Lago Di Garda

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After a good rest and strong morning coffee, I went on a photo safari by the coastline. Lake Garda is a big one. The only difference compared to the see is that there is no smell and ducks and swans are swimming in the water.

My photo session was very quick and successful thanks to my host who provide me the mountain bike and the passage under the main road. I felt like in some old dark movie with a secret key and underground tunnel. It was funny.

The other advantage of the bike was that I took a lot of photos in a very short time. I'll try to use it on my future trips.

And here are the results of my adventure.













I hope you enjoyed my post. The bike saved me a lot of time but there are some side effects too. I have chain grease all over my right leg and on the sneakers. I'll spend at least 1o minutes to clean the mess.

Oh, and my left knee and right elbow have some scratches too. First one from the pedal and second from branches in the hedge. I must find the pharmacy now and buy an ointment for my wounds. Maybe the bike wasn't so good idea and I should rethink my new strategy. It looks like I'm getting old.

Stay tuned. I have more.


i like this one , wonderful .green.jpg

Wait @oldtimer... you do photography??? That is awesome.

Beautiful picture :)

Hi my dear friend @oldtimer

Friend are you right. I liked your bike photography a lot. Click and click on your tunnel photo. I'm waiting for your next trip photos. Friend, I was outside for so many days so I could not work in Steemit. I will work again from today. i am back my dear friend

How beautiful is the place and how beautiful it is,And also how colorfull it is!
I am feeling sad why I am not going to the place with you even :(
And you did good to take a bike!
And these two ducks look like owner of this pool!
And I feel so bad that your clothes have fallen bad!

Bikes are usually the most effective mobility for such photo adventures like this one and i know you really did have a good ride experience, the freshness of the open air and the exercise attached paddling the bike if not for the ugly experience of the scratches and freeze dirt.

Meanwhile, your photos are lovely and the streets of looks lonely from your pictures but i must confess that they are really nice views.

Keep inspiring @oldtimer

I really enjoy this scene and a great adventure you take the picture perfectly, hopefully the nature is maintained, thanks @oldtimer

Wow... Wonderful place & great photography.. @oldtimer

Beautiful photos!

a fun adventure and got a very good result friends success continues

haha yeah you are getting older LoL.
very unfortunate knees and your elbows so scratched for the presentation of outstanding images.
how can you take a lot of amazing pictures with a short time?
Thank you very much @oldtimer

Very good post you @oldtimer

I liked this kind of trip.I hope this trip is good in your future.However, you can learn and learn a lot through this trip I think.
Thanks for sharing this post. #Tnx Bro

While you did got some very beautiful images :)

I liked the mountain image and the plants images in front of the houses !

They all are beautiful as well !

Nice shots! Enjoy the trip.
Can't wait to see more amazing photos like this from you.

Greetings from Brussels, Joy.

Lake garda, a very beautiful city. The view makes people who see it want to go there. The town is clean and comfortable. The results of your hard work photographing very good, although you have to blister because of cycling, but all your photos are very good. Thanks and next time be more careful again😉

This little town looks warm, I would like to walk there :)

Every age have it's own experiences and in my opinion age is just limitation of our physical body but the consciousness is important aspect which drives us eternally. So you keep enjoying because our happiness is in our hands, and literally this place is awesome and i personally liked some pictures and the first one is the beautiful street with yellow and red buildings and it's breathtaking to watch and it's reflecting as artistic and the second one is amazing and pure blue water with mountain views which making that picture more admirable. Thanks for sharing this awesome stuff with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

This is indeed an adventure. You took those shots perfectly on your photos. Kudos, they look so professional.

Hope you managed ot get some ointment and scratches are not to bad, but the bike enabled you to get some awesome views and shots, thanks for the tour of this interesting area


Never too old to bike! My inlaws always buy new bikes whenever they travel somewhere and then sell them on their last day.
Great shots, some really romantic architecture.

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Wonderfull photography

It sounds like you had quite of journey. It looks like perfect weather for biking and taking photographs. Architecture looks stunningly beautiful. I would like to hear from you what camera did you used for taking these photos?

what a photography man!

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Thank You! ⚜

thanks for this post share .and I keep it

It is a lovely fresh and clean scenery at Lake Garda and you can also fish there too while biking, two mini vacations in one @oldtimer. Best regards to your scratches sometimes it comes with biking :)

No harm in getting old....:) Beautiful looks almost empty there though. Strange.

It was at 9 am. Most of the tourists were still sleeping. But it's only April and midweek. In the summer and on weekends is very busy. The big amusement park Gardaland is nearby and people from the whole Europe are coming here.

That ship looks beautiful

I've never seen the sea

Nice shots!! The view is breathtakingly beautiful!

Sounds like quite an adventure... but some great photos. My favorites are the sail boat, the canal and the ducks on the lake. I hope you will heal quickly from your bicycle trauma!

Hope you are all healed up! These are fabulous photos! Are you using a new camera on this trip, or is it just the wonderful sunlight in Italy?

I've been there - there are many impressing locations... thank you for these photos 😊 @peekbit