Falling In Love With Life (Restoring A Truthful Society)

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Our latest!
Our society has completely lost its Truthfulness and restoring Truthfulness depends on us to fall in love with Life instead of perpetuating the competition model. In this video, we offer some hard-hitting facts and also probe what Orwell meant by "changing the system" to free ourselves.




I remember when you first started posting here about 5 years ago, that the world would be destroyed by now.

Any admissions of being stupid?



Integrity, yes. The change for the better, the fairer, the more loving, begins in our own hearts. If we allow lies from ourselves, we must accept lies from others. We have been trained to be otherwise, and from very early ages.

I am not convinced we need a world completely without money of any kind, but we certainly need a world where give and take is not assumed to be the only way. We have much to give! Give without thought of return, especially of money. This is different from giving to charities, where we expect a return of sorts when we give. Give for the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when a gift is given, and for nothing else.

We have much to give! Give without thought of return, especially of money.

I second that -- I am not expecting people to change their minds overnight but with people thinking like you we'll get there eventually!

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Oh wow. Such synchronicity - I was just about to start a post about integrity inspired by a question posed on social media " Are you swimming in the ocean of 100 percent integrity in ALL aspects of your life?" I definitely need to write that post now. Thank you 😀

hello there - your words are very inspiring

If you're interested in participating in a podcast about integrity please write back!

Yes! I'd definitely be interested. Integrity is a theme that's been coming up heavily for me right now. 💙

Great to hear this - I am still working on a format - Maybe an intro and a closing on camera and in between a slide show - This platform is shadowbanning me because I question the hidden purpose of money but please go to my website https://truthfulplanet.net/ and you will find my email there if still interested - I would like to launch the podcast by the end of September and it will be a twice monthly program exclusively dedicated to Integrity and Fear

Have a great day