Winter night.

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The Northern ligt.

Yesterday night in my yard. Clear sky and a bit Norther light.

For a short while there was pretty much Northern Lights.



The KP - index.

On my phone I have an app that alerts when there is a lot of Northern Lights activity The KP-index tells something about how much Northern light there will be. So far this year the alarm has only gone twice with an index 5, who gives a wonderfully and vibrant Northern light. Yesterday night the index was at KP-2, That means low activity, the light appears randomly. During the half an hour appearance I managed to take some pictures from my yard.


A winter night in the north.



Oh my!!! Breathtaking!!!

Thanks @liltammy fir nice comment.

It is really a breath-staking sight @karja and you are fortunate to live in such a place if not for the cold. :D

Thanks @cryptopie for for commenting. You are right the winter is to long and cold.

Northern light in the backyard - how cool is that? Great photos - for you it's a bit light, for me it's something amazing I have never seen in reality before 😊

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Thanks @johannpiber for pleasant comment. I waiting for the big one KP 4-5.

You're much welcome, @karja 🙂
Wow these lights will be huge then - I hope you will be able to post some photos for us 👍


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Those views are really mesmerizing !!
Loved them !!

Thanks @rehan for pleasant comment.

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Thank you sire.

We have had constant rain and over cast conditions its seems for the last week and a half. Summer is to light for night photography, and winter is to cold, so now is the time, (Fall), for it, but so far a big fat zero for where I live in Alaska.

May I ask what kind of camera device and settings did you use? They look great. I like the red barn one, the green glow looks real good.

Thanks @bashadow for pleasant comment. Same problem over here the most days are cloudy. Pure luck with clear sky and high solar activity at the same time. How many degree north you live? Alaska should give opportunities for picturing the Northern light.
I use a a Sony alpa 5100 a pretty simple camera. The camera must have manual setting and focus. Settings for these pictures (iso 2000 f/3.5 6s)Tree-pod is also necessary.

Kenai, Alaska area, about 60N, I think. We do get the northern lights, but now is the best time because it is not super super cold yet, we are still above freezing and no snow yet. thanks for the camera settings, I have the Nikon 7500, so those setting s should work for me also, at least it gives a starting point for me. And the tripod yep, got that too, now just need the clear skies, and the lights.

Here's hoping for a few lucky days, before it is to cold to stand for long outside.

Good luck with the Aurora hunt.

Hey @karja, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks for the beer and comment.

Wow, that look so amazing!

Thanks @ewkaw for comment.

I really like the pictures with the buildings, it give is some perspective.

Hello @sjarvie5, thanks for pleasant comment.

Great pictures ... what an enchanted atmosphere ... I didn't notice the post in time and so now I'm a bit late for a meaningful upvote ... but for comment is never too old ...

Thanks @borjan for pleasant comment. A nice comment are more important .

Is the green the actual color you see? It's outstanding looking...

Thanks very much @manorvillermike for pleasant comment.

Thanks for the pictures. It was very beautiful.

Thanks @singa for nice comment.

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A dream coming true :))

Thanks @tobetada for commenting. Sorry for late reply.

I can recognize that house, you have really cozy place to leave I hope you have a nice big open fire place :)

Thanks @stef1 for pleasant comment. great you know my house, yes I carry firewood every day.

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