🎵 Hive Open Mic Week 2 - "Heavily" (Original Song)

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a virtual music stage, giving musicians a chance to freely share their music with an organized audience.


A Song to Lift Up and Let Go of Heavy Energy

Today, I offer a song that connects me to energies I find heavenly, as a remedy for the times when life feels heavy. Today is one of those days for me, feeling heaviness in my heart. In fact, I had an entirely different song in mind for the #openmic "Golden Sun" theme, but this one felt more authentic in this moment.

It's a cloudy, dreary morning here in Austin, Texas. I started my day in a foul way, making a complaint about something that could've easily been forgiven and forgotten. Now that I'm speaking candidly and honestly, I hear the rain falling outside, and I feel like crying.

Anyhow, I managed to record this song called "Heavily," which suits the mood. To me, it's a medicine song, helping me to heal. I feel healing happening when I sing it, including just now. It is influenced by Pachelbel's Canon in D, which my mom used to play ultra-slowly on piano. I miss my mom.

"Heavily" is my submission for Hive Open Mic - Week 2. This song fits the theme, "Golden Sun," with a stanza written in respect to the fire energy. Here, I'm speaking of the emotional relief that comes to me through the fire in the form of the Sun's glorious golden rays and the cleansing smoky sage.



These words were inspired after a bachelor party of sorts. It was a ceremonial event that included a tipi and inipi (sweat lodge), celebrating my friend and brother, Matthew Duplichan. Someday I'll tell the story, but for now I'll simplify it by saying it was a near-death experience for me. Anyhow, I understand Matthew's dad is making a life passage soon, and so it feels right to connect with him today through this song.

When the wind blows heavily
I lift my voice to the heavenly
Those angels those eagles
Those spirits with us soaring

When the waves crash heavily
I lay my heart on the heavenly
Those waterlilies those mermaids
Those great blue whales there swimming

When the fire burns heavily
I lift my hands to the heavenly
Those golden glowing rays of sunshine
Those smoky smudges satisfying

When the earth shakes heavily
I lay my head on the heavenly
Those intraterrestrial beings
Those woodland gnomes and fairies

Hive Open Mic

Week 2 - Golden Sun


Hive Open Mic Week 2 is happening now, and we're seeing some incredible entries. Feels like a good way to honor Earth Day, celebrating our natural surroundings through musical expression and connection.

I highly encourage anyone interested to step up to the virtual stage and share a song. For me, the #openmic has been the single most rewarding experience in all my time on Steemit, and I am honored to carry the torch forward here on Hive. We all appreciate good listeners too, so thank you to the music fans who for your attention to this live music celebration.


All words and music are original, composed September 15, 2018 and recorded April 22, 2020. Thanks to the spark of inspiration that led me to this moment, with this song for this occasion. I am honored to speak my truth in this way.

I'm grateful to the @joseacabrerav for sharing the good advice about tuning instruments to the 432 hz frequency, in order to align more closely with the nature vibration. This feels significant today, on Earth Day. Aho.

Thanks once more to the predecessors of the #openmic torch, including the hosts and sponsors of the Steemit Open Mic: @luzcypher, @pfunk, @ausbitbank, @curie, @isaria, @meno, and others, who made this community challenge so reward. Thanks again to @steevc, @montycashmusic, and other members of the Hive community for embracing this new phase.


Enjoy Live Music - Subscribe to Hive Open Mic.

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Cool song and nice playing again.

Thank you, my friend. How're you holding up over there in the UK? Some of our US cities are opening beaches again, and I feel like this is a sign of things shifting toward the direction of normalcy. Here in Austin, though, we're required to stay at home except for essential tasks. :P Fortunately, I'm stuck with some people I love a lot.

Things are okay here. I don't think we will be back to 'normal' for some months. Attitudes may have shifted. It has been nice to see less cars around, but I appreciate it's hard for those who need to get out to earn their way. I am still able to work.


Thanks for your amazing live music performance! Nice to see you breaking your own rules! Interesting choice with that feedback effect. It adds a kind of angelic feel to it.

I'm cross-posting all performance posts of the Hive Open Mic to the HiveStreet Community!


Aw, my pleasure, man. Thanks so much. Yeah, the feedback effect was a bit of an experiment. I think I like it. The songs I'm carrying right now have a certain psychedelic quality to them, so the reverb seems to exaggerate that notion. Cool dude, yeah, cross-pollination sounds like the way of the bee—a natural way to play Hive game. Thanks for doing that. I'll make a note to include your #virtualbusking tag next time.

Great song men, very folk one awesome!!!

Thank you. Happy to hear from you!

you are a great musician! your song is very warm, Both your voice and guitar sounded pleasantly good :)

Thank you. Means a lot to me, coming from someone with such stellar musical talents. I still have a lot of learning to do, and I'm enjoying the learning process.

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