Movies & TV Shows Community Contest #2: What are your favourite comedies?

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Hello! Starting from the moment this post goes live, the Movies & TV Shows Community will be hosting its second contest. With the world in a fragile spot, it's important we all remember to laugh, so this particular contest is focused on the genre of comedy! We want to hear about your favourite comedy movies and/or television shows and what makes them so great to you.

Ideally, your submission will go into detail about the movies and/or television shows, telling us of why they make you laugh and what they're about. Connect with each other and share the laughter.


Interested? Great! Here are the details:

  • A requirement of at least five (5) movies and/or television shows in your post.
  • Movie and/or television show genre MUST be comedy.
  • Submission can also be posted to 3speak in video from providing the above requirement is met.
  • Your post is at least 500 words (not including translations).
  • Your submission MUST be posted within the contest period; submissions after April 25 will not be considered.
  • Bilingual posts are accepted.
  • Good grammar and spelling will be considered.
  • No plagiarised content whatsover; will be disqualified if found.
  • Your engagement with others will also be judged (comments & curation).
  • Your submission must use the tag #comedyweek
  • Your submission should preferrably also be posted in the comment section of this post.
  • Your submission MUST be posted in the Movies & TV Shows Community.


After 25 April, as mentioned before, we will stop accepting submissions and begin the process of choosing our winners. The three (3) chosen winners will receive:

  • 1st place: 35 Hive.
  • 2nd place: 20 Hive.
  • 3rd place: 15 Hive.

We hope you'll join us in this contest! We look forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

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Though not up to 5 but this ones i find more interesting to me.

My entry

Yeii will surely have me around!!!!

Jajajajaja. Está bien, haré lo posible por no participar. Jajajaja. Pero estoy picada, no gané el primer lugar la vez pasada.

Participa. Pero dejame jajajaja. Este es mi género favorito. Se valdrá mencionar las que ya nombré y otras?

Justo el genero que me encanta... ¡Go!

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Oohh so cool! I'm in 📣

Excellent initiative, @moviesonhive.

I'm totally IN!

Excelente una tarea antiestrés.

Thank you for creating a cinetv that allows us to communicate across the ages and races.

Just for future reference: the Movies & TV Shows Community has nothing to do with CineTV.

Here is my 100% original contest entry. A story about why I love to laugh.


Very good evening, here is my entry to the contest. Good luck to all participants, I loved making this post I laughed a lot. Greetings to all.

Fue super genial realizar este post, fue un verdadero honor concursar, aquí abajo les dejo mi participación!

Greetings to all, here I leave my participation. I hope more than one identifies.

I have been waiting for this , Hoping to some wonderful entries 🎉

here my post for this contest I would like to participate but I FORGOT to put my post on the Movies & TV Shows comunity. I Really apreciate your support!

Wonderful contest and so far the entries have been great. Many laughs at the movies been raised. Well don't everyone. Can't wait to see who the winners are

Aquí mi participación, me gusto mucho

Here is my participation, I liked it very much

Hola, dejo mi participación. Estaré atenta para pasar por las publicaciones de los usuarios y seguir disfrutando de estas iniciativas tan relajantes en estos momentos.

Hey.. This is my entry to the contest..
If you love movies, language is never a barrier for you.