The Jacksonville Zoo: Part 2

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In Part 2 of our trip to the Jacksonville Zoo,
We focused on elephants and some other beasts too.

There was one little guy out of only a few
That wanted to perform for all within view.


He wandered a bit closer to see what was new,
Then broadened his ears of a brownish-gray hue


Now at the pond, his tiny trunk withdrew...


Some water for drinking as the heat index grew.


How he stayed cool, I haven't a clue.
His feet appeared hot and as dry as a prune.


His trunk in the water for time number two,
The spectators wondered about all the ballyhoo.


But then! What a treat! Not just hullabaloo!
He made a mud pit and bathed in the brew!


Our excitement now waning and not much to do
We verified that lemurs are lazy. It's true.


But they weren't alone as there wasn't much ado
Since leopards were doing their best to follow suit.


So we found the giraffes at exhibit twenty-two
And watched as they stared at us, saying, "Who are you?"


Sitting for a moment as they chewed on their food,
We agreed they'd be no fun at any time soon.


With the rhyming of this story finally through,
We'll see you next time in Jacksonville Zoo: Part 3.

All photos taken by me with my Canon 6D.




Clue... And prune... For shame!!! :0)

i laughed! i cried! 8 out of 10 with extra credit for using 'ballyhoo' AND 'hullabaloo'!!!

I went to the Jacksonville Zoo...

two weeks later

...still here.

B.S. should take lessons from you, from your ballyhoo, at the Jacksonville zoo,
where bird beaks are yucky
and turtles get stucky
where you might see a ducky
have a time that is sucky

woo hoo!


I'd say that leopard speaks for us all.

I was born in 1985 and when I was like five years old, we would go to the Oregon Zoo and I loved the elephants. Your photos here takes me way back.