Haha! You’re too ambitious I think. Look around you. Already too late.

Friend of mine works in a school. Yeah…. Kids be dumb. Parents even dumber, sending sick kids in to share germs with others.

Hopefully in like a lion and out like a lamb. This COVID shit is too much. I remember when we had less than 10 cases provincewide then they allowed travel and it picked right back up again. We were sooo close.

Yeah, remember when 2 weeks was the mantra? We were supposed to be back to normal by April 2020. Now it’s 2022. 2 years in on a 2 week quarantine…thanks so much guys for flouting that initial quarantine order!

"only go out for essentials" everyone then proceeds to raid stores for toilet paper...
That was pointless. I feel like a kid waiting on Santa clause to show up on Christmas waiting for this crap to end. It doesn't help that omicron is supposed to be worse off then original covid and less action is being taken than before, real convincing.

Fingers crossed. Good news is, I’ve got enough rice for a year, lol. (I don’t eat a lot of rice). Bad news is, it’s parboiled rice - the yucky stuff. All I could find during the run. And I never used it cause it’s gross. Backup food I guess.

At least it's food, I've never heard of parboiled rice before, (been spoiled by minute rice) The only good news I have is I'm basically already conditioned living this lifestyle. I'm basically a hermit already, I'm used to this, just not on purpose. I can't wait for the day that masks are a thing of the past. I'll wear one without complaining (I like the extra warmth in winter months) but having to switch between my nice thick one for a flimsy n95 one while at the hospital made me feel super vulnerable.

This can't end soon enough. I remember hearing on the radio that this could potentially go on for up to 10 years when it all first started. I've been keeping that in mind this whole time, it would be nice if it all ended sooner, but 2 years in already and we're still not that much better off is pretty much convincing me that it just may end up lasting that long. Hope for the best prepare for the worst I guess.

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