Disco Tuesday with Steem Bounty (10 SBD) - Week #3 to get rewarded for Music

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Next Music Community Engagement Post

Hiya Steemians - we are entering week number three in our little (Dance) Music Community approach to reward people for engaging and showing their music - again this week we use the option of steem-bounty to reward interaction about the music tags below. We had Techno Friday and Dance Weekend as topics in the last two weeks - this week it will be all about DISCO honouring today's Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek. In the last two weeks we rewarded around 100 Steemians for their engagement. Get ready and interact around Disco Music - no major rules but we insist on original text at least. Show us in the comments what Disco Songs You Love - minimum requirement 3 sentences to be qualified for a Bounty Reward! The more engagement, the more contests or higher bounties to come soon! As a reminder we handle weekly contests around the tags below for now until Hivemind rolls out:

Readers and creator of the post will decide via their votes how the Bounty amount will be spread among the people adding their comments. Be creative and do not spam.

Important: You have over SIX days to get engaged so take your time - I will not vote all comments immediately :-)

My Choice of Disco this week!

Disco is a wide area that included a lot of different genres - all Techno / Trance / House sounds usually can be considered Disco as well as Hip Hop / Rap and even German Schlager or Heavy Metal or Country Music - as long as people dance to it in a disco club, right!?

So - my Disco Music for this weeks Engagement Reward Music Community Post is an epic drum disco track from a duo out of Denmark - dance to Safri Duo and their Played-A-Live - a good start to the upcoming football world cup as well! More to come on football tunes I assume in your comments.

Steem Bounty explained

Steem-Bounty is an initiative by the fab Steemian called @knircky - the bounty is a tool to reward readers based on their engagement In a nutshell get engaged with useful comments and you might get rewarded by the Steem Bounty amount someone pays for the posts, most of the time this is he creator of the post. Check the announcement post for all the rules:


But do not abuse bounty posts it with shitty / spammy / stolen comments as you could land on a black list if the creator down votes your comment, so make sure you actually engage and do not spam.

Feel free to post using #DiscoTuesday about your favourite Disco Music or Happenings - just keep it original!

Please also check the following awesome music addicts on Steemit

Awesome folks like me (lol) that offer also their own music project initiatives on our platform. These music experts always provide quality content - just comment if I forgot someone - am compiling a list on all music community guys moving forward (the most recent ones I found are added on top)

@edje aka @qsounds

Music tags, initiatives, projects and contests

Thanks to @edje please find below also several music tags you might consider to visit ( check his profile - he is an awesome music curator).

30 Days Music Challenge by @verhp11 (more info)
Album Cover Contest by @calisay (more info)
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DSounds Weekly Contest by @thexreposts (more info)
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Special Music Tags To Visit

#classical-music by @remlaps
#danceweekend by @uwelang
#discotuesday by @musicgeek
#metalweekend by @detlev (see also "Play It Loud" above)
#mondaymixtape by @hardikv (see also "Monday Mixtape" above)
#mondaytrance by @andyjaypowell
#rapthursday by @flipstar
#rockclassics by @uwelang
#wednesdayhouse by @andyjaypowell

Sources: Wikipedia and YT


Given the football cup comes up - some disco football dance songs

Here is my entry! Womack & Womack are Linda Womack and her husband, Cecil Womack. The band produced mostly r&b songs. Teardrops is probably their big international success from 1988 and for me is the Disco sound I dig! Enjoy!

Heck yes @bitson, I loove this song <3

Happy to hear that! Good music indeed!

#Denmark and Disco Music - anything better as this one here #Barbie dance with us.

The hottest girl of the disco world for the soccer comunity

Another one that is related to my previous one - the grand dame of Motown with Upside Down - lovely gorgeous DAME Diana Ross - she ruled the Dance / Soul world with the Supremes before her solo career

I am from India. I have grown up hearing Hindi songs as well as English. My brothers and I used to love hearing songs by ABBA, BoneyM, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Carpenters and the list goes on. I wondered if there was a dance and music community on steemit and looks like I came to the right place. Thanks to @codingdefined I came upon @steem-bounty.

The one I love is

Radio Ga Ga by Queen
I dedicate it to my late brother who liked it very much

This is something we managed to lock down for a premiere. I only heard it when it was published to the channel and had a quick catch up listen. Within a short while I had not only bought it on 12", but another 2 tracks from the label. It is the ever esoteric Berceuse Heroique.

I:Cube I will always remember as the person who Daft Punk remixed in storming form on Disco Cubism way back in the 90s.

This remix popped up, tackling the freeform ambient synth noodlings of Ilya Ziblat Shay and Jordan Czamanski. I hadn't checked in with I:Cube for some time and this was quite the release to catch up on him with. It is a frankly stonking cosmic disco workout, shapeshifting through moods before finishing off with the soaring synth work of the original in the outro. Absolutely amazing.

awesome one - thanks @fourfourfun

Noooo problem! I need to turn up for my forte of house and techno next time!

Fun update, I’ve kicked off #ambientsunday and I’m toying with acid house and electro for Saturday! #303808saturday or something!

added both to my list of tags we might use for a bounty moving forward. Post out now.

nice buddy - when I have time I will add them to my next music post for sure :-)

I need to catch up and do a general state of electronic music post on steemit too. It's just finding the time to do it justice right now!

yeah I can hear you - finding the time is an issue all the time.

Here is another football related song from New Order, which fits perfectly to #discotueday.
Today I have "New Order" - day! ;-)

Du wirst lachen - aber den Song hatte ich ursprünglich drin für den Post, aber war mir zu disco unlustig :-) - aber geiles Teil Musik!

Ich dachte, du hättest die auf dem Schirm gehabt: ;-) ;-) ;-)

Jetzt bin ich fast böse - nimmst mir die ganzen Fußball Musik Sünden zur Fußball WM vorweg :-)

Es gibt ja noch so viele mehr... ;-)
Und in den Kommentaren kommen die ja auch nicht annähernd so gut zur Geltung, als wenn Du sie mit einem eigenen Post auf ein Podest hebst! ;-)

Hi Uwe,

habe passend dazu gerade etwas neues kreiert:



Thanks for the #DiscoTuesday bounty - i love all contributions so far - my original one was from chaka Khan but there is so much more!


I have to put in another vote for Funkytown!
I was a brand-new 18-year-old Navy Sailor stationed in Orlando, Florida and we wanted to go party and found all the rock-n-roll venues to be pretty dead with a 20:1 guy/girl ratio.

It took some convincing, but a friend convinced us that to check out Nichol's Alley in downtown Orlando. We went and we were glad we did! It was a huge place with a giant dance floor that was lit from below with many colors.

We found the girls out numbered the boys, cheap drinks, and a great place to party seven night a week. I bought the clothes, the platform shoes, learned to do the Hustle and several of the other dances.

Lipps Inc. came out with Funkytown and I was in love. I ran out and bout the tape so I could practice dancing to it. So another reply for the video!

About the same time people started doing the whistles and the chants and we were all in love with Donna Summer.

Here are the oowit ooowit chants that were so popular. The Michael Zage Band singing "Let's All Chant!"

The classes I was at Orlando Navy Base for did not start until noon, so we worked our lives around the Disco. Class from 12 - 6 pm, dinner, go for a run, shower, get some greasy burgers, then hit the club. Sleep until 10 am or so and start over.

Nice memories.

coole Idee, werd mir da für heute Mittwoch was raus suchen :)
der hashtag steem-bounty ist falsch geschrieben ;)

Sehr gut - ja danke! Autokorrektur macht da oft ein "a" rein - habs korrigiert.

disco forever...

I respect the disco👍 But not my scene. Though I don’t know much disco here’s two of my Favorite songs👍 The first is a band with disco in the name
The second in the song title. Enjoy!

Dead Disco - METRIC


Panic! At The Disco: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa


Can't argue that it's not disco lol

Shoot! I should of done the Disco Biscuits! Check them out👍

If it comes to Disco there is one song my #MetalWeekend brain always shows me.

Maybe because the 3 most nice girls from my class in 1982 presented this on stage and you may guess who was the boy who partied with them.....

And than we did this as well.....


Boney M rocks! very memorable songs!

The first video reminds me of these haha

Disco is a tough one for me as it's not my usual go-to. But there are some groovy older and new tunes to share. :)

An oldie but a goody:

This "newer" tune always makes me want to dance:

if Uwe says
Detlev answer
move your ass
and dance!

best comment on YT

Had this song playing in my head since age 10. Continuous loop. Still waiting to get to funky town.

Das Schlimme ist - ich kenn das sehr gut noch, ich bin so alt :-)

LOL - mein Beileid sei Dir gewiss. Wäre mal wieder Zeit für ein Motto-Party im Disco Look.

Verkleide mich grundsätzlich nicht lol

Is this one disco?

My dad would listen to it all the time lol

@uwelang Simply my choice for #discotuesday is the song of - Avicii feat. Sandro Cavazza - Without You (Merk & Kremont Remix)

Resteemed :-)

Danke mein Freund!

My choice for Disco Tuesday is concidered one of if not The Queen of disco (In my opinion she also transends the genre); Donna Summer. Though she started her career as a gospel singer, she found fame in disco and dance music. As a singer myself, I concider her one of my idols. I have loved her voice and music since my father played her records for me (And yes I do mean actual vinyl records!) when I was a little kid. :) I hope you enjoy this live version of one of my favorite songs of hers!

Good choice!

The Perry Twins feat. Harper Starling - Euphoria

Such a great overview of music tags and accounts. In appreciation I'm sharing this dance song for you to make some dance moves. Thanks, @uwelang

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Hello Hello! you know that casually that song that you left of example I love! and it is certainly one of those that paralyzes the disc on these sides, I'll leave you another that although it is a little older also makes the same effect on the disc! regards!

I realize this has almost come to its end @uwelang, but couldn't let this challenge go by without one of the all-time classic disco tunes of the late 70's:

I think this is a masterpiece of an disco song

I am an explorer of music and like to do the freestyle dancing, i do singing but in Hindi Language. But i want to say that this musical initiative is really appreciable because this way Steemians who are creating amazing musical stuff they will get support and by bringing up this initiative you have done really graceful thing. And specially i want to explore this section because this way we can see some exceptional talents who hold great stuff but they lack platforms to participate and who knows this competition can find some future gems because nothing is impossible and everything is Im-possible.

But my intuition is telling me to participate, so not sure i can do that or not but i will try to create some stuff if it's sounds good for me then for sure i will share, but this initiative is really appreciable.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Etwas Newschool!

Lets boogie ...



Really cool thing you guys are doing here!

I for myself love disco music especially when I'm out drunk ;) Usually I only listen to Hip Hop but I love in on an night out when everybody knows the text of an song and all are singing along and having a good time. To be honest since I never really listen to disco "on my own" I can't remember any specific songs at the moment.

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How can I earn a bounty Users are then competing for the bounty by writing their answers to the post in comments that will achieve upvotes from the community and especially the bounty creator. The money of the bounty gets distributed to all top level comments of the post at the same time when the post is paid out (7 Days after it was written). How much everyone gets depends on the votes the comments received. The sender of the bounties votes are weighted higher so that she decideds where 80% of the bounty money goes and all other votes determine the rest.

@steem-bounty does all of this for you automatically. You can use this service to automatically pay out a challenge, ask a hard question or simply to reward the people that interact with you.

Read more about how it works, even in different languages here.


I always respect your ideas....

i will always support you man!!!

upvoting your post.

Awesome! Gonna pull up some nice disco cuts to share with all :D

This is really cool and amazing contest, I believe it will surely give room for original work and at the same time give people opportunity to earn some sbd with just showcasing there dance stepping, I really appreciate person that desire to help people in the community. I will forward my stepping soon, keep the good work flowing man.

Really amazing....always support you...best of luck

ma tavaliselt ikka reedel JAM´in 5miinust

thanks for the information @uwelang
it's weekend, time to Dance music :)

Download songs by bee gees,they have very lovely disco songs

@uwelang this account is a known spammer with at least 25 accounts under their control. @yourinfo is the main owner of the account from what I can tell. Will let you decide how to deal with it, I flag him on my bounty posts.

I had the same impression - thanks for raising

Would love to download