Selfie fie fie

in #photography3 years ago

Hey hey hello hello Hi Hi... Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic that hasn’t over yet and hopefully HOPEFULLY, it’s going to end..


While scrolling my post, my own phone album, realise that this year 2020 I didn’t take a lot photos compare to last year. Sooooo here come my newly took selfie😅.

How about you?

2020 almost end soon, literally left 3 weeks only. What your plan for the rest of 2020? This year feel quite empty and didn’t go to anywhere or do anything extraordinarily or even travel to any new country but I have learn so much thing too this year.

Some of my good friends have left the country and I have no idea when will I see them again. Hopefully can meet them again when travel lifted.

It is a full year of reflection, re-strategise, changing and etc etc.


Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.

This year was quite challenging and going to end very soon... You look lovely...

Thank you! Yeah indeed, hopefully soon..