Is Humanity Doomed?

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With our current culture of easy access to information, social media and entertainment (I suppose these are the contributing factors), it seems to me that people are becoming more and more disconnected with reality. Their warmth as human beings is fading. Have you experienced this? I'm around people who just appear to be numb. There's no light in their eyes. There's no fire in their spirit. Like they're just slabs of human flesh...non-persons navigating through life, drifting like aimless tumbleweeds. Cold.

When you talk with them, it's almost like they have an appetite for ONE thing - to stick their faces back into their glowing devices. You pass a table full of people at a restaurant and nobody's talking, they're checking their messages on their phones, or watching a video.

Heck, it's even happened to me. The thought will cross my mind, "I'd rather be sitting in front of my computer right now." Is technology THAT addicting? Have we really allowed it to enter our lives and affect our relationships?

Then we have all these people holding clear narcissists, criminals and charlatans up as heroes. Politicians, movie stars...and people like Anthony (when you attack me, you attack science itself) Fraudsti. What's going on here? How can people NOT see that the individuals they're putting up on pedestals are the same as the rest of us?

Looks like what the social engineers of our day do is create, package and mass-market fictitious heroes from the never ending gaggle of real world villains and criminals. They reinvent personas to seduce the unthinking masses into identifying with them and setting them up as saviors.

There's a proverb that says something like, "Kings and rulers make a tragic mistake: Fools are appointed to positions of power, while the truly rich in heart, the men of integrity, sit in positions of derision. I have seen slaves on horseback, while actual princes travel on foot like slaves."

Anyway...thanks for letting me vent. I'd love to hear YOUR take. What's YOUR experience with people in YOUR neck of the woods?


"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."

~ Proverbs 29:2

The reason why we're in this mess is because the majority of the population is under DEEP MIND CONTROL.

Why do you think the protagonist in the movie THEY LIVE had to destroy a TV station to wake the people up?

It is very deep. Have you heard of "Mass Formation"? This blew me away, but it shouldn't have. It's almost common sense.

I have very much had this exact suite of emotional effects, and know many more people who do as well. I note the mass hypnotic effect is why we go to concerts, sports events, and church, to get the dopamine boost for cheering on our team, favorite band, or pop that joy from praising our saviour.


This has been on my mind all day, since @ura-soul linked me a vid regarding TI's and EMF weapons. It's strange how the Luciferians inform us of their plans in advance.


A lot of what you mention seems to be controlled. I recently watched a documentary called The Century of Self. I myself have never liked this form of science, but they Freud type people have gotten it down pat.

We used to have much much more leisure time than we have now. That time was spent on improving our lives, on making things easier on our self. We would sit in very distant times around a camp fire after a hard day of hunting or gathering and talk to each other, work on improving our spear points, on creating our clothing and protective gear, and on where the best hunting area was and or gathering area.

Then we grew in size and scope of our small tribe, we began to specialize and teach other our specialties. This was exchanged in a friendly way and means, of still sitting around a fire perhaps or spending some of our leisure time pursuing other interest that we heard about from a previous day.

Now we are nothing but consumers. We are told what we want, what we need, what we have to do, and how we have to do it. The leisure has been removed from life.

The Century of Self gives a LOT to think about. I'll have to watch that again. Thank you.

I had not watched it until about 3 weeks ago. In small parts/chunks so I could think about the different parts. I have never liked the field of Psychology, and have always thought Freud was the bane to society. I learned it was mostly his nephew and daughter that were the real destroyers of society.

Do you think being up where you guys are you are impacted less by the control?

I think so. A lot of people in Alaska have a very definite stay out of my house attitude. They left the controllers of the states they used to live in and try not to cave back into over control of personal life. Our mayor is neither pro nor anti mask other than when it comes to mandating the wear of it, (he is anti mandate). He believes people should make their own choice to wear or not wear and that it is not his job to force people to wear it.

Brian, is this really you? This is Mo Tbr from YouTube, and the Media Bear chat moderator. If this is really you and not an imposter, do me a favor and say something in one of your videos about being on Hive so I can verify, please?

Yes, this is really me. I've posted a couple videos mentioning HIVE since I discovered that everything from Steem was converted over here. How ya doing?

Awesome! I am good as far as it goes ya know? Minus the whole "Watching the planet degrade in real-time" thing... My wife runs a cleaning company here in Michigan and things are not bad for us at all really. Michigan as a whole is fighting this garbage, regardless of Whitless and her "Klaus Schwab K-Mart Collection...." Anyway, somehow I lost your direct email and I realize the auto emailer you use does not accept responses. Can you send me an email so I can be in touch with you other than in public? If so, send me one here [email protected] That way I can send you videos and stuff you might be interested in. I work from home and always have something playing on the dual monitor. I see a lot of common law stuff you would be into, I think. Anyway, good to see you here Brother! Love your work. Hey, any chance you are going to the "Flatoberfest" in North Carolina? Media Bear just informed me they got invited and invited us, since my wife said we are going, well you know how that one goes....we are going. Love ya Brian, keep up the good fight!

I see a lot of common law stuff

Have you looked into Quantum Grammar? That's something that judges really fear.

I have not heard that term yet, no, but I am watching the video now...

Haven't heard of Flatoberfest. What's that date? You should be able to reply to my emailer. Do you get a message when you try to reply? [email protected] is my email address. I get quite a few responses every day from it definitely works...but if there's trouble somewhere...I'd like to correct it.

No, that was just my assumptions, and we all know what assumptions do huh? Perfect example right here! I just thought auto mailers couldn't get responses, and I was sure that one time when we did email, I was sure was from a private email. Who knows? I am old and senile and really have no idea what the heck I am talking about most of the time! Kidding. I have not gotten any send backs, I was just making an ass of myself by assuming. I will shoot you an email tonight and we will know for sure! Anyway, "Flatoberfest" is run by the same guys that ran "Solar Return" I believe, I think it is "Commercial Sound and Video" but I am not sure, and as you can likely guess, they are flat earthers, but they are all super cool. When we went to Solar Return, I felt welcome and at home like I was with family after I got to know a few people for the most part. I personally do not believe in the flat earth divide and conquer psyop, but we all had more in common than not, and I just kinda did not say anything about it, just focused on the big picture you know? NWO, Rothschilds, IMF, stuff like that. It would be a bit different for you I imagine cause you are what we production people call "talent" meaning you are known by people, so I suspect people would be interested and would ask your take on the whole subject, so that is something to consider if you decide to come. The date is October 22-24 and it is Spartanburg, South Carolina at the Magnolia Grand. Doc Clown would have the contact info if you wanted to set up a merch booth or any of that. They might be interested in having you speak or something as well. I know I would be interested in hearing a monologue from you for sure, and I am sure others would be too. I would also love to have an opportunity to maybe have a short interview with you for my small azz channel, as would my wife for hers, Nightcap with Nancy...but her channel focuses on, let us say, natural painkillers 🤣 Anyway, as I said, we are likely going barring SHTF or extreme financial distress, and even then Nancy will still likely make us go. Be cool to see ya there Brother!

Loved Media Bear's last release, btw. Trish and I are hoping to meet up with him...maybe at the Georgia Guidestones hopefully sometime soon.

Yes! When I heard the first chord and realized what song they had done, I was ROLLING! They just told us in their live stream the other night that they are going to "Flatoberfest" in Spartanburg South Carolina at the Magnolia Grand the weekend of October 22-24 and it would be great to see you there! Doc Clown invited my wife and me and since she wants to go, well, that means we are going! We had a blast last time at the Solar Return Festival in June, met ODDTV and Chief Crow, and it was freaking awesome! Hopefully, you can make it! Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can forward you the rest of the info for tickets and what-not. God's blessing on you and Trish!

Thanks brother!

For sure! And let me see if this will work too, I always mess these up

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This is a good observation. I've noticed too younger people are extremely awkward, like they can't function properly.

The socialist media companies know all of this. About 5 years ago I remember hearing how the SNS companies knew how to addict you to more screen time for more dopamine hits.

I have somehow managed to avoid this personal tragedy to the soul thus far, and people around me don't always understand it. They love it, they want more, but they can't explain it. They think it is unusual. It's not unusual. Anyone can unplug from the construct at any time.