The 1973 Bahama Independence Proof Issue $10 Silver Coin - Part Two of Two

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects”

From the Journal of Christopher 'the Chump' Columbus

Columbus was appointed Admiral in the Royal Navy and after his arrival to the Port of Palos de la Frontera he ordered the Port Authority to IMPRESS three ships and crews to fulfill the royal expedition’s needs when volunteers were not forthcoming and the promise of a Regular Naval Salary. Time became short.

The Port Authorities impressed two small Caravel class ships; the Nina and the Pinta. A third ship that happened to be available at the port was a larger 30+ year old, 60 foot long Carrack or Nao class vessel named The Gallega, Columbus had this ship Impressed into service and renamed it…The Santa Maria!

Scale Replica of the Santa Maria by Alelanza under CCO 3.0

The Owner and Master of the newly renamed ‘Santa Maria’ is believed to be a fellow by the name of Juan de la Cosa, a distinguished navigator, businessman and geographer. However, Columbus’ tyrannical approach set the tone for strained professional relations throughout the entire voyage.

Now I can also understand the reluctance of the men of Palos de la Frontera unwilling to sign on to this expedition where they would sail into unknown waters and dangers, no guarantee of finding anything of worth even if it was shared at all with the crews. Exploration is often not profitable. And as far as most knew at the time, the ships could suddenly fall off the edge of the earth never to return. Regular Cargo contracts pay good wages, regular trade routes are well-known, and profit was there. Columbus’ sales pitch wasn’t convincing and more like a man that was ‘Full of it.’


In proper Naval tradition the role of Admiral and Captains had clear distinct roles within a flotilla, Columbus often overstepping his position, and it wasn’t long until the Captain and crew often answered cooperatively and at times created a sense of mutiny even before the expedition launched into waters unknown.

The expedition sailed first to the Canary Islands that belonged to the Spanish kingdom of Castile before setting their heading westward. After 5 weeks, in the very wee hours of October 12th the lookout of the Pinta sighted land but Columbus maintained that he saw it first to claim the prized Lifetime pension of Ferdinand and Isabella as the first person to sight land. Hmmm…Smells like bul….

The Landing of Columbus by John Vanderlyn License under Public Domain Note: The Captains of the Nina and the Pinta accompany Columbus but Captain Juan de la Cosa is absent from this painting.

Columbus named the island San Salvador we now call The Bahamas and there, Columbus may have decided to search more for gold as he had observed the Native inhabitants wearing gold jewelry and inquired often, and in many cases forcibly. He then began taking prisoners for the return trip back to Spain. October 28 the expedition landed on Cuba exploring the northwest coast. He continued along the north coast of Hispaniola, now known as Haiti, on December 5 and on December 25th Christmas day the Santa Maria was run aground.

Reverse: The Santa Maria

Weight 1.4601 oz or 49.1 g of 0.925 Silver
50mm diameter KM#42 Schön# 28
Mintage 63,000 Proof

In the late hours the fatigued Admiral and the Steersman slept leaving the inexperienced Cabin boy to steer the ship until the Santa Maria gently plowed into the Hispaniola sandbank. Columbus rejected Captain Juan’s plan to have the other ships pull the Santa Maria off the sandbank, instead ordered the ship dismantled and abandoned building a fort establishing the settlement of La Navidad, present day Bord de Mer de Limonade.

Size comparison to a US Quarter dollar and 1 oz Troy Silver bar

Warning, strong language ahead!

I can imagine the heated conversation carrying on between Columbus and Juan de la Cosa on the crowded Nina like this,

Cosa: "El burro sabe mas gue tu!" “Donkeys know more than you!”
Columbus: "Li mortacci tua!” “You’re dead bastard ancestors.”
Cosa: "Me cago en tu madre!" ” I shit on your mother."
Columbus: "Sei una testa di cazzo!" “You're a dickhead!”
Cosa: "No seas gilipollas!" “Don't be a dick!"
Columbus: "Non hai capito una sega!" “You don't understand shit.”
Cosa: "Métetelo por el culo!" "Stick it up your ass!"
Columbus: "Sei una sfigata!" You're a loser!”

And so on... Tsk tsk tsk

Columbus eventually demoted Captain Juan on the return trip back to Spain on the remaining two ships leaving 39 men behind at La Navidad. I can feel for this man’s sorry lot and getting the strong impression with Columbus as an individual driven by wealth fame and fortune was a man just ‘Full of it!’ Columbus’ journal practically pins all the blame on Captain Juan as he never got adequate restitution for the loss of his ship. Captain Juan's name was struck from the journal in spite as to not allow his name to enter into history.
It is such a sad end to a famous ship. Turning the coin

Obverse side: Queen Elizabeth II facing to the right

Numista 1973 Bahamas 10 Dollar
Edge: Reeded

And for those that are also attracted to colorful Paper currency!

Punky told me to be careful with this pricey old banknote.
1953 Bahamas Four Shillings banknote. Pick Catalog P-13
Four known signature varieties
Made by the Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited

Four Shillings, Lithography, 4, The Bahamas Government.

I hope you enjoyed this coin feature, thank you for stopping by for a look.


The Bahamas' motto was ‘Expulsis Piratis Restituta Commercia’ means ‘Pirates Expelled, Commerce Restored’. Piracy ended in the Bahamas as the new British Governor of the Bahamas established order in 1718.

1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons
The Bahamas Wiki
Wiki Christopher Columbus
Wiki Santa Maria

The only record of Christopher Columbus’ his 1492 voyage submitted to the King of Spain is no longer exists but preserved as an abstract by the 16th century historian Bartolomé de la Casas but this document is fraught with errors. While this article is largely sourced from Wiki there may be liberally interpretation of the events.


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”


I can't get over how beautiful the Bahamas coins you have. No wonder they are so pretty (and huge.. the 1975 yesterday, and now this 1973! And I love the historical background. It is a beautiful ship, and so beautifully depicted in this coin. And you know that I have vessel coins and a bar.
BTW... This is so you and your wonderful imagination and great humor... you always make me laugh, sis @kerrislravenhill!!!

Cosa: "El burro sabe mas gue tu!" “Donkeys know more than you!” Columbus: "Li mortacci tua!” “You’re dead bastard ancestors.” Cosa: "Me cago en tu madre!" ” I shit on your mother." Columbus: "Sei una testa di cazzo!" “You're a dickhead!” Cosa: "No seas gilipollas!" “Don't be a dick!" Columbus: "Non hai capito una sega!" “You don't understand shit.” Cosa: "Métetelo por el culo!" "Stick it up your ass!" Columbus: "Sei una sfigata!" You're a loser!”

Happy #piratesunday, sis!

There's likely more to the story than I can find in the time I had. I didn't have time to cooberate more facts as Wiki tends to have their own bias issues. While Columbus went on to fame, fortune and power, I couldn't help being sympathetic to Captain Juan Cosa in losing his ship, becoming practically destitute, and virtually erased from history. Even the cabin boy that ran the ship aground was mentioned in the journal. And finally, I know its Sunday. My fictional account of the strong language used was an ongoing debate in my own mind but I finally left it in. Looked up how to curse in Italian and Spanish too.
Wished I could do a bit more research but I can't understand 15th century Spanish.

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Oh my.. this is a very alluring moji, sis @kerrislravenhill!

Gorgeous coin my pirate sister! Columbus was a very complex figure hated by some and adored by others. He is often framed as a hater of native people however he actually petitioned on several occasions for their well being and adopted a native son eventually. Like I said complex. Thanks for sharing and happy #piratesunday!!

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There is likely much more to the story and my lack of understanding 15th century Spanish and cultural context puts me at a disadvantage in trying even get a glance of any original documents let alone flawed documents. And you may correct my Swashbuckling bro, it is history and at this point the man should be judge in the entirety of his career actions rather than just on his brief impetuous youth. God knows how heavy his heart may have been in his later wiser years.
You got feel for poor Capt Juan though.
I hope you had a little chuckle of the impassioned discussion between Columbus and Juan. ☠😂

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Oh I was not criticizing in any way my pirate sister, you are correct that like all things life and people are intricate and amazingly complex things.
I believe your information is also part of the story and I loves the realistic exchange as well as the fact it reminded me of Monty Python The Holy Grail. As always ypur epic and so full! Thank you again for sharing and Keep it up!!

PS: of course I feel for Captain Juan whom seems to have been the fall guy to say the least.

Oh but feel free to Critique. Besides, I got my eye on getting that Columbus Commemorative half dollar in my travels.

Columbus was an ass-hat alright, but I think in that day and age one had to be. He was also desperately looking to gain favour with the royals by whatever means he knew how.

I really like how you decorated that bill with the skull. Spot-on!

The cultural expectations are different than what we have today and 'if you weren't tough you weren't gonna accomplish anything!' And if you're spending the Royal's money you better have results or you will Hang. Life is tough in 15th century Spain just as in everywhere else.
As for the Skull, it's 1 oz 0.999 fine silver made by Yeager's Poured Silver and a personal commentary on what I think of our Royals.

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I suppose the Queen has also been preparing for a Monetary Reset...

August 11, 2019... 15.9 Hollywood Time...

Like barracading Buckingham palace, reinforcing Windsor castle, preparing for those mobs wielding pitchforks and torches. She better be ready when the truth comes out.

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When the Truth comes out... That’s an interesting thought...

August 11, 2019... 22.3. Hollywood Time...

Yeah, like she and the Rothchildes are aliens from another dimension to start ;)
Darn, I don't have any UFO coins.

She sure likes being on all the Coins...

August 12, 2019... 11.6 Hollywood Time...

I totally want that coin......the ship is gorgeous. Majorly jealous. 😪😪😪

I got this off a long time Canadian coin retailer at not a bad price as the coin came just in a vinyl flip without the original COA and clamshell case.👍

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Very appreciated being up for almost 20 hours.
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