Some Of My Favorite Ned Memes To Celebrate 4 Beautiful Years!

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Hey Fellow Steemitans,

I thought we should celebrate our time with Ned, and his hair by pulling out old Ned Memes. Many of these are mine, some are not... In some cases I can't even remember.

Anyway, no matter whether you loved or hated him, or if you are happy or sad about the recent changes.. There is no harm in Memes. Most of them speak for themselves.


Let's talk about Nexit!

Please drop your own favorites in the comment sections

Link to Ned's Hair Contest! That was fun and maybe my proudest moment on SteemIt.

Ned Memes:


dan and nedCja.png
this one I remember @elgeko created


This is my all time favorite showing off my skills.




Well @ned, you are right the last for years have been beautiful. I wish you well! (and also am pissed at you at the same time)

Thank you!

Everyone ready for Justin Sun Memes?

I'm sharing rewards with Elgeko today for creating the Ned's hair template I used and so many other amazing graphics!



I thought I did a pretty good job on this one, particularly with Dan as Tiny Tim although Ned as the guitar gimp from mad max is pretty spot on as well.

Romeo, Romeo! En donde estás que no te veo?

Self Love

MeMe Artwork courtesy of my countrywoman @jenina619.

This was hilarious! OMG, well done! I hope no one minds, but I added the dickbutt meme into my video.......of justin picking his nose...

Wahahaha, memes rock!!

That first one, what was the name of that beast, was it Dickbutt? Lol!!

Yes, and the tee-shirt picture was from the new SteemIt logo hype! :) Good times.

Haha, ah yes.. Hilarious times!!!

Like the old man and SMTs. Good ones @whatsup

These are amazing 🤣😂

Weirdly @ned is much more active about steem at twitter nowadays than usual

I guess maybe he feels free of a burden.

But, but, but... SMTs

SMTs2B copy.jpg

Loved the old Ned meme.

home erectus.jpg
The missing link was finally found but sold out and has moved on.
Ned's hair was fun.

i seen this few times on the chain and on discord, so i think this is the best thing i created in my time on steem :D. i am sure at least 10 people shared it :D

New era but don't forget that hair :)
ned son1.jpg

someone wrote today, imagine having 70mil steem at 5$ and in few months you have 70mil of steem at 0.12$. Maybe we were to harsh on him.

Can we do a Justin Sun meme using images from Justin Bieber’s god awful new song (I think it’s called Yummy?)?

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LOL , all those meme's , .... protest and dislike , ... why did he leave again ?
Never made a meme on Ned , Did a drawing where i put in some clues about back then ongoing story's , the work is called " Down the alley " ...... a imaginary view on Ned's apartment .


And yes that fire escape runs down in to the trash , It's one of the clues ;-)

i know i am really late on this one, but i made a video....

Those are all classic! Everyone loves a good Ned meme, I mean c'mon!

Those are all classic!
Everyone loves a good Ned
Meme, I mean c'mon!

                 - d-pend

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Alright, looking forward to Justin memes. Seems all the action is driving some attention back to Steem. Even I'm here :)

I'm pretty happy Ned is no longer a part of this... he hasn't brought ANYTHING to the table under his leadership. The community outgrew his expectations and it showed a bit how somewhat incompetent Ned was with this project.

I'm not too happy that Sun has bought it, but at least we know there will be more development of the main site. I still have mixed feelings with everything transpiring as of late.

Mixed feels and uncertainty for me as well.

I decided to make a choice to be optimistic though.

yeah right Justin broke the rules to vote his super delegates in, next in line is the witnesses here! It’s a very high probability! IDK hope u all stay so i can come back and flag u all with a million TRON-STEEM that i will pick up with half pennies next time around in 3 years! CYA then!

See you tomorrow.