6 new Battleships

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The past seven months have been exhausting for the team. Despite coffee and donuts. We took a small break to recharge our batteries. We'd like to emphasize again, that we are working on NextColony alongside our jobs. Therefore, we ask for a little indulgence. We don't go away. No chance. We stick to Steem like glue and we'll expand NextColony step by step.

Today a further step is being taken. That's why you get a nice and smooth update today. Okay, let's go...

6 new battleships

The update includes 6 new battleships. These are smaller battleships than the Corvette. These ships are slow ships with low capacity, low defense and bullet or rocket armed. In huge swarms these ships can be a real danger.

  • Scout Sentry (bullet)
  • Scout Athene (rocket)
  • Patrol Amaterasu (bullet)
  • Patrol Hermes (rocket)
  • Cutter Arrow (bullet)
  • Cutter Cancard (rocket)

These battleships can be built very quickly and the construction costs are extremely low. Therefore these ships are especially suitable for the first weeks and new players. They are also a further support for the defensive, as you can get to these ships relatively quickly and easily.

This update also contains several bug fixes and small optimizations such as exploration directly in the galaxy. Also the limitation of 100 planets per user has been canceled in the frontend, and the list of attack targets (mission attack) has been extended and is now also on account level.

The final name of wonder/rewards is Yamato and there is our focus. We've changed the concept several times now, because we weren't satisfied with it yet. It's quite an extensive update. Maybe the biggest update so far.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.


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Thanks for your continued support since day 1. (:

I've abandoned the game forna long time, still think its too much of a grind, but recently picked it up again. Its good to see improvements coming!

Ahaha I think I will!

This is one of the best things we've read in a long time. Thanks!

My pleasure! Apart from the very long time needed to do anything, the game has potential; keep up the good work!

Thanks guys! I will study this new info about
exploring. update : It works better !

Nice to read. (:

Yeahhh, new Hamsterships. Nice One. THX

Hamsterships will assume the universe.

I have some ideas about the game.

  1. It would be a good idea to make the old planets a little more rare. So that old players have advantages over new ones. You can simply learn the experience of splinterland.
  2. The game lacks notifications. Sometimes it’s very easy to miss an enemy attack. I can’t keep track of all the planets at once.
  3. Removing the JSON? Why not? This would speed up the game. I don’t think it’s so necessary to record every action on the blockchain. See how fast DrugWars works after deleting JSON-transactions.

Interesting ideas. Thanks for that!

However, we don't like to remove JSON transactions.

That is quite some heartbeat we've all been waiting for. Hopefully the team will build momentum and more good things will come all our way as the community around the game is fantastic. Let's explore the new ships and conquer the universe!

Hi5 ✋😎

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"Let's explore the new ships and conquer the universe!"

Yes! (:

Nettes update, auch der ingalaxy-explore-mode gefällt mir sehr.

Danke, @sco! Das wissen wir sehr zu schätzen. (:

It is a nice development. Can we do same for some "Explorers" too?

What exactly do you mean?

I think he wants a lower budget explorer that maybe can only be used one time and does not return to base. Lower skill/build and resources.

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Okay, I get it.
That's more likely to happen the other way around.

Think of an Explorer III to make explored territories sexy again (kind of second layer). Currently it is too early for Explorer III. But this option is ready.


Me likes that idea, kinda of like after a year or so goes by a newer planet is born just after being explored by an older type of EXPLORER.

Thanks for the heads up @nextcolony

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Nice to see some news. I am personally waiting for free market and reward system.

Me TOO2!!

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For the market we still need a huge amount of coffee and donuts, but the Yamato (reward) module will be coming next/soon.

Market fees = much cups of coffee.


The Yamato module now has top priority. Once we've done that, we'll see.
We love market as much as you do.

Good to see all the new developments. I never stopped playing and I trust you to keep adding new features. One feature I really want to see is the ability to navigate the galaxy much easily to find places to explore. Maybe you will have to make an app to keep things running very smooth. Maybe I'm just in an unlucky spot where everything around me has already been explored.

Do you know you can get @nextcolony planets from different parts of the @nextcolony galaxy?

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Thanks for your loyalty and patience. (:

"One feature I really want to see is the ability to navigate the galaxy much easily to find places to explore."

The map is still version 1.0 and needs a makeover urgently.

Until then the map from @rafalski is an adequate option.
He's doing a great job.

Coole Sache, auch wenn ich nicht den Eindruck habe, daß zuwenig gekämpft wird.

500 attacks every day is okay, yeah. But that will definitely rise with the Yamato module.

This update is interesting for new users. Not bad! Hope better NC.

awesome upgrade!

LOL. Was minding my own business building ships and stumbled across new stuff in the shipyard.

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New stuff is good stuff.

Amazing Update :) thank you for sharing :)

Thanks! (:

I barely started exploring few weeks ago. There is still a lot left for me to do. If all things go well you guys can become the EVE Online for blockchain (but with a much nicer learning curve)

Give @nextcolony more time!


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I'm mostly focusing on exploring atm.

Exploring sounds good!

I am finding MULTIPLE @nextcolony Planets everyday since I have spreaded my reach to other parts of the @nextcolony GALAXY.

If you are interested in doing the same feel free to see what I have #for-sale

I can provide ADDITIONAL @nextcolony EXPLORERS if needed!

Yay ☕️

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Welcome back. All I have to say is... capture-2.png

Just kidding.

Thanks for all what you do!

Thanks! (:

Exploration is much easier and faster to use (on mobile) now, nice! Please consider to preselect a Explorer type in the following order 1. Explorer II -> 2.Explorer I (if available) like in nc-client.

Definitely. The credits goes to you, that was your suggestion.

Jetzt müßte nur noch der Browser bei der Galaxie stehenbleiben, damit man nicht nochmal 2-5x herumklicken muß, bis die richtige Stelle gefunden ist. Das wäre eine Zeitersparnis.

When the exploration has started and you jump to the mission overview, you can reach the start- and/or destination-coordinate with just one click (click on the coordinates to jump back).

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-23 um 11.14.01.png

Can I delete my account?

I keep getting farmed and cannot do anything.

Having another @nextcolony planet in a different part of the GALAXY might detour them from farming you since you would be using up your resources on your other PLANET before anyone can attack you from your STARTER PLANET.

Not trying to sell you my friend, just offering a peaceful alternative.

Maybe talk to the guy?
How many planets do you have?
I think you are on my list, but if it is you it is because you stopped playing for more than 7 days.
Give me the coordinates in case I have to ask around.

All data is and remains permanently stored on the blockchain anyway. But we have "destroy planet" on the list.

Fantastic update @nextcolony. Well-done guys ✌😍

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Thanks! (:

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Thanks for your passion, loyalty and patience.