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You are one of a kind

We wake up almost the exact same way every time, carry out our usual routine, go about our day in the usual manner doing things that no doubt have been done before.

Is there any reason to feel special?

When you're low on confidence, when you feel like a drop of water in the ocean, remember that nobody has ever seen the world as you have. Nobody will ever know what it's like to look at the world the way you do. You are unique and one of a kind.

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Taken on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Waitresses, I see different ones almost every day. Yet, they all have their own unique stories to tell, their own ways of seeing the world.

Maybe this particular waitress has dreams of becoming an actress, a musician, or even an astronaut for that matter. The unique choices she makes in her life are in her own hands, ...she is special.

You write your own story

You're the only one who truly knows what you've been through, and nobody knows what you will go through in life. You've been given the gift of choice, of deciding what you will become. Nobody has decided your future, you can write your own story.

  • What do you see in this picture?
  • What do you think about freedom of choice and how it affects others?
  • What will the next chapter of your story be?


"You are unique and one of a kind."

Hah. I am two of a kind!!!

You used to be, ...once upon a time;)

Great thoughts... You really made me think that sometimes, when a waitress takes our order, when the guy on the bike pass by... they're not just "someone", they are persons with theyr own personal story. A unique story as you said. A story of happiness and fights. And as they do, we do! Great post! ;)

So true, thanks!

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From the simple “photo creds” to the slightly more daring “wow, great picture. The photographer must be so talented and good looking,” this comment almost always demands acknowledgement. Often a banner ad for “Whatever, you probably didn’t pick a picture with me because I made you look bad.”

What do you see in this picture?

I see a woman who is engrossed in her work @peter-parker and also relaxed. I imagine that if you took a photograph as she walked towards her next customer she would be smiling. 😊

What do you think about freedom of choice and how it affects others?

i am honestly not sure that we do have freedom of choice. it certainly looks like we do but i'm not 100% convinced! 😁

What will the next chapter of your story be?

I have no idea and i believe that none of us really knows.

Good to see a post from you Peter and thank you soooo much for your continued support. I really appreciate it. 💙

Thanks for answering my questions,...I sure hope she was happy!

Hi @peter-parker.
I see that she is dedicated and strives to do things well. But in his persive face that wants to improve himself, to do something that he really loves.
I believe that everyone is free to decide what to do in their life.
But at the same time you have to think what effect they will have on others. Especially to the relatives.
And my next chapter in my life is to become a better artist.
Learn to speak English and be a whale in steemit, hahaha.

Thanks for answering my questions, agreed. All the best for your next chapter.

Thank you @peter-parker . I really liked this picture.

Wow great to see some unique photography back awesome post :D

Haha, was the pun intended;)?

First of all thanks for all the support of yours for the past months : )
It really means a lot !

As for the topic I do really have to agree with your statement as we do write our own stories !and there are different chapters in all our ;life and our own emotions attached with it !

I see a lady who is not forgetting that she has a purpose to go on with her life !
Massive Respect !