Standing In The Hallway

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I thought to myself, “Things are going well.” I haven’t felt this way so completely in a long time, but something occured to me while idling in the hallway, so I thought I’d mention it.

I am picking up the tasks at my new job. We are still in a training period, so I can’t say I am shouldering much responsibility, but I am privileged enough to be able to sit at my desk, writing and brainstorming blog posts while learning various ins-and-outs of insurtech.

I’m cooking more, which is fun, especially as my lady should not have to shoulder the burden on her own. I am capable, I have taste; why shouldn’t I prepare meals? In fact, cooking itself agrees with my urges to create, and this way, there’s seldom a meal I wouldn’t finish either.

I still joke about an inability to cook because while I’m more experiences than I have ever been, there’s still plenty to learn as work shows me daily.

In addition to work, diet and exercise, I’m juggling giving attention to people I care about while still carving out time for myself.

It’s not easy, which I realize, I may have to say more when speaking with people. I try to refer to things in a way that does not discourage effort and persistence. I am grateful still, ‘cuz nothing of value ever comes with ease.


Cooking is a crucial thing for sure! I think it’s one of the best ways to also stay healthy and save money which is a few benefits in itself.

Moving to a new area and starting a job is a daunting task but things smooth out! I know you’ll enjoy the area, it’s a really fun place to live around! I used to live in the heart of the city myself years ago. Fun times!

I appreciate you checking out my post! Yeah, I have to admit, I've gotten used to some changes quickly but others I can't help but miss a little. And man, when I look at the debt I have in some places, you know the eating at home and cooking route appears that much better, seriously.

I'll have to take a look at those climbing gyms you recommended! I'm excited.

I love the fact that you cook
I love men who cook so they won’t have to spend too much money on buying food outside

I may have gotten a job recently, but I am not a wealthy man! The richness in my life comes from the experiences I choose to enjoy. Cooking has become an experience I appreciate more.

I guess nowadays you are having a tedious day, hope you are having quality time to also rest as that is very important

Ha! I must commend your perception. I don't know how you appreciated that from my words alone, but you have my attention for being so attentive to details I didn't even realize I showed. Thanks. I did get my rest, and I make as much time as I can for my personal activities.

Some people always claim cooking can be stressful but the truth is cooking is always fun actually

I agree! I was someone who thought cooking was stressful, and that might come from my inexperience. Once you're familiar enough, I must say, it's quite the activity! I still get to be creative and eat, two of my favorite things to do!