I <3 Thunder and Lightning

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I fucking love thunderstorms, always have and always will.

Unless I get struck by a lightning, then we’ll revisit this statement again.

After couple of hot and humid days, the pressure finally build to its breaking point and a thunderstorm rolled in yesterday afternoon. That’s how weather works right? I was very lucky to live at the coast where the heavy thunderstorm travelled along. Usually the show lasts 10 minutes or so, an hour sometimes but rarely does it go on for 4-6 hours like yesterday, which is a shame in my opinion because the lightning flashes are so beautiful, followed by the cozy deep rumble. I am a fan.


I was super excited when the distant rumble started to come closer and turn into a very visible light show. Lightning is notoriously hard to capture in photos for its unpredictability and lightning fast speed HIHI. I was very ill prepared and just as much out of practise, it’s embarrasing really. At first I didn’t even try much because it was so bright outside that there was no chance to shoot long exposure, and it was also raining heavily on and off. Could have used that time to charge extra batteries, format memory cards and set up in a good spot, but alas, I didn’t and payed the price later.

For some time I just enjoyed to show but then it turned to evening with the whole sky going from dull grey to vibrant and contrast-y, with a double rainbow and all the while lightning flashing, and I scrambled to the attic with my gear.

It was very stressful to get settings and composure right all while trying not to miss the best moments. You see, the flashes that just light the clouds don’t really look like anything in pictures, you need to capture the visible lightning. I first shot with a timelapse, resulting in over 1000 photos with maybe 2 lightnings in them, even thought I saw a lot, and when it finally got dark enough, I could relax with 20-30second exposures.

I was hurrying to find extra batteries and a charger and spare memory card and then it was raining into my lens and it’s dark and dirty in the attic and only one of my more interesting composures had a visible lightning flash and that sucks but in the end I got something I liked. PHEW!

Hope you enjoy!







I'm off to purge my memory cards and load all the batteries because there is a chance another lightning storm is coming tonight!

Ps. Yes I went wild with the white balance for these photos, it's called ART!1


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I think it's something to do with the primal nature of it, the raw and uncontrolled energy that exists. There's a few ways to replicate that if the circumstances are correct, but nature does it best right?

I’m so here for the natural chaos!

natural chaos

That's a perfect way to put it.

lucky you!!!!!!!
we were promised 12 hours of these gorgeous happenings, what did we get in Wrexham? fuck all, a bit or rain and that was it. Thing is the met. office in the Uk is a govt. dept. Never trust the govt. They lie

Hahaha most definitely I would not trust the goverment, especially when it comes to weather 😂 But this the season so I’m sure you’ll get your share of thunder at some point.


Keep motivated to protect our home!🛡🌎🌍🌏

Who shall I slaughter and offer in the altar for the almighty northern god of thunder, Ukko?

Those are amazing!!! Do you have one of the lightning with the rainbow, please???


Look closely at the first and second images :)

Oh :) I thought they would be super bright in such conditions 😲


They were earlier but those were the only ones I could capture with both rainbow and lightning in it :)

Well done 🙌

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I wonder how much efforts it took you to capture lightning ~ I tried but can't match with the speed of lightning, Noob here.

Well, Love thunder and lightning too!⚡

Stay safe and have fun!

Haha yes that’s kind of the thing, you can’t match the speed of light, so you have to take super long exposure and let the lightning come to you.

Hehe, will try to capture it again!

You're so Good in this. Thanks for the advice.

Lightning photos rock! Taking them is something to learn for me, too.

It’s one of those things you can’t practise just when ever you want and when it’s happening, you just want to capture at least something. Harmaasuotimesta ois ollu hurjasti apua kun päivänvalossa yritti kuvata, ois sillonkin saanu otettua pidemmällä valotusajalla kuvia.

Hyvä vinkki. Valotusajan on syytä olla vähän tavallista pidempi. Kuinka paljon?

Jos on tosi pimeetä niin bulbilla onnistuu parhaiten (eli manuaalisesti pidät suljinta niin kauan auki että oot mielestäs saanu tarpeeks monta salamaa napattua) mutta mä otin 30sekunnin pätkissä ja aukko oli 22 ja iso muistaakseni 50.

Ah so that's where the storm went. It was supposed to come here. We had the "extreme weather" warming with all the red icons all over the place. But, nothing. Just a bit of rain. sad.

Better safe than sorry but also depressing when the fun weather doesn’t arrive. Here in the nearest city several walkway/bikeline underpasses filled with water almost to the cealing, would have liked to see that.

One of my favorite things to do is smoke and listen to thunder n rain!

Thunder is so cozy, can’t understand why some people hate it.

Some of my fondest moments are listing to the rain & thunder storms with my grandmother.

We had a crazy lightning storm about 2 weeks ago.. It was amazing!

Great 😎

intelligent captures!

thanks 🙏 for sharing

Always lived a good storm, I grew up in Portsmouth, and whenever there was a proper storm, my Dad with Don his storm cost and hat, me in waterproofs, and we'd go to the sea wall and let the waves crash over us. Great times. Loved them ever since!

That sounds amazing, and a little dangerous, but that’s the kind of things you do with dads 😅

Its looking gooooood... Jist remember to catch some sleep aswell there xD

No problem, the thunderstorm was already over around 10.30pm :)

Luckily... I feel you though.. I also tend to get up and sit and watch for hours

the beauty of the world can not fool the eyes but not all have a positive impact sometimes layers of beauty can be destruction and disaster. The charm of nature evokes taste and coolness but is more alert.

The color of the sky is incredibly beautiful. You've photographed almost every color. Thank you very much for sharing with us. I also love to watch such weather.

*photoshopped almost every colour, I took some creative liberties with these 😝 but thanks!

I feel cheated. But it's still beautiful 😂

No photo ever is realistic compared to the 3D view, remember that :)

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I love the chaos of lightning and thunder. The dogs hate it!!! They hide in the basement until the danger has passed.

My favourite shot is the second last one. Purple/Blue hues with the silhouettes of the trees and the lightning doing its magic!!!

Our dog doesn’t really seem to mind it much, I think she reacts more to the other dogs in the neighbourhood when they start to go wild sensing the upcominh thunderstorm. My in-laws had to get Valium for their dog because she has previously eaten through drywall during thunder 😅

If my wife and I aren't home, my dogs will get in the bathtub during a storm. If we are home, the dogs either want to be in the basement ... or in the back of the truck (I have a cap on the back). For some reason, they immediately calm down in the back of the truck.

Wow excelentes fotos, muy buen post, te dejo mi voto y te sigo, saludos.

Those are some amazing shots!

Thanks Acid! :)