My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band - Pt.3 Vocals

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Of course, Vocals. No Band is complete without Vocals :)

On the Image below you basically see my live and Studio Setup.
(1) AKG C414 and (2) T-Bone Retro Tube II are for recording.
(3) is an AudioTechnica AT 2010 (small Membrane Condenser), my Live Workhorse.

When playing Live i use a BOSS VE-500 as Preamp and for Effects. It gives basic treatments like EQ, and dynamics, but also can harmonize vocals in a 'quite' intelligent way.
Until now i haven't used it on recordings, but that may come.

When recording i always use two microphones, and mostly blend the Tracks. The Trick when aligning the Microphones to prevent phase cancellations, is to align the Membranes, not the Casings.

Live the Boss FX doubles or harmonizes parts of my vocals, but when recording i do it 'by hand' ;)
Each two Tracks are one take (One Track per Microphone)
One of the upsides of this double tracking is, that one track can be treated with rough effects while the other track delivers clearness.

Hope you enjoyed this insight.
If you haven't, read the first two parts, too. To get a better overview.
Part 1 The Drums
Part 2 Guitars

Next time i gonna dig into how i mix it all together.

Stay safe and well, my lovely Ones!


That's a lot of gear you use, but if it works for you then great. I've not got too adventurous with my recording yet. I need to try other options.

Have fun.


Hi @steevc, I guess it's a bit when thinking of some dude with acoustic guitar.
i am not even close to the bench mark :D

Cheers, and thanks for the BEER!

I've seen some stuff about people building massive pedal boards, but I would thing the sound would be drowned in noise.


It might turn out like noise, but for sure it makes no difference what guitar is at the beginning of the signal flow when you use vast amounts of effect. I remember looking for a delay pedal, and found none that did not alter the guitars sound, even when turned off (i usually played electric guitar direct in the amp, for a maximum of dynamics ). Have a great weekend @steevc, and thanks again, Cheers!

You can get loop switchers that take pedals out of the circuit when not used. I've not had a need for those. I know pedals can be a form of addiction for some. I try to concentrate on the playing.

Enjoy your weekend too.

Thanks! indeed, that's where it starts from.

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Hey @acguitar1, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.