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"In the days ahead....

Days Ahead.jpg(1)

if you don't have Christ...


you'd better have money and guns!"

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But then what does the internet know? LoL




Bringing head and heart into aligment


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ouzo and out,

There is a plan!
(It's unfolding NOW)

Please spread the word about BEOS



Get ready for SKYfall!!!



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Glad we have blockchain

Cream - I'm so glad

How about all three, just to cover the bases? 😁

Not everyone likes threesomes :-)

Wow that BEOS image looks so great and what do you think about TRDO? Could it be the major competitor of EOS, ETH, STEEM in future ;)


Tell me about it. I knw nothing.

Honestly it has nothing when comparing with those giants. But it has something, when comparing with most of other Scot tokens!


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Hey there,
One of my friends just mentioned Ouzo and I thought of you, figured I'd jump on to see how you were- looks like you've been absent longer than I have- hope you're doing well!

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