Busy Bumblebee / Fleißige Hummel

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This guy was so tall and heavy that he almost knocked the flower to the ground.

Dieser Kerl war so groß und schwer, dass er die Blume fast zu Boden drückte.

Bumblebee / Hummel

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Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM

Actually, today I wanted to take a photo of small dragonflies / damselflies on my walk, which of course I did, but I liked this hard-working bumblebee better for today's posting.

Eigentlich wollte ich heute auf meinem Spaziergang Kleinlibellen / Wasserjungfern fotografieren, was ich natürlich auch gemacht habe, aber diese fleißige Hummel hat mir für das heutige Posting doch besser gefallen.

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When the bumblebee landed on the clover blossomto collect pollen and nectar, the plant almost bent to the ground and the bumblebee almost fell off.

Als die Hummel auf der Kleeblüte landete, um Pollen und Nektar zu sammeln, bog sich die Pflanze fast bis zum Boden und die Hummel wäre fast heruntergefallen.

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Unfortunately, there was a lot of wind, so it was not easy to keep the subject in focus.

Leider ging ziemlich starker Wind, weshalb es nicht sehr einfach war, das Motiv scharf im Bild zu halten.

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Canon EOS R | SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM



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Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
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Thank you so much for resteeming my bumblebee, dear @pixresteemer 😊

Bumblebees are fun. They remind me of an English bulldog. When they get tired, they fall asleep right on the flower, exactly repeating the movement of the dog. They stretch the hind legs back, and the front legs throw out on the sides.

Thank you, my Dear friend @Johannpiber, for such positive photos! Good night to you my friend!

Bumblebees are fun, as long as none bites you, my friend @barski 😉
I have not been bitten by one since I was a kid, but I can still remember, that it hurts much more than a bee sting or a wasp sting. This might depend on the kind of bumblebee, of course.

You are joking, aren't you? They really fall asleep on a flower? Just like a dog? I have never seen this, but I have to believe you, and next time I will take some time and observe the bumblebees ;)

Thank you very much, have a good night too, my friend :)

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Thank you @treeplanter, it's always a pleasure to help and get help :)

I've always liked their "fur" : )

Me too, and as a child I've always tried to stroke a bumblebee until one bit me ;)
This hurts more than a bee sting, if I remember right, and bee stings we had nearly every day :)

Good to know. I haven't tried to pet one :)

... I was only a kid, but I still remember this bite ;)

Howdy sir johannpiber! I like those alot, those are great sir! Is that last one showing him hanging upside down because he weighed down the flower?

Thank you @janton, I like this big guy too ;)
Yes, he is too heavy for the flower, so the flower went down with him hanging :)))

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They are amazing creatures, the bumblebees. You made such a great photo session with this hard working bumblebee.

I thank you so much, dear Neli.
I prefer bees, just like them more, because my father-in-law was a beekeeper, and they have been all around, and if I remember right, then a bee sting does not hurt so much as a bumblebee bites you ;)

Lukily I wasn't bitten by bumblebee, but good to know to be careful when I approach them.
I do love the bees too and I have some photos with a bee on clover blossom. Your post inspired me to make my next one. :-)

I do not think they are dangerous and attack on their own, but of course you should not annoy them 😉
Thank you for letting me inspire you to make some nice bee photos :)))

For sure I am trying not to annoy any bee or bumblebees 😀
Sometimes I feel like an intruder poking my phone. Once, the bumblebee was so surprised and froze, letting me do close-ups.


Wow, that's a sharp phone close-up - nice photo :)

Thank you, beginner's luck. 😉

I totally understand whey the bees distracted you. What a fabulous collections of captures. This one was my favorite.


Although I prefer bees, this bumblebee had to be photographed. Thank you so much, @Pryde 😊

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of bee on flower.
I really like this photographs. thanks for share with us.

Thank you very much, it is always a pleasure for me to share my photos here on Steemit with you 😊

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Thank you for this important information 😉

It is nice activity of bumblebee and flower photography.

Thank you for your nice comment, @kamrunnahar 😉

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Thank you for this information, @steemitboard 😊

I love how you captured the weight of the bee pulling down the clover. Great shots!

Thank you for this comment, @redheadpei, I can tell you, the bumblebee was really heavy 😊

I know without a shade of doubt you got some amazing Dragonfly shots, but glad you went for the bumblebee Shots for this post, they are all such awesome shots and its amazing how big they can get especially when Laden down with pollen

As he flew past me, I thought, "wow, are you big", and then he landed on the flower, which nearly bent to the ground 😊

Thank you that you like the photos, JJ. I am very glad, that I got these photos sharp enough, because it was quite windy, and I prefer to shoot slower insects, which sit still, and which don't move fast or fly ... I am too slow and need more practise, I think.

You and me both need more practice dragonflies and bees seldom ever stop completely making getting shots of them so hard a lot of patience is needed and that’s something I have a short supply of lol 😂

This is why I am going to the reservoir this afternoon, to practise patience and a steady hand 😎

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Good Luck with that I doubt i will get many photos this week next few days are all rain and thunderstorms

Thank you, and I hope, your forecast is wrong :)
The weather here is really hot, but especially in the late afternoons and evenings we have to expect thunderstorms and hail.

WellI hope it is right with sunny for the weekend I can it up with a wet week for a sunny weekend

Actually took some shots today but just playing around with the Lensbaby trio lens which I have and seldom use, will be interesting to see what I got

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