🎵 Hive Open Mic Week 2 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a virtual music stage, giving musicians a chance to freely share their music with an appreciative audience.


Hive Open Mic Week 2: April 19-24, 2020

A community of music lovers for music fans and musicians

Hive Open Mic is a haven for creative expression and community connection. Here, we enjoy the gifts that come through sharing the musical vibration. Being in harmony is our Work, with a capital "W", and this is what Hive is all about.

Beyond the sheer enjoyment of expressing and connecting, there are ample incentives to participate here. Upvotes and replies are given as a "Tip Jar." Standout songs are celebrated. And a selection of these songs are showcased in a curated list, honoring the music magic that happens here.

Looking back on the previous week, Hive Open Mic Week 1, was truly an international event, with musicians from four continents. Our theme was "Sweeter Than Honey," and the first Hive Open Mic was exactly that.


Week 2 Theme: "Golden Sun"

The classic open mic event is a dedicated stage, presenting live music. Our virtual open mic carries a similar energy, as a platform and a spotlight for musicians. Here, we focus our energy and enjoy the harmony as our songs ripple out and resonate. The theme for Hive Open Mic Week 2 is this: "Golden Sun."


Each week is a central theme, designed to unify the community through a singular harmonious flow. To enter this event, you'll express yourself creatively with a song that helps us to explore the current theme. Original songs and cover songs are welcomed equally, as long as the song suits the theme. All musical forms and genres are OK.


  1. Produce - Begin your video with the words: “This is Hive Open Mic Week [1] and I am [@username],” substituting the current week and your own username, and then you'll sing your song.
  2. Present - Post your video on Hive, writing the story of your creative journey with the song, and tagging #openmic as your first tag.
  3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation.
  4. Prosper - Enjoy harmony with the Hive community through engaging with artists as you feel inspired.


You can help support Hive Open Mic by voting two times. First, help this post with an upvote, which will support the host in providing valuable upvotes to the participants. Second, upvote the link of your favorite entry found in the comments below, in order to reward exceptional musicians. Two votes is a win-win for the musicians.

Additionally, please support live music everywhere on Hive, with special attention to live musicians. Let's acknowledge the artistry being given so graciously. Let's vote and comment directly on music posts, showing our applause as if we're listening in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. In fact, Hive is a virtual concert hall, and this is the new norm for live music.

Thank you for supporting, upvoting, reblogging, and entering Hive Open Mic, a community of music lovers for music fans and musicians. Let's keep this Hive humming and buzzing.


Special thanks to @steevc for being the first performer in last week's launch of Hive Open Mic—he is a pioneer in a new frontier. He's been a strong supporter of the #openmic, ever since the Steemit Open Mic glory days, and it's good to see his early embrace of this new phase here on Hive.

And a deep bow to @montycashmusic for leading a thought-provoking conversation about how to host this event fairly and freely. This discussion illuminated some fears in me, and resulted in clarity, helping to shape this event for the future.

Thanks so much to the talented souls bringing their musical gifts to the virtual stage. And thanks to the listeners for bringing the appreciation. For those who missed the first event, songs will be celebrated in a "Highlights" showcase, to be posted this Tuesday.

Enjoy Live Music - Subscribe to Hive Open Mic.

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Thanks for the tag. Wasn't aware this had started!
To be honest I've been a bit too busy developing my new Hive NFT music game Rising Star so I haven't had that much time to do much music recently.

Will try to enter in the near future.


Whoa, this does look like a rocking awesome creation you've made. Yeah, I live in Austin, Texas, the "Live Music Capital of the World," and I know hundreds of musicians out of work right now. This looks like a smart way to give musicians the encouragement they need to start performing again.

What a great idea!
I have big plans to use the game to help musicians promote their music and there is already an in-game radio that independent musicians can submit their music to.

Divine timing. In my neighborhood, I'm hearing people just belting out tunes, so eager to share their songs. Thousands, maybe millions of musicians will benefit from a new stage, and a new game to play. This also makes "playing" more playful, I imagine.

Hey, I reaaaaaly need you show me all that. You rock

English: And wow! The scene there at your building, belting out your heart song and hammering those strings, and the voices singing with you and applauding... That's the medicine! That's the magic!

Right on. Thanks so much for tagging some other musicians. I know, I've been wondering where they're at too. To me, this is our time to shine. Music is the medicine that will harmonize the people, unify us, get us in rhythm, in sync, so we can rebuild the world we wish to live in.

Italiano: E wow! La scena lì nel tuo edificio, cantando il tuo canto del cuore e martellando quelle corde, e le voci che cantano con te e applaudono ... Questa è la medicina! Questa è la magia!

Giusto. Grazie mille per aver taggato altri musicisti. Lo so, mi stavo chiedendo dove siano anche loro. Per me, questo è il nostro momento di brillare. La musica è la medicina che armonizzerà le persone, ci unirà, ci metterà al ritmo, in sincronia, così da poter ricostruire il mondo in cui desideriamo vivere.

Superrrr!!! Go go go !

It's another cover from me this week.

Happy you're here again @steevc. Thank you. I'm listening for the second time now, and appreciating this song more and more. I can't believe I hadn't heard it before. I see on Spotify this studio song has almost 4X as many plays as their next most popular song : "Don't Bring Me Down."

My entry is a song called "Heavily," intending to help release some heavy energy, so we can feel light. https://hive.blog/openmic/@cabelindsay/hive-open-mic-week-2-heavily-original-song

Well, here it is!
A new original song of mine.
As you'll probably guess or even know, I'm a Singer-songwriter and Musician and have a few EP releases on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music as well as many other digital download sites.
I hope you enjoy this new sunny song!
Stay safe 🙏
DC 🎼

Yay, you're the first participant this week. Thank you. This is a beauty. Totally relate with the feeling, and thankful to be feeling a little sunnier today, after a bit of a wobbly spell the past few days. Your words nail it. And your sound is a treat to my ears, I appreciate it.

Wooooowwww...words failed to describe how I love your performance, mate. Sound really awsome..

Here my first video as the entry one. I'm so sorry if my first tag is not #openmic. I bloody missed it

Just delighted hearing this song. Thank you for sharing it. I honor you, brother, for jumping into the open mic with a song about hope. I believe it is vital we keep hope alive today, and maybe music is just the medicine this world needs in order to stay hopeful.

Bloody awsome to join you all here. I do believe music is one of best way to spread peace, love, unity, and love. Espcially in the of this madnessy..

I hope to see this grow. Of course not everyone has the same taste in themes as you. I am refining my recording set-up to try to improve my videos.

Thank you. Yes, I hope so too! Let's give it four weeks and see what happens. I look forward to seeing and hearing your improved recording setup.

Your point about the weekly themes is one to consider, yeah. This is definitely different from other open mic events. The way I see it, the themes will keep the players present to the moment, sharing the same time and space, as opposed to sheer randomness.

Another point regarding the themes is that the Steemit Open Mic was littered with people trying to cheat the system. This must've been a point of frustration for the hosts, I imagine, because it was addressed repeatedly in their messaging. With weekly themes, we know people are crafting their content fresh each week, and I think there is value in the newness.

This 'cheating the system' was often undertaken simply because we live in an unequal world, and previous open mics were fashioned as a competition with real cash prizes.

The cash being crypto of course.

But this small amount of capital is/was a lot for Venezuelan's suffering an economic depression, for example.

That's the reality of this platform, it spans so many dimensions it has the potential to give someone their bread and butter for the week in a poorer country.

Yeah, that's a good point. Maybe it's the prize pool that caused the trickery. It's going to be interesting to see what happens, and I want to be flexible, open to shifts. Maybe a prize pool will present itself here, for example. I think it's natural to add a "Tip Jar," splitting the earnings between the participants, so I'm planning to implement that right from the start.

Ooh, I want to join! I'm glad this is happening again. The #openmic used to be my favorite way to play.

So glad you're here with us @wildfamily. Thank you for this timely song, celebrating Earth Day.

It was great wasn't it?
I'm sure this new Openmic will be much better.
Thanks again for creating it @cabelindsay

Yes, it was so great. And I'm absolutely honored to carry the #openmic torch that lit me up a long time ago. I'm hoping for a good turnout of musicians and music fans this week.

Steemit Open Mic was the one place where I felt I could be myself, without any pretentiousness, and exchange something special with an appreciative audience. And plus be doubly blessed by enjoying other people's shares. What a good way to connect across nations.

Had no idea you're a multi-instrumentalist. First I've seen a person use a violin so percussively. Fiddle was my first instrument, and I wish I still played. So enjoying hearing your violin work. I'm listening twice in a row. You're really opening my eyes to new possibility through all this exploratory territory you're venturing into here. Thanks for sharing this.

Cheers man! I'm a street performer, 'constantly adapting versatility' is my middle name! haha

You are great performer indeed, man. Always love to see someone with multitalented like you. so gifted..

Thank you man, i appreciate the compliment

Thanks for the esteemed mention. I'm grateful to have had a positive input, despite my brashness at times.

You have a big heart and this open mic deserves as such. Thanks for leading the way!

Hey, I sure appreciate the encouragement, brother. Thank you. I'm honored to share the stage with you. Of course thinking of how we might co-facilitate, as you clearly have the passion and leadership ability. Glad to see your comment below too, regarding HiveStreet. Sounds like a natural collaboration to me!


A suggestion: in requests, for participants and listeners to vote and comment on individuals' posts. This increases traffic and genuine user engagement to make it genuinely feel like there is a dedicated audience listening to and appreciating each performance, just as if we were doing it live in a pub.

And mention this also assists live musicians and live music on Hive in general.

And in this a suggestion that it is also greatly appreciated to visit respective YouTube accounts of the performances; like, comment and subscribe - as external social media participation helps promote a Hive activity and again also assists in promoting live, independent music.

Actual user engagement is the big thing here.


Speaking of which, a community I began called HiveStreet is all about promoting live music on Hive. It's still in its infancy but can be used in conjunction with the open mic to help promote each artist's performance. I will make you an admin if you want.

See http://peakd.com/c/hive-174034

Thanks again for these suggestions. Yes, I can see how some additional wording will invite the audience to engage more with the artists. That's exactly what we want: community building between musicians and music fans.