My NFT collection, the IRON ARMY!!!

in #nft2 years ago

hi guys, I have a very good news, from almost a year ago I start making the first design for a NFT collection, months of research, drawings, illustrations, video editing adn the help of great people, now I can tell you about it.

here the video promo:

the collection it's called ''Iron Army'' is about an army of dwarfs,will be 10.000 Nfts but for now we are offering the first 1000 nfts for FREE MINT.

I will love if you guys want to be part of this army, you can enter our oficial web site for making the mint:

free mint2.jpg

we have so many benefits for the holders in the future, statues, mini figures, board game and more. the full collection will be available on opensea on polygon network.


if you reblogg this post you will help me very much to reach the success of this, thank you.



What a lovely project and incredible drawings. This is really your most amazing project yet. Well done! I can't wait to see the entire collection in all its beauty.

I have already claimed a free mint for the Cartel. I tried to do the same for my own account but it always crashes my MetaMask wallet. I assume this is a safety function, so people don't create an unlimited amount of wallets to farm all free mints themselves!?!

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺And expect the @curation-cartel soontm


As a sidenote: It is a bit sad to see that such an experienced HIVE user like yourself is not using proper tribe tags for such an important post like this. You have basically made it nearly invisible to the HIVE community. The only helpful tag here is #nft and that is only because ONEUP listens to that tag. You are not using a single general tribe tag like #pob, #vyb, #palnet, #cent, #pimp, #neoxag, no finance tag like #leofinance (and #ctp would probably apply as well) and no art tag like #creativecoin. There might be more. Since I have told you about most of them in the past, this shouldn't be news to you. Even if you are not interested in earning all those extra tokens, it would still give you a much greater visibility. Maybe something to consider for your next post.

thank you very much for your support @flauwy, you always help me, and you have right, I forgot about the tags man, next time I will use it.

All the love to your new project. I will root for you!

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Just minted one (number 23)! It's my first NFT on OpenSea/Polygon and the art looks cool (even if right now I couldn't find a way to see how the dwarf I minted looks like 😅)... btw thank you!
Here a !LOLZ :)

hi,thanks for be part of the Iron Army, when the first 1000 nfts be minted will be revealed!!

Awesome! I just minted one.. curious to know which dwarf I have now

I have tried multiple times to mint my Dwarf, but it did not work who can I ask for support?

remeber select the gas free as ''agresive'', and have matic on you metamask wallet on polygon network

Worked, thank you! Mint 41, waiting for the reveal!

It looks awesome! Tried to mint but it shows an error!

remeber select the gas free as ''agresive'', and have matic on you metamask wallet on polygon network, only one NFT you can mint

Thanks mate done allready!

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Just minted one 😊. It says to view on Opensea, but I can't seem to see what I minted anywhere. Am I doing anything wrong?


you must wait intil we reveal the nfts

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