Some memories of kids TV: My entry in the PHC monthly contest

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I have not done one of these in a while, but I see it as an opportunity for some nostalgia. We only had 3 channels in the 70s in the UK.

This months topic is Kids TV

See videos below.

NoNominationMy Reasons for the Nomination
1Blue PeterThis British show gave me a window on the world in the days before the internet. They would have all sorts of activities in the studio, but also go off around the world. The presenters would do some pretty daring things such as sky-diving. My era was in the 1970s with the classic line-up of John Noakes, Peters Purves and Leslie Judd.
2The Banana SplitsThis was a strange and wonderful show from the USA featuring a band of strange creatures who would present a series of cartoons in between their mad antics.
3The Tomorrow PeopleThere were a load of Sci-fi and fantasy shows on back then. This one featured a generation of kids who had evolved to have special powers. I think it was fairly low budget, but it could freak out kids back then.

John Noakes climbing Nelson's Column on Blue Peter. Note the lack of any safety gear.

The Banana Splits

The Tomorrow People

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Haha Blue Peter got an honorable mention in my post. A solid selection.

Good luck in the contest!

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Nice choices @steevc

Blue Peter was/is the staple of British kids tv. I always watched it without fail. Never got a badge though!

Tra la la, la la la lah. The Banana Splits! Wow. Now that is taking me right back. Saturday mornings, right? I used to crack up at their crazy antics. Addictive theme tune too.

Now here's one I missed out on but The Tomorrow People would have been my cup of tea! I was born in 73 so it was a little to advanced for me, I guess. Considering Dr Who used to scare the shit out of me! And that was straight after Basil Brush. I remember the name TTP but never got to watch it.

Great post. Good luck


Edit. I've just watched the BP clip! Holy crap!

I didn't get a badge either. We were more of a BBC house than ITV, but I watched some stuff there. They had Magpie as the alternative, but that didn't last as long.

There will be shows I've forgotten. There were some dubbed foreign shows, e.g. The Flashing Blade.

Ooh good choices, and we are spoilt for choice from that era!

I must have a go at this....when's the deadline?

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Would love to see your choices too! As @plantstoplanks said, the deadline is 9th so a couple of days left to tell us all about them! 😁

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I think I've got my three down already!

You've got until the 9th! Plenty of time to join in. :)

Great cheers!

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Great choices @steevc

This could turn into a regional programming war between the US shows and the British shows. Another cool element to this contest.

Your picks have taken me right back. Fantastic!

Good luck.

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In the '70 we had just 2 channels in Italy (ther third channel started in the 1979 ^^). I've never seen these series when I was a child, but I'd like to see "the tomorrow people" ^^

Steve, did you carry the Steemtorch in last months? I have it now and I'd like to pass it on to you ^^ Just in case you don't know what the steem torch is, you can read here: and you can see all the previous holders of the torch on the @steemtorch account ^^

Hope you'll accept to carry and pass on the steem torch ^_^

I had wondered if the torch would come to me. Pass it on if you like and I'll deal with it tomorrow.

Super!!! Just some minutes and if you check your wallet you'll see the Torch :D

Happy to see you back with an entry this month! Looks like some solid choices for only having three channels! I'm not familiar with these, but they sound like some fun ones. Anything to get your imagination going or take you to different parts of the world are awesome ones for childhood memories. And wow, that is so crazy to climb all the way up there with no safety gear!! Even more so when you think about the cameraman having to do the same climb with his gear, too! Thanks for sharing!

I think we spent a lot more time exploring outside than modern kids do. The kids shows were only on for a couple of hours after school and on Saturday mornings. My kids had a very different experience, but they had some good shows to watch too.

Yeah, I remember a lot of times the only tv we watched was after taking a bath to wash the stink of being outside all day away. :)

It was more of a family thing back then as many homes only had one TV with no other screens available. Different times.

We have launched the dpoll and here is the link: dpoll

Don’t forget to vote and tell your friends too. Best of luck.

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I really wanted to take part in this, but the timing just didn't work out for me. That is the tough thing about being gone for the weekends camping in the Summer. I have to pick and choose what I can participate in more.