Body tension training Yoga exercise

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This yoga exercise is very well suited for the training of the body tension. It also trains the muscles of the whole body.

First, you lie down on your stomach. Now, as supported by a couch, you have the upper body and legs.

Now you set off first one and then the other arm so that you are sitting on your forearms.

In the pose, you should hold these 20 seconds. If this is too hard, you can also reduce the time.

If you want to have a harder time, you can hold the pose longer.

Important when running is that you keep the back, or the body as straight as possible.

The exercise is great if you want to improve body tension for more difficult exercises.

Have fun with this exercise,


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This one is very popular in USA for a few years.
Here it is called planking. I didn’t know it was a yoga pose. I am smiling right now because I have been doing yoga and didn’t know it. 😂😆

🙏🏻 Peace and Good Health to you & yours Freddio.

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Hehe nice, i think in many sports this is a exercise, but it is also used in yoga :)

planking tell me something ;)