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Good evening guys!

So today I hit my first milestone using Partiko- I reached 50,000 points! @dreemsteem and I are egging each other on to reach 100k, and I know that there's a way to go, but reaching this in just shy of a month on Pariko feels good!

I'm so glad @saffisara inspired me to use this app- I've found it brilliant for posting and reading and generally keeping on top of engagement each day... and of course the points are an added bonus! You collect them for each upvote, comment and post you make, and can either trade the for a free upvote on your posts, or collect them up like I have been 😁

Anyway, you should definitely check out the app- here's my referal link and if you fancy joining the fun, I'd LOVE if you clicked through

Evie x

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Yeay 😉👍 Congratulations on 50k that's Amazing my sweet friend, such a great achievement.
Well done!
This is a great app and like you say it helps alot to engage and keep posting and comment each day 😊 love it!

Stay Awsome love and keep up the good work. Se you at the Top sis 🤗❤️🤗

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Ah thank you! You're such an inspiration- our little Partiko goddess 😁 I've got a feeling I'll spend then when I get to 100k!

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When I have enough room on my Smart phone......

Hehe I was the same!

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Yayyyyyy!!!! ummm think I'm still in 20k hahahhaa

But at least I used partiko to reply!!!! 😂😂😂😂

I also love it!!! But GINA usually alerts me first and when I click on the comment it opens on my computer (or mobile) on Steemit

I need to make it go through Partiko always! I think there is a way that hehehe
Nevertheless... CONGRATS!!! you're halfway there! You will be at 100k in NO time!!!!

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Haha thanks love! I hate to say it... but I got rid of Gina in favour of the Partiko notifications... eek! But yes, I think there's a place in the ..set that you can change the link opening preference.

Thanks for popping in when you're so busy... sending energetic calm creative vibes your way xxxx

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Hehehe my phone gives me brrrring brrrring notifications and I'm too nosey to leave them alone 😂😂😂😂

And i would give it up for Partiko too!! If they had all the bells and whistles of GINA. But I will find the best of both! Hehhee #determined

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Oh I can see why you'd need the extras... but life has been so lovely and calm since the switch 🤣

Good think is you can turn individual bits off with Gina and just keep the extras you need I guess. Xx

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Calm is good.. hmm yes... Maybe I will turn off some things on GINA!!! Good idea!!!

One thing I love about parko andriod is its ability to notify you when you have an update on your blog.