 🤓

Hey Lori, I just filled the order for you before reggae replied. Enjoy!

Thank you guys, I am humbled by your quick response and brilliant business. ✨⭐️✨

This is another simple question.

If I want my posting to be upvoted by minnowbooster,
(1) to where(what ID) should I transfer coin?
(2) which coin should I transfer to you?
(3) what is the transferring amount range,
minimum and maximum, if it exists.

Please reply ASAP. thanks a lot~^^

Send your sbd to minnowbooster with your post url in memo to get upvote from minnowbooster

thanks a lot~^^

0.01 Sbd minimum

Are you going to start accepting steem for paid upvotes like @booster did? I prefer @minnowbooster but can't justify using it when SBD is so high.

I hope someone fills my request at 400. I really hope. If someone's SP is sitting reduntant, I dont think the SP per Steem per Week should bother him. Just take my Steem and give me that much needed SP. Haha!

Thank you for the option.

How does one undo a lease? Thanks.

Thank you. I left a similar message on a similar site that I think has similar team members. But Just gonna go ahead and leave this hear as well.

This is helpful info. Much appreciated. I'm getting back into my own flow of things on steemit, but I am also helping others locally. I currently host a live Steemit Bitcoin Happy Hour at The Improv Shop here in St Louis. I am leaving a link here for your info in case anyone on your team is in the St Louis area or in case you want to pass on the info. It is mostly newbies attending, but I am doing my best to give them useful info and answer questions. I realize it is hard for a new person on steemit to actually make any gains without joining a "guild" or a "buying" votes, so I am not misleading my friends, and just trying to empower them with the reality that steemit requires one to participate in minnowsuport or minnowbooster or steemvoter. I myself am interested in one of these, but i don't know which one yet. Sorry if this message is a balanced response vs blind faith. But please don't think I am doubting your service, on the contrary, I see it benefitting others. I am just trying to do my due dilligence to empower others who i see weekly on a regular basis. I will hope to learn more about your service. In the meantime: here is my post on the St Louis Steemit Bitcoin Meetup. https://steemit.com/life/@jacobts/st-louis-steemit-bitcoin-happy-hour-meetup-2 Feel free to leave any feedback for me and my fellow improv newbies here or on my post. This is not a request for upvotes, this is simply an overly thorough greeting and hope to continue a productive conversation. Cheers.

Having delegated a nice share of my steem power, I haven't received my SBD payment for 2 days, is there something wrong?

How long does it take for you to make your ROI?

I didn't get my Market Delegation payout yesterday. Was MinnowBooster down? Just wondering what is going on.

Why should I wait 3 days to be Lease SP !!!
Is this a condition or what !!!!

This is great. This is really helpful for all new comers.
How much steem power I can get for 1 week in 20 steem? 3000 Steem power?

@minnowbooster @reggaemuffin
I hope you do cancel my Order of Lease
I want to change to the new offer.

this all what you guys are doing is amazing , big respect to your team @minnowbooster , god bless u all and merry xmas:)

@reggaemuffin can u do calculation to increase nett apr to 30%?

There are 2 pages