I wish health to your hands. my dear friend..

Very great art. You are painting something that is very valuable. I really enjoyed it. Have a good day.

Hello my friend. I have given a little delegation to this account. Maybe it can increase your strength a little. Sorry, before I did this without your knowledge.

Thought you were never going to post.. so happy to see your first the art work looks neat and edges are some how smooth. Nice work

The harder you will work the more good result you will achieve...

Have a great weekend my friend...

Looks like a whole new planet ,with glitters in it ,would make a fine place to live in with all those glitters 🥺

Thankyou very much for the money how come you got 400 posts and i can only see one

it all dem comments

The picture in your hand is very beautiful art. However, it seems that he has done some art of stone. I feel good.It is very nice that you continue your work my friends.

Friends remember your art later ✍👌

Great work here!!! Looks like a peaceful scene

So futuristic!

its a spaceball

Cool picture! It kind of looks like a heart with the different chambers. Really interesting!

I really enjoy the futuristic theme it has. Not an art critic but I know how to appreciate a job well done. Well done and please keep it up.

Great work
I suppose it has some secret meaning.
If I was gonna interpret it, I'd say it's an embryo... Lol

Lol...Nice work here

wooow, artsy 😍

You made a good art with the depth element in it @nrg, very good indeed :D

Cool. Looking forward to seeing more. I'm always interested in creativity


Very nice indeed💯

Reminds me of the Karma Symbol a little bit


Just sideways

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This makes me imagine, how do you come make this drawing. What was in your mind when you made the drawing. What's that you drew in the picture.

It looks like a woman's womb, at the same time it looks like a fish at one point.

I came over here to appreciate the upvote on my comments from @ubg account. Thanks so much, it's very much appreciated.




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Yo bro i am first time seeing you posting on hive 😀

Mis on teie kunst? Kas ma saan oma söögituba Walmarti kasutada?

Friend when will your next artie come✌

Ma arvan, et peate mõistma, kuidas kogu taru ökosüsteem töötab ja kuidas saate oma investeeringutest parimat kasu saada.

what did you use for this paints? i am confused bro. however, it is really confusing bro.

I would love to see more art!

@nrg, thanks for the auto upvote. I really appreciate your support. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Gracias 💯 💯

Are you an artist? Wow, you are so amazing Human believe me. Thanks for the support my friend @nrg

You are what you feel you are

Such an amazing work. please keep doing such stuff.🖤