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RE: The 1973 Bahama Independence Proof Issue $10 Silver Coin - Part Two of Two

I can't get over how beautiful the Bahamas coins you have. No wonder they are so pretty (and huge.. the 1975 yesterday, and now this 1973! And I love the historical background. It is a beautiful ship, and so beautifully depicted in this coin. And you know that I have vessel coins and a bar.
BTW... This is so you and your wonderful imagination and great humor... you always make me laugh, sis @kerrislravenhill!!!

Cosa: "El burro sabe mas gue tu!" “Donkeys know more than you!” Columbus: "Li mortacci tua!” “You’re dead bastard ancestors.” Cosa: "Me cago en tu madre!" ” I shit on your mother." Columbus: "Sei una testa di cazzo!" “You're a dickhead!” Cosa: "No seas gilipollas!" “Don't be a dick!" Columbus: "Non hai capito una sega!" “You don't understand shit.” Cosa: "Métetelo por el culo!" "Stick it up your ass!" Columbus: "Sei una sfigata!" You're a loser!”

Happy #piratesunday, sis!


There's likely more to the story than I can find in the time I had. I didn't have time to cooberate more facts as Wiki tends to have their own bias issues. While Columbus went on to fame, fortune and power, I couldn't help being sympathetic to Captain Juan Cosa in losing his ship, becoming practically destitute, and virtually erased from history. Even the cabin boy that ran the ship aground was mentioned in the journal. And finally, I know its Sunday. My fictional account of the strong language used was an ongoing debate in my own mind but I finally left it in. Looked up how to curse in Italian and Spanish too.
Wished I could do a bit more research but I can't understand 15th century Spanish.

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Oh my.. this is a very alluring moji, sis @kerrislravenhill!